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  1. I can't fathom that this issue still exists. If I scan a business card in the Android app, it creates a note with a small 'notes' field. When I try to edit that note in the latest 6.8.1 windows app, it won't let me because it says the card scan note was created by another app? As in 'Evernote'? To add to the frustration, that small note field is useless too, when typed in inside the windows app it randomly moves the cursor in front of the first word, creating wonderful word salad if you don't stay on top of it. The workaround is to create another note and merge, but that's more work that shouldn't be necessary and a messy note with my personal 'notes' in 2 different locations. I'm forced to do additional editing that I shouldn't have to.
  2. This is not a Chromebook, it's a 2 month old Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro CoreM 5y71 processor running 64bit Win 8.1, latest up to date 64bit Chrome . I checked my other machines including a Chromebook and they do not suffer the same result, yet. After all that I did including completely removing Chrome and all of its components, registry entries and folders with no sucess, I deleted all evernote cookies again and was able to connect to my files on evernote web. BUT, a few hours later, when I looked at the tab......Aw Snap again.
  3. I searched =, but didn't want to dig up a over year old thread. Today, I tried to use Evernote Web as usual on my Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro as usual. I get a "Aw Snap " crash from Chrome (Version 44.0.2403.125 m (64-bit) ). I can see the evernote home page but when I log in I see a brief glimpse of the interface, then "Aw Snap". AFAIK, this occurs with Evernote exclusively. Here's what I've done- deleted all evernote cookies stopped all extensions maleware scan (malewarebytes and nothing found) reset chrome default user removed and reinstalled chrome rebooted many times Nothing fixed the issue. Evernote works fine in IE. Anyone else having this issue? What am I doing wrong, because I'm out of ideas? If it's the choice between Chrome and Evernote? Evernote loses.
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