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  1. Those kinds of questions should be addressed to Evernote staff. What I'd like to raise here is an awareness of this "issue" and understand it better. Whether it's an agile or a waterfall with milestones. What matters is an outcome. Evernote is a subscription-based service and it is a pretty expensive one in the long term. For one person it costs around 750$ per 10 years on a premium tier. For 1 million premium users it costs around 750 000 000$ per 10 years. If someone doesn't like the numbers he can use free tier or doesn't use Evernote at all. And, sure, developers aren't cheap today. But aren't the users who pay for it is the most important part here? Aren't they the reason why this even possible? Many people rely on this product and appreciate it (including me). And with this appreciation comes responsibility - you care about it. But you can't care about something that is not certain or doesn't provide the feedback because it's too risky. Longer releases or the lack of transparency make me feel like I'm losing "control" of my small "investments". It doesn't say that long releases don't make sense. The Evernote team made this great product. They managed to do something from nothing. But it doesn't mean it can't be better.
  2. The option "Automatically check for updates" was always turned on for me. Often, I didn't receive the notification but after clicking the "Check for updates" button an update was detected. Most likely, an automatic update has a delay or unstable on some network connections. The consolidation phase may be a good reason. Though, it would be nice to know that for sure. Maybe a bit more transparency would be great. Especially due to such long release phases. Beta releases may not be a good option for everyone due to risks. That is why it's called "beta", huh? And thanks for sharing some update fixes! Links and shared notes are pretty important features, I believe the team made a good choice.
  3. Hi, Evernote for Windows 6.21 GA was released almost 2 months ago (September 25, 2019). And I became a bit paranoid and clicking on "Check for Updates" button more often Does Evernote for Windows have a release life-cycle? Most agile teams using 2 weeks iterations (arguably). One month seems acceptable too. But is it longer than 2 months? Seriously?
  4. Even if the GUID is generated at the server it would still be possible to add a workaround for "clients" (by the development team) - they just can "create" a bunch of "hidden" empty notes that are not visible to a user, sync them with the server and pop them while a user is offline (in case it's not possible to shift generating GUIDs from the server to clients). Another workaround just came to me - we can create a bunch of "mock" notes with a specific tag. E.g. "empty_notes" and then use them as needed. Not sure whether it's "fine" to do it manually for the best note-taking app.
  5. When Evernote is in "offline" mode (both desktop and Android, I have no iOS device to check) then it's not possible to copy a link of a note that has created "offline". Are there any workarounds? Are there are any plans to improve this feature? Context: Sometimes I used to travel by train or by airplane, where an internet connection isn't stable. Also, I often use "Copy Link" feature in order to create links between notes. But this feature isn't working when you are offline. You just see "Synchronizing note..." popup window. Often, it's even hard to cancel this operation - it hangs often (especially on windows) after clicking on the "cancel" button.
  6. Hi, I've just quickly updated the script to make it work with the latest version of evernote for web. It's not perfect: in order to "save changes" you have to change anything inside the note (e.g. enter an empty space, modify text, etc) after editing the html. You can download it here: https://gist.github.com/psxvoid/d542ff07f312f6262a5429c329c81386 You can install it by various ways: by replacing the content of an old script in tamper monkey with a new one, than click "ctrl+s" by adding a new script in tampermonkey (by pressing "+"), then replace all content, click "ctrl+s"
  7. This lag is still exists in the latest version of the evernote. Haven't tried the steps from the post above but guys - it should not be laggy out of the box. I would say that it's a critical bug for the essential feature - to type without interruptions. P.S.: I have more than 11000 notes, the performance is great but this bug is super annoying. It's a shame that it still not fixed.
  8. Another good piece of work I've often lack: remove "votes" from "simplified" article clippings for StackOverflow. In my opinion it's ruining the readability :
  9. Actually, I have found a working solution thankfully to the attached topic. Yep, it is partially possible. The main idea is to make tags "to_do_1", "to_do_2", etc. a direct children of the tag "to_do". Then I can do the following search: tag:university tag:to_do* Note: asterisk includes all children tags into the query.
  10. Currently I am trying to find a notes which contain a specific tag along with multiple tags. For example, I want to find all my to do's for the University: tag:university any: tag:to_do_1 tag: to_do_2 tag:to_do_3 But it doesn't work. Is it possible to combine tag and any in terms of AND logical operator?
  11. It is good to have shortcuts for tags and notes in Evernote for windows, but sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes I am working on something and I can use a specific range of tags I need to work on. It would be convenient to have the ability to have recent tags in the quick menu with the ability to navigate between them with keyboard only (e.g.: by pressing "up"\"down" keys or by assigning numeric keys to each position). So then I would be pressed Ctrl+Q on my keyboard then pressed two times "down" key to filter note list by third recent tag.
  12. It is very frustrating. In The Russian language, we have two different letters: "е" and "ё". They are completely different. For now, all words with "ё" being marked as "incorrect" by the Evernote grammar check engine. To avoid it I need to add words with "ё" manually to the user dictionary. But there a lot of them and each word can have different endings, suffixes, etc! It is wrong and annoying. Can Evernote Team add a support of those words to Evernote Russian language?
  13. I often encountered the same issue. For example, I like to record lectures and courses with my phone. Some of them could be even more than 400MB if course takes about 8 hours. I would like to keep some course recordings inside Evernote in order to listen it offline and add additional text notes. Google Drive support is interesting but not very useful for now. I still don't know the convenient way of adding a google drive link to a note to a large audio file and then have the ability to listen to it.
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