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  1. I right click on the note and choose shortcut. What I've discovered since I posted is that if I'm in a specific notebook, and the notes from that notebook are displaying in the middle column, it seems to make the shortcut correctly. But if I search for a note globally (I have five different notebooks) the middle column doesn't show, and then the shortcut is made for the notebook, not the note. Am I right? Skye
  2. Hi, I'm on the Windows 10 Pro platform, using the latest version of Evernote. Sometimes when I make a shortcut, it properly creates it for the note itself; other times, although I think I'm doing it the same way, it makes a shortcut for the notebook, which is NOT what I want. Help! What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug? Thank you, Skye
  3. Interesting, thank you. I think I'm going to wait for Evernote to fix it.
  4. Hi, My version of Evernote is:10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439) Editor: v119.1.15375 Service: v1.30.2 running on Windows 10 Pro. My notes have started repeating themselves. I took notes in Evernote during a 1.5 hour webinar and ended up with eight repeated notes. It took time to figure out which was the most current and delete the rest. This has now happened a few times, and I hope you can fix it. Thank you, Skye
  5. I'm having the same problem on Windows 10 Pro using version, and I get the same message as above. It's very annoying. I was on a webinar today, and I ended up with ten notes. Please solve this. Thanks, Skye 10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439) Editor: v119.1.15375 Service: v1.30.2 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  6. Thanks Mike, for responding. How do I create a shortcut? I sure help they bring this back. Darn. Skye
  7. In the new version, 10.4.4 build 2096 public, I can't find a way to have my most important notes (3 or 4 of them) remain on a top bar so I can easily click on them without using search. Have you removed this feature? If so, PLEASE bring it back. I've been using Evernote for over ten years, and losing this one feature could drive me away. Thank you, Skye
  8. Hi, I just upgraded to Evernote v.10.1.7 build 1902 public. The program now always opens to "Shared with Me"--which in my case, is empty. I want it to open to "All Notes." How do I set where the program opens? Thank you, Skye (I've been using Evernote for over ten years now)
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