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  1. matej1990's post in Can't use phone app at all. WTF is this? was marked as the answer   
    No, do not uninstall Chrome. The point is, that Chrome has to be updated to the latest version. Just update Chrome and then disable it.
  2. matej1990's post in Stop screen going to sleep Android version 10.4 was marked as the answer   
    Just found a solution: AppLock - Fingerprint from SpSoft
    The app does a lot, but I only used screen timeout setting for apps and turned off everything else. Works perfectly! When I open Evernote, screen does not go to sleep anymore.

  3. matej1990's post in Version 10 Playstore download problem was marked as the answer   
    It's still not a wide rollout. You either wait for it, or you can install it on your own risk from Apkmirror.com.
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