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  1. Hi everybody! I just saved a web capture to Evernote and on the web version it's now included a link at the top of the document to the original source. Does anyone know when they added that? I think you used to have to dig through the meta-data of the note to find it. It's much more convenient now. Btw. Is there a better place in the forums for "comment about cool stuff they've just added"?
  2. Hi! Reminders have been working for me on the web client for a month or two now. Are you on version 10.0 of the web client?
  3. Does anybody know when Work Chat turned up? It wasn't in earlier 6.X versions, but I just noticed it in 10.0.
  4. I think Evernote just doesn't have enough engineers to write a client for Android which uses the Android APIs for touch screen input. As an experiment, try writing in google notes using a pen on Android -- it's much better than Evernote. Back in the day (up to about the Note 5), Samsung supported Evernote directly in the note-taking app. Unfortunately they stopped and are now even moving to One Note (if i recall correctly).
  5. oh, ok. thanks for looking.
  6. oh, i don't have that yet maybe it will turn up soon. What does it look like? This is what the note headers currently look like for me : I'm on 6.15.0
  7. Hi everybody! Not a bug or technical issue. I was using Evernote yesterday (the web client) and a notification popped up saying that Evernote web now supports reminders. Has anybody else had this? Unfortunately i had to click the notification away quickly before reading all of it 😕
  8. i think the google drive icon is only on the old web version of Evernote. However the new version is progressing quickly, so it may turn up again soon.
  9. Salut! Mon intuition: en capturant un fil Twitter dans Evernote on ne capture qu'un lien vers le fil et non le fil lui-meme. En suite Evernote essaie de télécharger le lien et Twitter reconnait Evernote comme version ancienne du navigateur Firefox grace au User-Agent (https://developer.mozilla.org/de/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/User-Agent). Qu'est-ce qui arrive si tu colles le fil dans un éditeur de texte par exemple? Bonne journée!
  10. odd. what version of Chrome are you using? I'm on 83 at the moment and Evernote works fine. It's possible you have a note with embedded videos which are automatically being played in the background. I've seen this happen on the Android app, but not on the web version yet.
  11. Yep, i agree with you to 100% there. Back in the distant past, having a separate outgoing page was a way to stop the Referrer-header being set in the outgoing request. Otherwise the page you called would know the exact url of the page you came from. Now that https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/links.html#link-type-noreferrer is implemented in all major browsers, I can't see this being a security concern either.
  12. Btw, the function that is being called here is called "urlencode". Most languages have the function somewhere in their standard libraries. The point of the function is to allow embedding a url inside a url. If you look at the url in the address bar of the external link page, you'll see something like: https://www.evernote.com/OutboundRedirect.action?dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com I imagine the browser is just displaying the value of the "dest" get-parameter without running a urldecode on the result. This should be easy enough to fix.
  13. If anyone's interested, the history of allowing unfettered access to the operating system from code running in the web browser is less than glorious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActiveX (particularly frightening: ... Internet Explorer maintains a blacklist of bad controls ...)
  14. I think Evernote has had a thankless task. When they started out there was no hope of consolidating their applications to one code base: web apis just weren't up to it and there was no way even to write an app which would run on iOS and Android. This resulted in lots of teams writing apps for lots of different platforms (blackberry os 6/7 and blackberry os 10, anybody?). And evernote as an app is pretty complicated with synchronisation and handwriting recognition and a chat service and lots of other stuff too. Re-engineering on one code base is something I really wouldn't like to t
  15. It might be interesting to have a page here in the forum detailing the latest versions of evernote web beta in various browsers / operating systems. For example, on my Chromebook and my Ubuntu laptop (both running chrome browser) i'm on 6.11.0 at the moment.
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