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For the latest version 10.18, the speed of opening a note is still slow, the speed is much slower than 8.13. Please fix it.

Another problem is that you can not edit the encrypted word, you could only copy it or decrypt it or delete it. Please fix it.

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43 minutes ago, MingrRr said:

I think here is for reporting issues. Your suggestion is to kick the users out.

I think you are mistaken.  These forums are for peer support - user-to-user.  If you want help from Evernote staff then use the support ticket process. All we can do is point you to the official answers or workarounds that some have discovered. @PinkElephant was never suggesting that users should be kicked out.

As you realise, Evernote 8 and Evernote 10 are entirely different applications and they work entirely differently. Of course you are welcome to explore work-arounds here.  All those with experience of encryption will be happy to give you advice.  Mine is that Evernote encryption is entirely unsuitable for anything that you want to keep secure for the reasons your outlined in your first post.  But this is common across Evernote 10 on desktop. Evernote encryption is also limited to plain text (always has been) so you still can't encrypt text with any formatting, bullet lists etc etc.

Far better is to encrypt using a program specific encryption. So add a password to a PDF/Word document, for example, and attach that to the note in Evernote.  I, personally, am using AxCrypt which is a little more universal.

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5 hours ago, matej1990 said:

Ability to edit encrypted text was a feature on EN v8 for Android.

Agreed. The v10 Android app, despite offering new features that never existed on v8, continues to disappoint. I have yet to be updated to the very latest version, but based on the release notes, I'm not optimistic about them fixing a longstanding bug which continues to confound me.

I've been patiently waiting for Evernote v10 to get to a place where it's consistently superior than the legacy versions, and with the recent image copy/paste fixes, I feel it's just about there on desktop, at least for my use cases. Performance could and should be better, the silly way bulk actions occur on notes in serial fashion (and the corresponding 50 note limit out-of-the-box) should be revamped, and I'm eagerly awaiting for the Web Clipper on desktop to start clipping Gmail emails again (just tried 7.16 which quietly released this week, and Gmail clipping is still missing), but I find it quite usable overall and haven't felt the need to open the desktop legacy app in weeks.

But Android support is still a big weak point and it's not clear that the v10 Android app is catching up, which is quite discouraging. I think @Ian Small should order himself a Pixel 6 Pro and live with it as a daily driver for at least six months so that he can feel the pain of us Android users and prioritize resources accordingly.

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Once again, I've upgraded to the latest version and once again, it's useless. Been looking at a green elephant on a black screen for over half an hour. If the only way to make this work is to uninstall and reinstall, then make the update process do this. Every. Damn. Update. Broken and useless

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On 10/29/2021 at 1:16 AM, Paul A. said:

I think @Ian Small should order himself a Pixel 6 Pro and live with it as a daily driver for at least six months so that he can feel the pain of us Android users and prioritize resources accordingly.

+1 That could really open eyes to eventually direct the ever missing sufficient resources to Android dev team.

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