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  1. Thanks, gazumped. Did just that, and now perfect! Should've thought of that myself....
  2. Hello, Every time I reboot and then open Evernote, it reinstalls. The icon seems to have a little blue bow in the upper right hand corner. Has anyone else had this problem? It's Evernote version 5.9.6, and my operating system is Windows 10. Thanks for your help, Skye
  3. Thanks, gazumped. I've just downloaded and installed the new version.
  4. Hello, It used to be that when I clicked on a note in the list on the left, it viewed on the right. Now, sometimes, when I click on the note, it does not view. I can doubleclick and open it, but not view it. Do you know a solution to this? Is this a bug? Thanks, Skye
  5. Thanks for responding. Do I open the note first? I can see the date in the list of notes, but couldn't get to the calendar there. When I click in the title after the note is open, nothing happens. ?
  6. Hi all, I know I have successfully changed the date of a note before, but for the life of me, I can't find it now. Evernote help didn't help. I thought a little calendar came up, and I could choose a different date? Thanks in advance, Skye
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