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  2. OK, fair enough. I haven't seen speculation about Electron, but I know for a fact that Google CEF (Chromuim Embedded Framework, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium_Embedded_Framework) is being used now. Actually, after a quick web search, here's an article on the relationship between Electron & CEF: https://electronjs.org/blog/electron-internals-building-chromium-as-a-library. Interesting, but probably doesn't shed much light on the Evernote situation.Note: I'm not any kind of expert on this stuff. Developer, yes, but in a different world altogether.
  3. Once a note is gone from the servers you can only recover from a backup, which can only be made via a desktop app. And since the note was only on the web... I’m guessing you didn’t create a copy or duplicate when it happened? The note may be lost
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  5. The master version of our data is stored on the servers (web); except for local notebooks. If my Windows/Mac database is corrupted, I can delete the database and it will be rebuilt from the servers.
  6. Same situation with 6.18.4. Same solution. I stopped Docker desktop and anti virus and it made no difference. The workaround suggested is not the solution. I know MSIs. The log says it simply cannot open the MSI. Its not related to Evernote installed files. You can see it i the log file are uploaded last time. Any other suggestions?
  7. I lost a note in windows desktop but is present in the web version. It was available until couple of days ago. Then I just lost it. I tried resynching several times, restarting PC and resynching again. But still can't see it. Any help?
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  9. Don't know when this sneaked out, but I wasn't aware until just now that https://www.cnet.com/how-to/turn-a-photo-of-data-into-a-microsoft-excel-spreadsheet/ Interesting... 🤔
  10. It's now called "Move Note to Trash" (the reason (so I was told) was people were confused about whether the note was really deleted or just in the trash)
  11. I've seen every rewrite that you have, as you know. I am a bit skeptical, sure, but open to improvement, and fortunately, since the web client isn't my daily workhorse, it's been no big deal that it hasn't been up to snuff to date. There are situations where I would use it more if it were better. Search: Type first letter to run the search. Typing a 2nd letter will run search again. Typing a 3rd letter will run search again. Going to be an issue when I want to search for multiple terms - for example: created:20150101 -created:20150701 tag:receipt -tag:quicken-done That's not complicated unless maybe you're easily distracted by shiny (or flashing) objects, I'd guess. Google searches the whole web this way; it doesn't seem to be a major bone of contention. I find the experience of instantaneous feedback to be quite useful in many cases including Evernote (it works fine for me in the Windows, though obviously it doesn't for everyone) , particularly for ad hoc queries. For longer ones, I'd use a shortcut if it was one I used often or had trouble remembering, but I understand that that's not always possible. Again, as I've emphasized in every related post I've made in this topic, responsiveness is the key to making this useful.
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    Right Click Delete

    If memory serves me, I recall at one time we could right click when hoovering over a note and one of the menu options was Delete. I'd like to see this back since it would be an easier way to delete notes - fewer key presses. Thanks,
  13. Nothing to cite.. I said we don't know what technology they are using, but as many other posters have speculated, it appears to be web based (so one code base works everywhere) and Electron is used by a number of existing apps as a way to accomplish this. This thread is based entirely on speculation, maybe I should have been clearer. We won't know for sure until Evernote tells us.
  14. Search: Type first letter to run the search. Typing a 2nd letter will run search again. Typing a 3rd letter will run search again. Going to be an issue when I want to search for multiple terms - for example: created:20150101 -created:20150701 tag:receipt -tag:quicken-done Speed has always been a problem with Evernote. Support finally told me to create a 2nd account to spread out my data to address the issue. Evernote has made promises of major web rewrites in the past. I am a bit biased after not seeing the previously promised major improvements to the web version.
  15. I'm guessing that some of you have not seen the Windows preview ... that is likely a pretty good indication of where Evernote is thinking of going with their desktop apps and is the source around the concerns expressed in this thread. I'm glad they have posted the videos. I appreciate seeing the behind the scenes activity. If there is going to be some negative feedback, better to hear it now, when there may be a chance to influence the design direction, than later when we can't.
  16. Not sure what would be more complicated about it: you type, get some partial results while you're typing, maybe find what you're looking for earlier than had you typed out the whole query, in which case you choose it and move on. Otherwise, you finish the query and get the results you asked for (or maybe you've typo-ed and need to start all over again). Providing they get results back quickly enough as you type (think Google search speed, which seems fine usually), then it shouldn't be any bother. If not, then it's probably a deal-breaker. Like you, the web application is not really a common use case, but it's the only option for some users, and potentially a better option for some scenarios (one's that I'd use), so improving it is certainly something I'd like to see.
  17. Citation for this? They're currently using CEF for the editor engine in current applications, as far as I know; certainly for the Windows product. Note that I have't seen the new Windows beta either (as opposed to the standard Windows native application's beta track versions), so I don't have any sense as to how that's working.
  18. Hi. It sounds possible that you have two separate sets of installation files on your computer. I'd suggest using Revo Uninstaller to remove the app completely (it reaches the parts that other apps fail to get to...). Make sure you sync Evernote and copy your database folder to your desktop to ensure you retain the database. Then download and (re)install the latest version. That should stick.
  19. Hi. I'm also now a Linux Mint user. (Some of the time.) Haven't noticed anything similar yet, but it's early days. This is a Windows thread and your query should really be in the Web forums. As a subscriber I'd suggest you contact support to get them to look at this - please post again in the web forums if you still have issues, or you learn anything useful! Good luck...
  20. Hi. My billing and contact email addresses are the same, so I don't have the same issue. Just for information, would there be a problem if your contact email address was the "myaccount@gmail.com" version? Any billing-related communication would be easy to forward to myaccount@mycompany.com if and when it is received. If you are requesting this as a new feature, would you like the thread moved to the 'votable' feature request forum so that others can indicate their support?
  21. (Maybe people can vent here instead of filling up the comments about a search video with worry about Evernote's direction) First, Evernote has announced some goals, but not exactly how they are going to get there. And they have released a Windows only beta of the new technology, which I haven't seen, not being a Windows user. There is also a new Evernote Web, but I don't know if that is using the same new technology that the Windows beta is using. And we don't know what the "new" technology is, though it appears to be Electron, or something similar that allows multiplatform development using web based tools. There are pros and cons to Electron if you search the web. There are a number of apps that use Electron, the two I'm familiar with are Notion and Simplenote. Notion is no speed demon, but Simplenote is. Notion doesn't work offline so well, but Simplenote does. For me, while things are in beta, I'm not going to get too excited. I really think it is important for Evernote to unify their various platforms, so I'm hoping the new strategy and tech work out. It all depends on the implementation. But we can't judge the full implementation until we see it. Missing features in a beta doesn't mean they will never show up.
  22. After seeing the video, it tweaked my interest. I decided to look at the current web version. Same old variety of problems - such as where is the Created Date. Spent 5 minutes searching the help link, but came up with non-related issues. The video leads me to believe the new web version is going to be more complicated. And too many conflicts with the Android version caused me to drop the smartphone version. So my Evernote status continues to be limited to my desktop computer for record keeping. (approaching 50,000 notes split over two accounts) Web use is nowhere on my itinerary. And yes, this comment is on topic.
  23. It's a cumulative thing. My productivity with EN has been declining for the last few years as some changes were made to Windows desktop (PDF viewer as an example). Not close to enough for me to switch, just irritating. IF, and it is a big IF, the new Windows preview is a portent of the future of the desktop client there will be more productivity loss. Not jumping off any cliffs, not concerned about the sky falling, just not liking what I am seeing and doing. My interpolation (which we are wont to do in the absence of facts) at this point. Don't really care for the piecemeal, three card monte deployment process either. All that being said, EN is an essential part of my daily routine, the hub of my personal information flow. Not something I care to rework somewhere else. As long as I can use 6.18 I will be fine. And hoping for the best.
  24. I have the most recent iPad and I just updated to the most recent iOS, and so far things are working… but I will post if I continue having problems
  25. Forum Code of Conduct; #8 - Staying on topic is a good idea For those interested in discussing the new topic
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