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  1. still no 10.23. hopefully it will come soon!
  2. Strange 😕 I haven't had this problem on my Android 11 phone. Did you try emptying Evernote's cache?
  3. Hi everybody! I'm still on on 10.22.3 on my chrome/linux(fedora) development machine. Has anyone yet got 10.23? This one seems to be rolling out slowly.
  4. Hello! Are you on the newest Evernote Web client and not on the legacy version? I use Evernote on Chrome OS a lot and i can see options to edit a table just as PinkElephant has shown. I'm on 10.22.3 at the moment and using the new editor (on the bottom right is a field where you can select the version of the edit window you want to use).
  5. Google services haven't been available in China since Google pulled out of the Chinese market. Huawei has never had Google services in China. They are not available there. All smartphone manufacturers who sell Android phones in China do so without Google services. Android is an open source project. Anybody is free to download and install it. There is nothing Google can legally do to prohibit this because Android does not belong to Google: it belongs to you and me and everybody. Look, thank you for being interested in privacy. Privacy is important in the modern world and I think people being interested in privacy is a good thing.
  6. Huawei was cut off from using Google services in countries other than China. in China they never had access to Google services because Google is not active in China. Google chose not to support the oppressive regime. Huawei phones now run on stock Android with a skin they put on it. Google is not trading your data. None of your data ever leaves Google's servers. What happens is that some algorithm sends you an ad based on the webpages you've visited. That's it. My point is that Apple is not some champion of privacy. They are quite happy to collect and examine your data. I'm much more worried about Apple than I am about Google because everybody is looking at Google trying to catch them doing something nefarious, but after 20 years they still haven't done so. Fewer people are looking at Apple.
  7. No, Google does not do business in China. Android is an open-source product. it *must* be freely available for everybody, otherwise it would not be open-source. And Apple in the west knows exactly what apps you use and when, knows exactly what you do with your phone and mac, knows exactly where you are at any moment.
  8. I'm just saying that Apple could have pulled out of the market rather than choosing to contribute to a system in which people are treated so badly.
  9. I know we're never going to see eye to eye on this, but one of the reasons i use Android and not iOS is the increased privacy. Apple, after all, colaborates with the Chinese government to spy on its users. Google refused to do that and so pulled out of the Chinese market. Google calendar has the advantage that it has a very well defined API which allows you to embed it in webpages. Most other calendars use things like CalDAV, which is a really annoying buggy mess of an API (and right up there with Bluetooth when it comes to badly defined APIs)
  10. i'm on a Samsung S20 plus (Exynos). Just 1300 notes 10.18 2 offline notebooks. both work well. the list of notebooks is however buggy. sometimes have to start evernote before sharing content to it (or share the content twice). Otherwise snappy. Starts in about 2 seconds. All operations pretty much instantaneous.
  11. my experience of 10.18 has been good, but then i haven't had any real problems with evernote 10 on android. It's snappy and reliable for me, and i appreciate the added functionality over v8. the one problem i do still sometimes get is sharing content. for some reason evernote doesn't read the shared content if it isn't already running, which requires either a/ starting evernote before sharing content or b/ sharing content twice. other than that i don't think i've run into any bugs.
  12. Hello ! This is a thread for a problem with the web client due to a problematic javascript function. If you're having problems with the Mac or Windows versions, could you open a topic on those forums? Maybe people there can help you find out why it doesn't work on your system, but seems to work fine on the systems of other people.
  13. ah ok. way too many people mentioning there problems on one thread for me I'm now on my work laptop Chrome Version 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit) running on Fedora Linux and Evernote works fine 😕
  14. Strange that the desktop installer crashes. I don't use a desktop version of Evernote, so i can't help you there 😕
  15. What browser version are you all using? It's possible Evernote uses functions only supported in the latest browser versions. There was a case about 6 months ago where an LTR version of Firefox stopped working because Evernote used a javascript function not supported in older versions of Firefox. I'm using Firefox 78.13 at the moment, which is some way from the newest version (the current version is 91) and Evernote works for me, but that may be due to some Red Hat magic.
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