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  3. Which device/platform? This is do-able with scripting; - Applescript on a Mac Tell application "Evernote" to Create note <title> ... - ENScript on Windows Enscript.exe createNote /i <title> ... Using mail-merge, separate staff files can be generated and directed to an import folder
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  5. Lol, Well, what I am trying to do is to have a notebook for all the staff. Each staff member would have a note about their performance. So, I have a list of staff names and I need notes with their names as the note title. e.g. So, notebook staff/notes amr1, amr2, amr3, etc. This way I do not have to create separate notes, giving it a title and so on.
  6. Per the link to a comment by dconnet I just posted, all .exe files. Since this info is pretty old, it would be ideal if it was outdated, I suspect it isn't.
  7. Please post a link to the forum topic you're referencing... If the error coming from the .exe that you are creating, and that's the "some-file.exe" you see in the error message? I don't see how Evernote is getting into the mix here.
  8. I found a way around the problem, though it is probably more complicated than what most people would want to be bothered to try. Not necessary for simple tag or notebook searches since EN can save the sort.
  9. I am working on converting some AH scripts for EN into EXE files, so far so good, except EN displays a message every single time: "You are about to open executable file "some-file.exe". Are you sure you want to open this file?" A forum search suggests stopping this is not currently supported, so now it is a request.
  10. If I select a portion of a remote web page, copy, and paste into a note in desktop version, the text, formatting, and images look proper. But when I do the same in a local HTML page, the text and formatting are fine but the images are only represented by small green icons. I can go to the source image, copy it, and paste it into the note, but why do I have to do this extra step? To document (attached): Example.html is the original file I want to paste into a note. Example.jpg is the image in the page. Example - ScreenClip Page.png is an Evernote screen clip of the page. Shows the image. Example - Paste Page Into Note.enex is the note created by Pasting the page from the clipboard. The image appears as a small green icon. ================================================== Example - ScreenClip Page.png and Example.jpg: Example - Paste Page Into Note.enex Example.html
  11. This continues to happen to many people across a wide range of hardware. Evernote has already recognized it as a bug in their code (since last November).
  12. Migrating to Notion, I'm so done with Evernote's lack of interest in fixing this for their customers.
  13. Hi. I'm not a Mac user but Evernote usually uses the language that the system preferences are set to. If that's already Spanish, you may be able to change the spellcheck language in Preferences. Other than that I have no clue, sorry. There are others around who do know what they're talking about though - they can correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. From my point of view Penultimate is not up to the job of handwritten note taking. It lacks nearly everything a good note taking app will provide. It still lives in the world of the old fashioned stylus that does not reflect the abilities of todays pencils. I tried it a while ago, and quit very fast. The handwritten notes are simply dead, not really searchable, bad hand-eye-coordination, lack of tools etc. Consequently I would not regard it as a loss if the option of direct handwritten input would cease to exist with iOS 13. On my iPad Pro I am using GoodNotes 5, that has more functions added only within the last couple of month than Penultimate might get one day (if anybody decides to put development hours into it). The latest extension was a very nice presentation mode, that switches the iPad into a flexible white board for meetings, education or trainings. Another good option seems to be Notability, with an option to sync the handwriting directly into EN.
  15. Hi. If you can load Android apps into a Paperwhite you can have access to notes. If the Paperwhite is linked to your Amazon Kindle email address you can send notes to the device (if you save them as PDF files). If you make notes or highlight sections on the Paperwhite I believe it's possible to 'share' those notes to Evernote. (Search Amazon help for how...) It's extremely unlikely that Evernote would design an app specific to Paperwhites - there's no way for them to recoup the cost of the development and Amazon likely wouldn't welcome an approach anyway. They prefer to do things in-house.
  16. If it started suddenly for no apparent reason and it affects all links, sometimes exiting the program via menu File-Exit helps with weird behaviors. If it doesn't, other things can be tried.
  17. Not an Evernote feature; there is third party Cronofy Calendar Connector My preference is to only sync event related notes; I use Applescript on my Mac and sync to Apple Calendar I prefer a Gantt view of my task reminders. I use AppleScript and export to a spreadsheet
  18. Yes, web-link, as I mentioned in my original message. Maybe I can't find some setting and turn it back.
  19. Have to ask these questions; sometimes people don't know how do check things out for themselves. Plus the fact that that all links, internal and web links, are working fine for me, at least in (308702) Prerelease, and I can't recall them being broken, since I use them all the time. What type of link is it? A web link?
  20. Yes, it's valid. I report about general case.
  21. Hi all - thanks for your patience, Good news! A hotfix was just released to resolve the PDF issue! Please make sure the version of Clipper for Chrome is: If you don't have that version yet, you might need to refresh your Chrome browser, or reinstall the Clipper extension. Here are the steps: 1. Open Chrome and click the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the toolbar 2. Select More tools > Extensions from the menu 3. Click Remove next to Evernote Web Clipper 4. Quit and re-open Chrome 5. Add Evernote Web Clipper back from the Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc# Cheers!
  22. Same here, not in the Safari extensions section on the App Store where the link here takes you.
  23. Penultimate was the main reason I bought the latest iPad. I write notes with it all the time. Glad to see this warning. I'll monitor this thread before updating my OS. I'll see how to start a ticket, I've been premium for a long time.
  24. hi guys, brand new user here. i was wondering if there is any good way to sync reminders into google calendar ? all i could find online was kinda out dated.. also is there any way to color a notebook or a note inside it? TY!
  25. I'm getting the same issue and have been for a few months now. I've done a clean uninstall and reinstall on my MacBook Pro. Suggest submitting a support ticket with the log, screenshot, and the crash report (in a text file) to Evernote so they can troubleshoot it. The more they know the more likely it will be they will solve the problem.
  26. To be sure it a workaround for the missing feature and not a real solution. But as I am a 90% Windows user, I love this workaround and wished I had thought of it-very handy. Thanks @cfjrb for the workaround. It is added to my Evernote workflow on Windows.
  27. EN provides the viewer for PDFs when View as attachment is not checked in the PDF context menu. You can scroll within that window. Could be improved, but it is what it is.
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