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Since upgrade to version 10, Android Evernote has been very slow

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On my pixel 3a XL:

- It will take a long time to load the list of notebooks

- When the notebook list has loaded, it will often say they are empty and then take a long time to count up

- When opening a notebook, the thumbnails will often take minutes to show up, if they show up.

- Once the first thumbnails are there, scrolling will also mean a long wait for more thumbnails. In a notebook where I rely on thumbnails to find things, this makes it unusable.

- I have seen repeated crashes while browsing notebooks.


Is this a common theme? The previous version didn't suffer from these problems. My wife has the same problems on her phone (samsung s20 plus), but for her it seems even slower and crashes more than for me. We use shared notebooks for many things.

I've tried a complete reset and resync on both phones but it hasn't helped.

Any suggestions?

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