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  1. @Mike P Freaking brilliant idea from that somebody! 😁 Forum topics are transforming into v10 101: How to hack Evernote v10 functions to work like in the v8. 😅
  2. You should submit a support request from the settings inside the app. Evernote is bad at using their own forum.
  3. Technically your picture is downloaded, but it's just black. 😛 I have tried to save a picture from a note on my phone and same happened. Got just a black picture. So another bug in the buggy v10 android app. V10 is a mess on android at the moment from the very beginning. Support is super slow, feedback info seems like it's not getting to the developers - you give them feedback but you don't get anything (bugfixes) back. I'm using android version just for reading my notes and do all my editing on windows, where basic Evernote functionalities are working (but still not fully restored from
  4. Same with me. Weird decision from Evernote. I was not expecting to lose beta features. Got really used to Home which is now gone.
  5. Got stable v10.7.2 (1112038) version via Google Play store. Both new beta features (Home and Tasks) from beta version of the app are gone. So again, some weird testing approach. I was expecting to have both beta features integrated in the stable version, but no. So basically now I got newer, but inferior version installed. 😑 I really like Home. No old editor bugs fixes. 😔 @Shane D. Please, PLEASE fix this seriously annoying note editing bug with space/enter on Android: I mean, to be able to normally edit a note is basic/minimum stuff, that should always work. This should be your No.
  6. You mean this? It was already turned on for me. If I turn it off I can still make screenshots.
  7. Well... you can have just YT link (non-embedded video) in the note. First make a space (spacebar), then paste a YT link and again space (spacebar), to create a clickable YT link. It's fast and it works. I use this method in Windows and Android. Example of integrated YT link and just clickable YT link (notice the space at the beginning):
  8. I can reproduce that. Seems like a picture generated from a sketch is really low quality.
  9. It's not a feature, it's a bug. 😀 A very annoying one. A bug from Evernote v10 early access program - december 2020. Note editing on my phone is a nightmare because of it. Are you using Gboard keyboard?
  10. This is the solution to turn off auto update for just the Evernote app in Google Play Store:
  11. Both apps have something to do with Evernote, because Evernote needed Chrome and Webview to be updated. So Evernote is using both apps for functioning.
  12. Yeah I don't know why Evernote wants Chrome updated. You're welcome. I'm glad it worked.
  13. No, do not uninstall Chrome. The point is, that Chrome has to be updated to the latest version. Just update Chrome and then disable it.
  14. Yeah, I get the same results. So clipping YT videos is not good. But link (URL) in notes head is still working. It's not the same, but you can also click on share in YT video and then choose Copy link. Then you have to open a note in Evernote and paste the link in it. More clicks, but at least you get YT video link inside note that way.
  15. I think you will be fine if you update Chrome and then you disable it again. I bet this notification is connected with some recent Webview issues, that affected a lot of apps on Android.
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