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  1. I was able to reinstall 8.13.3. Thank you Pere Costa. It turns out alot of features I use were taken away with last update. I couldn't find a way to add pictures to existing notes, this feature is back with older version.
  2. I'm the same in that I get OneNote with my 365 subscription. I haven't exported files over. I did start my latest job file in OneNote, so far I dont see any problems, it should do the job. Problem is Evernote is so easy for me and it works very well with my Calendar app ( Calengoo), which by the way is a fantastic Calendar and Task app, I've used them all, Calengoo is great.
  3. Much like Dave I have work files in Evernote that I need to access several times a day. Each jobsite is in Evernote and I need to update them several times a day. Not being able to access notes and tags on my homescreen adds several additional steps, this adds up over the day. I contacted Evernote and they said they may consider putting this feature back in a future update. I asked about getting the previous version of Evernote and they said they don't supply previous versions. It seems like an FU to a 10 year subscriber, sure update they app, add new features, etc, but don't take features away ! Honestly I've started playing around with OneNote the past few days, in embedded in Evernote deeply, but it may be time to move on.
  4. " 10.5 for Android does not support widgets for notes and tags on your homescreen"
  5. I have the same problem. I emailed support but have not received an answer. Why do they upgrade and take away features ?
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