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  2. There is no need to send e-Mails to „an account linked to EN“ to get them into EN. Each EN account has it’s own e-mail address, that can be mailed at directly by just putting it into the address-field of an e-Mail I want to send. To determine the notebook I want to send it to, I can put „@notebookname“ behind the Mail title, to Tag it I can use the hashtag plus the tags name „#tagname“. As stated above, Auto filing should be avoided if you want to send to a standard notebook. Of course, if you want to cloak that you send the e-Mail into EN, you can use an intermediary mail account as a relay. But it should work as well, and does not need „to be related to EN“ by any means. Any mail account that can relay incoming mails based on rules should do. Remember there is a cap of 200 e-mails max per day.
  3. Maybe I'm missing it, but the source url is saved in the url field of the note when using the share sheet (assuming this is the box with the up arrow in it). You access it via the info icon. What this page looks like after using the share sheet on an iPhone. That and pressing the info icon on the note which was created.
  4. A search in All Notes for source:mail.smtp should return all emails in all your notebooks. I really don't think the "post office" of the emails that you are sending to EN should make any difference. As long as the your EN email address is correct the emails should arrive within a few minutes, unless the domain of the sending address is blacklisted for some reason. Or its a bug which means contacting support. I send emails to EN from 3 different email accounts without issue. Though most are from one of the three accounts. FWIW.
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  6. That's a helpful suggestion; thank you.
  7. Best I got, sorry; maybe someone else can help...
  8. Instead of the email process, I use a script on my Mac (Applescript) to export email to Evernote
  9. And a followup. If I want EN to download any new emails in my EN email acct, is there a way to do that manually?
  10. Regarding the EN default "folder" (actually Notebook) This can be overridden if you have auto filing enabled ------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the tip. Autofiling was enabled. But that leads to a question. If EN is autofiling, would I not be able to find the emails I sent by using "Search?" They don't show up in any notebook.
  11. Hi. I'd imagine Android has mainly been used as a mobile OS on - usually small screens and even smaller keyboards where touch controls were more appropriate. It looks like it's making the move to mainstream, but shortcuts are still an afterthought. New apps due out - sometime this year - may include improvements for the usability of both the mobile and the web interfaces. Exactly what form(s) that may take we won't know until they get released. Meantime what you see is what you got. There are automation apps around that can use gesture and other inputs, and voice control might offer an option: but I've not looked into either of those from this perspective so that could also be a red herring. Sorry if that's the case!
  12. Regarding the EN default "folder" (actually Notebook) This can be overridden if you have auto filing enabled https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005347-How-to-save-email-into-Evernote
  13. Maybe I wasn't clear. Sent email straight from 3 accts unattached to EN to my EN email address. Sent emails from my EN signin email address to my EN email. Tried sending from 3 unattached accts to the gmail acct I use as signin for EN. From there I forwarded to my EN email address All of those but one failed to get to my EN default folder after 2 days. I don't know how often EN checks for in-coming email, but I know it's not 2 days.
  14. UPDATE: workaround found. I found a workaround. Turns out that as long as you use the old version of the clipper, the cookie (enAppInstalled) will be re-introduced. Once you have the cookie, all Evernote links (https://www.evernote.com/shard/...) will continue to prompt to launch in desktop.
  15. Hello I use a Chromebook so only have the Web version and Android app at my disposal. When using the Android app I have to use the mouse/touchpad to navigate around due to the lack of keyboard shortcuts. I have a problem in that to annotate an image on android you have to long tap your finger on the screen to bring up the options. You can't do this with the mouse so does anyone know how to invoke the annotate option using a mouse/touchpad or keyboard? I do have a touchscreen Chromebook but when in my office it is plugged into a large monitor which does not have a touchscreen, the option I have is to only annotate when using the Chromebook screen rather than an external one, but having the keyboard option would be useful. Unfortunately there is no annotation option on the Web version.
  16. Posts for this topic have been merged
  17. Nope, this has been ever since Apple Pencil came out - if you have not saved/clicked Done, if the screen goes to sleep and you have to restart/push a button, the sketched Notes are gone! Irrespective of which IOS it is. I wish I'd reported this over a year ago, but first time here.
  18. Thanks for the update! btw, I love your profile photo
  19. pbeccaro

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    Thanks @DTLow I'm using Evernote Preview and I see they removed that option Also, I noticed this morning some changes (maybe a new update was pushed?) and I see now I have some options of what to display in that Notes List and also I can drag it's right border to the left reducing it a lot.
  20. That's the thing with recent EN betas, not full featured and you find out by yourself. I think the focus is on the editor and search in the betas, but I could be off base there. I stopped using the betas as I just couldn't get stuff done with them. 🤷‍♂️
  21. That would be a last resort for me, too many opportunities for bad things to happen. Though, who knows, could be the issue. I am current with EN and Windows, have 47,590 notes as I type, a 25.6 GB data base, an eight year old docked laptop, and the only thing I see resembling a slow down is a brief lag when I close a PDF I've just modified that is stored in an EN note. I don't have any long text based notes but I do have an SSD and 8 GB of memory and I do shut down any non essential to me services within Windows. Typically have mail, EN, and a browser open. I don't know what Twinkie Dust has been sprinkled on my set up for instantaneous response time, I'd share if I could. 🤷‍♂️
  22. There's Zapier for integration the two services See https://zapier.com/apps/evernote/integrations/ticktick What features do you use in TickTick? I'm wondering if they can be replicated in Evernote
  23. TickTick is an amazing todo list/ task management app with built in teams, kanban, pomodoro, lists, tags and reminders. I and many others (millions of people) use TickTick every day. It would be amazing if I could sync notes and reminders to TickTick. They are working on releasing a REST API later this year, and creating more integrations with more apps (https://ticktick.com/integrations)
  24. @Shane D. This post is 7 months old, this is still an issue. Any update?
  25. I have the same issue, using windows 10, latest version of Firefox 77.0 (64 bit). WRN: DB set value error: InvalidStateError A mutation operation was attempted on a database that did not allow mutations. I can't get web clipper to work at all...very frustrating! evernote web clipper log.txt
  26. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to connect multiple calendars when using the Cronofy integration with Evernote. Here is my use case: I currently have one Evernote account I have multiple Google calendars and I want to specify which calendar each Reminder should connect to: My work calendar Customer Project calendars Personal calendar When I setup the connection, I am only able to choose one calendar BUT on this Cronofy webpage ( https://www.cronofy.com/calendar-connectors/evernote-calendar-connector/ ) it says, "Sync as many calendars as you like" so I am a bit confused. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this! Michael
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