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We are using the NuGet package "evernote-cloud-sdk-windows" in version 2.0.2. in our application to connect to the Evernote server.

Up to now it was working for us.

Now we found out that the login dialog is broken and customer can no longer login to evernote.


You can no longer enter the password and the style is broken.

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  • Evernote Expert

Evernote login never requests a password at the first step. Enter the username/Email in the box, tap continue and then a password box appears.

But I've no idea what the NuGet app is and this may have broken the style. Try the NuGet developer for help?

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The NuGet package is not maintained in 10 years.

The Login Dialog is poulated from the Evernote server. I guess that is broken.

Is there an API to connect to the Evernote client on Windows?

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