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  1. Hi everybody. I found a problem on my Samsung S20. I scanned a document and the image could be displayed fine on Evernote, but it couldn't be viewed when I downloaded it. This is because it had the jpg file ending while it was in fact a png image. Strange ...
  2. Evernote has built in OCR for images, btw
  3. The fact that you couldn't find a single positive review should make you suspicious. Evernote 10 works fine for me - much better than Evernote 8 for Android, and I doubt I'm the only one. Edit: Just looked at the (german) play store reviews. There are 2 different types of reviews. These are bunched together. The pattern is: about 50 with between 350 and 450 letters. then about another 50 with between 80 and 120 letters. They are all written by people with one first name and one last name each with the first letter capitalized (and only the first letter). Conclusion: the reviews have obviously been spammed.
  4. You should only need to do it once. Maybe something got overlooked in one of the numerous updates.
  5. Something is definitely wrong with your installation. Evernote opens in 2 seconds on my device and that after i've removed it from ram. I also have not had a single problem with images.
  6. I don't have any of the problems you mention. Have you tried deleting all data and the cache and reinstalling?
  7. Yep, you're probably right. I often have to use a wiki software which, like Evernote, does not allow you to see the code that is actually being created. However, this wiki software also has other weaknesses, chief among which is the way it changes pasted text (changing spaces or dashes to visually similar Unicode characters). You can imagine how annoying that is if you're trying to share a couple of shell commands. Fortunately Evernote is much better here. I've never seen it modify anything in pasted text.
  8. Being able to cut and paste generated texts into Evernote would be fun
  9. It's also an issue I've never had and I use the web app multiple times a day on Firefox and Chrome on three different Linux versions. This would tend to suggest that it's an unusual bug.
  10. Because I'm a Linux user I've only ever used the web app and the Android app. They work for me.
  11. Have you tried transferring the images which aren't displayed in Evernote to Android by another means and checking that the default image viewer can display them? Maybe there's something unusual about the image files.
  12. Just wondering what problems remain with V10? Since I got the update to 10.10 I haven't encountered a single bug.
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