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  1. Alxa's post in Audio recording turns off was marked as the answer   
    Hi there, by chance I noticed, that this bug has been solved for my devices (10.9). Now Evernote uses a sytem notification during recording to keep the mic alive when screen times out. Just recorded some journals of about 15 minutes with screen off that were recorded correctly.
  2. Alxa's post in can not open any notes after updated to version 10.9 on android devices!! was marked as the answer   
    Hi, sorry to hear, your update did completely put you out of business. You can revert immediately manually by downloading the last stable (legacy) version 8.13.3 from an archive link Evernote support offered to another user (see below). After a complete sync uninstall. Restart your device, deactivate automatic updates on play store (important). Last step is to manually install the apk (you will have to allow this on android if asked). If you keep the old APK in your downloads you can easily try out new versions later and - if necessary - roll back again if the bugs still haven't gone.
  3. Alxa's post in Text of links not searchable in EN 10 anymore was marked as the answer   
    Thank you @Mike P. I did some testing with new links and these worked for me too...meanwhile my old links are found in search as well 🙂 
    Maybe that was a temporary issue on server side. I experienced very slow searches the last hours, maybe this was related.
  4. Alxa's post in Note title not shown in windows title bar when note is opened in separate window (10.4.4) was marked as the answer   
    As with update to 10.5.6 the problem has vanished. All windows titles now have the correct title beside the little elephant 👍
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