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  3. I can make a link to a folder or a file. But what I really want is to click a link in evernote and a finder window to open with my file highlighted. Is this possible? for mac? Essentially a clickable link that is the same as the "show in finder" function. I hope someone has a creative solution.
  4. I have been able to improve Evernote's performance but only after my Mac OS was wiped and reloaded, and I also removed Evernote and re-downloaded the app. I do think there may be issues with the last 6 months of Mojave updates related to the forthcoming Catalina. And starting fresh (as annoying as it was) did seem to help Evernote a lot. However, I still have to force quit Evernote every 24 hours and re-start if I haven't re-started my iMac in 24 hours. There is something about Evernote that gets caught up in a "clogged cache" -- or something like that, which gives me the spinning wheel and loads down my entire machine if I don't re-start Evernote periodically. The other problem with the program is that it does use a tremendous amount of RAM. This needs to be addressed. It uses a higher amount than Photoshop. And I think this may be one of the top issues affecting Evernote.
  5. You're posting in a user discussion forum? You can contact Evernote Support at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  6. It's 2019 and it's still slow as hell, once you have image insert in the note, it will start lagging during scroll..... come on are they even listing to us?
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  8. Evernote, I love you - but this is really annoying... you really need to fix whatever is happening with cross platform syncing that results in ** DATA LOSS ** 😬. See screen shot. This is just one example. Yesterday, I had 47 notes reappear in my inbox stripped of any changes. Luckily they weren't important and headed for the trash bin anyway. BUT, I do get notes popping back up into the inbox stripped of data that I'd prefer not to have to figure out again. My workout capture below isn't a big deal - it's easy to put the data back - but my work flow in EVERY one of these cases is from a note that originates on iphone or ipad. I think (don't quote me on this), but I think the note is always generated via the 'share sheet' menu on ipad - I know my workout screen shot is a camera shot, then shared into Evernote... and the other notes I mentioned above were screen shots from a different ipad app that I marked up with ipad pen and then shared as a new note into Evernote on that ipad. Then I end up on the windows machine, sync, make changes, re-title, move to notebooks, etc. A day (or so - I haven't noticed a pattern) later, I'll get the note back into my default notebook - stripped of those changes - aside from tags (usually - but I haven't watched enough to see). I think this is strictly limited to image based notes (or screen shots) that - again - were created with a "share sheet task to evernote") - I haven't seen noticed it happen with text based notes directly created on ipad or via one of my siri shortcuts. I've made comment about this problem quite some time ago, but honestly think it's gotten worse since then. Seeing a fix for this would be awesome!
  9. True. The access point for the current Notebook on any platform I use (Classic Version) seems to operate in a way where there is no reason to replace the "move to notebook" tab with a "quick current notebook" tab.
  10. Thanks, already found and changed to the right one. Thanks all of you who helped.
  11. In the Evernote for Windows application, a long press on the '<' or '>' tools in the toolbar (you may have to add it if it's not showing): Well, you don't need a breadcrumb trail if you can just go to the displayed notebook easily. Which you can in the web and Windows version. Android, which I also use, not s much, as far as I can tell.
  12. In beta (308702) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.5.9981):
  13. For me WebClipper stopped, but came back 2 or 3 days later. However, I did not have to uninstall before. Support told me to use the EN Helper tool, or switch to another browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  14. As per @DTLow it is the default location where any notes clipped or sent to EN via email will end up, unless you make a change in the email subject or clip dialogue. You can change your default notebook at Tools - Options - General. You can see if a notebook is synced or local by hovering over the notebook and selecting properties. Your default notebook has to be synced.
  15. If the titles are copied to a spreadsheet, there are tools to identify duplicates >>2.) remove all hyperlinks in my notes at one go, Why the need to "remove all hyperlinks"? They use minimum space, and are important information >>also i have problem with the way inserted pdf file is shown in an Evernote. please help me in this You'll need to provide more details
  16. Hi. Once you have uploaded notes to Evernote, there's no great advantage in deleting duplicates. It takes some effort to find them, and all you gain is some slight efficiency in searches, and -if you use a desktop device- a slightly smaller database file. I prefer to weed out duplicates when I find them as part of a routine search. It helps to tidy up the search results. Hyperlinks in the note body can be removed one note at a time, but not in bulk. Likewise links in the note title - like the source of a clip - can be removed separately. There's no easy way to do either of those things in bulk.
  17. Was that typed in Evernote, or copied from the internet or another program? If copied, you would need to fix it in some editor like MsWord or something, I find such problems almost impossible to fix in EN if caused by copying. BTW, while Jefito is one of our most knowledgeable Evernote users, none of us are employees unless shown in the id.
  18. Correct. I named my default notebook "@Inbox" (@ ensures it sorts to the top of the list)
  19. Checked my FAQ for this option and found out the setting. But what does it do? Where it saves the note by default?
  20. I can't find such a setting like default notebook. Maybe smth. wrong with my language translation, but I can't switch this symbol with any setting. Nothing even similar to "default".
  21. Same error here. Evernote had better find a way to make it work properly ASAP.
  22. I too found success by applying the corrective measures @Don0819 learned from support. However, since I have done that, the web-clipper is gone and EN has pulled it from Safari Extension page due to the 32 bit vs. 64 bit requirement of the upcoming macOS release. I would love to have the clipper back. Am I missing something?
  23. Hi I am Amartya. I am a premium user since last 1 year. i have few queries. please help me. In past 1 year, i have collected almost 8000 notes in my Ecernote. and now I want to: 1.)weed out duplicate notes by any short-cut method, 2.) remove all hyperlinks in my notes at one go, also i have problem with the way inserted pdf file is shown in an Evernote. please help me in this. Thanks.
  24. Jefito Sir, please have a look at this attached screenshot. there is no "justify" in this text Alignment in the beta editor version. please rectify this. other than that, i love Beta editor.
  25. Here's an idea The screenshot shows top list view on my Mac, with a column for the sync indicator As you can see, the indictor shows notes awaiting sync
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