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On 2/24/2021 at 3:26 PM, UptonMan said:

Why am I having to suggest this when we already had it before you took it away? I did most of my access to Evernote using shortcuts on the home screen to important notebooks. I'm very annoyed and feeling unappreciated as a long-term user.

on Evernote 10.6 you can add shortcuts to notes on the homescreen. Shortcuts to notebooks are not yet possible.

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+1 for the idea.

A current workaround would be to create a Table-Of-Content note covering the whole notebook, and pin this note to the home page.

To create the links, select the notes and use the "create internal link" function from the notes menu of a desktop client. Or use the legacy client, where TOC is directly supported.

If the notebook is changing a lot, it is probably not a good workaround, because the TOC is static after creation. Single links can be added manually, but this will not work in real life when there are many new notes added or deleted.

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There is ABSOLUTELY no way that the new version should have been released without this function.  Removing it was foolish and will hurt your business.  That I'm forced to sideload an older version is to maintain functionality is absurd . Do you think I or anyone else pissed about this removal of a vital feature are going to speak well of the service to others?  I am once again after many years considering other services to replace Evernote in my life. This didn't have to be!

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First release of 2022, version 10.24, and this functionality still hasn't been restored. As a result of this and other issues with the Android app, I'm still not renewing my subscription, no matter how many "discounts" Evernote offers me in the app. Voting with my wallet until the Android app reaches a minimum level of functionality.

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