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  1. Earlier versions of the Evernote app (maybe for Android, I do not recall) allowed you to zoom out in the app and keep it that way. Right now, with the iOS app, a user can pinch to zoom out, but it automatically goes right back to the original screen size. It would be nice to have the pinch to zoom out function allow for a permanent option, especially for those of use who use Evernote to read lists. Sometimes it can be nice to see the entire list at once, even with smaller text. Thank you!
  2. Anyone have this problem? When I insert a link into Evernote, they no longer go directly where I place my cursor. Instead, the link is bumped one line above where I want the URL pasted. Example: Blah blah blah1 Blah blah blah2 <------ if I want "http://www.evernote.com" on line two after the text "Blah blah blah2", the following happens (below) Blah blah blah3 Blah blah blah1 http://www.evernote.com Blah blah blah2 Blah blah blah3 This must be a bug. Does anyone else have the same problem? It is very annoying. Thank you. (Edit: for what it is worth, I use Evernote for Mac)
  3. I will purchase a premium account, I will do anything absolutely ANYTHING to get this file back. It was my entire life planned out and I absent mindedly deleted it. I ... I don't even know what to say.
  4. Is there ANY hope? I use Time Capsule for my Mac. Is there ANY hope? I am SO MAD! I can't believe I did this. I am freaking out. Help!
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