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  1. It's also an issue I've never had and I use the web app multiple times a day on Firefox and Chrome on three different Linux versions. This would tend to suggest that it's an unusual bug.
  2. Because I'm a Linux user I've only ever used the web app and the Android app. They work for me.
  3. Have you tried transferring the images which aren't displayed in Evernote to Android by another means and checking that the default image viewer can display them? Maybe there's something unusual about the image files.
  4. Just wondering what problems remain with V10? Since I got the update to 10.10 I haven't encountered a single bug.
  5. The new Android app already has lots of features the old one didn't have. Working nested tags, table editing, much improved text formatting, working work chat, ... There's quite a long list.
  6. I'm not sure I'm the exception. Evernote has hundreds of millions of users. Only a very small percentage are complaining.
  7. Evernote 10 starts in 2s on my phone when not in memory.
  8. I'm on a Samsung S20. Every release of V10 seems to be a bit faster.
  9. Oh, do you have a video of that? On my system Evernote loads in about 2s.
  10. Ah, that's a bug i reported a while back. there's a work around: turn the device sideways.
  11. I think with Android you just have to disable automatic updates for the one app. This makes the procedure just as 'easy' as in Windows.
  12. iOS is a nightmare to develop for. There is little support for the myriad of different iOS devices. Here Android is way ahead. The virtual machine abstracts away the differences in the devices unless you're writing binary code. Every comparison I've seen has stated how much easier it is to develop for Android than for iOS.
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