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  1. The easy way would be to write to apple and ask them to open source their fonts and pay all browser manufacturers to add apple fonts to the stock browser fonts. If the default monospace font in your web browser is ugly then there's nothing Evernote can do about it. If you're using a modern web browser (like firefox or chrome) then you can set the default fonts.
  2. Just curious, what are you calling "full list mode" and the "Note Panel"? And yeah, many sites are desperate for funding and place too many ads. This is one of the reasons I'm happy to pay for Evernote.
  3. No this is with new notes that I make using the desktop app.
  4. I have no idea. I think we're using the most recent version of OneNote. In the browser I can edit some notes, but not all. I think this is fairly typical of Microsoft. They want to keep you in their ecosystem.
  5. This is a problem i have every week at work. It hasn't gone away. If you create a note on the desktop OneNote app and try to open it with the web OneNote app a message is displayed "OneNote is not compatible with this note format" or something similar. It's very annoying.
  6. A problem with onenote is that notes created in the desktop version cannot be viewed or edited in the web version.
  7. Click on the tags button at the top of the screen. There you can access the tag list and add or remove tags.
  8. No, you don't drag it. If you click on the name of the notebook, a field will appear at the bottom of the screen with two items: "go to notebook" or "deplace note" (or whatever the options are called in English). As to "wouldn't it be faster to choose the Notebook directly ..." I'm just explaining to you how it works. I'm just a user of the product. I do not work for Evernote.
  9. Hello! No, it's not a notebook selection dropdown. You have to click on the notebook name above the note title. then you can move the note to whichever notebook you want. I'm on 10.5. I'm a big fan of v10.5. for me it's a lot better than the old v8.
  10. Hello there! I don't have the new-note-dissappearing issue, so i can't help you there. Sharing a web article works for me. You can select a notebook by clicking on the notebook above the note title of the note you are creating. You can add a reminder by clicking on the three dots on the top right and selecting "add reminder". many thanks
  11. In the wikipedia pages these pop-up texts require javascript to be executed and there's no way that Evernote will allow notes to execute Javascript -- the safety implications would be horrendous. In fact Evernote doesn't even save the javascript file, and that's a very good thing.
  12. Evernote on Android has had widgets since version 10.4. I use them daily.
  13. Can you use other touchscreen apps to draw? Does google notes work with the touchscreen?
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