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Evernote for Mac 7.3 Beta 3

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Hi Folks - 

We've made our third beta of version 7.3 available. Please download it here, or check for updates. 

This beta continues our focus on quality - we've called out notable bug fixes in the release notes below.  We've also added the ability to quickly access your shared content via our new "Shared with Me" view.  Let us know what you think about the new functionality and if you spot any issues.  


Chantal and the rest of the Mac Team


Version 7.3 Beta 3


  • All Notes is highlighted until a notebook is selected from the sidebar
  • Spotlight Search not Working
  • Searching stop words returns results for notes with attachments
  • Annotating PDFs: PDF indexing failed error
  • Clicking the arrow in breadcrumbs for a space takes you to the backing notebook
  • Certain cases where items in sidebar were unable to expand/collapse due to an exception
  • A crash when interacting with the Formatting preferences pane and the Font selection panel
  • Preferences: Incorrect web link opens after clinking on "Go To Mac Forum…" in Software Update pane
  • Client becomes unresponsive if searching for a term with no results while an image is viewed in full screen
  • Fix crash with saved search
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave: Fix crash with image scaling
  • Dragging image to desktop creates Text Clipping file
  • Dragging and dropping a notebook sometimes leads a crash
  • Tags not displaying in side list View
  • Can't create lowercase tag from note screen if similar uppercase tag already exists
  • Annotating image will scale it back to original size
  • Highlight: editor search highlight is misplaced when searching in zoom-scaled note
  • Annotation window inner shadow misplaced when switched to full screen
  • Can't use forward slash key when renaming attachment
  • Note title and note body are out of alignment
  • Sidebar: Can't collapse / open stacks in the popover (mini sidebar)
  • Notes and notebooks cannot be dragged to the bottom of shortcuts list
  • Fixed a crash that occurs intermittently right after installation
  • Fix an issue where beta users get prompted to upgrade older patched builds
  • Note list column resets after closing window
  • Expanded card view defaults to card view after closing Evernote window


  • New sidebar highlighting behavior when opening a notebook from the notebooks view
  • Search results by relevance have been improved. Results can be sorted by relevance by changing the sort options for the results


  • Shared with me let's you quickly access content that's been shared with you
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4 minutes ago, Chantal Leonard said:

We've made our third beta of version 7.3 available. Please download it here, or check for updates. 

This beta continues our focus on quality - we've called out notable bug fixes in the release notes below.

@Chantal Leonard, Wow!!  ?

26+ bugs fixed in one release!  That's a record I think.  ?

I really, really appreciate your focus on quality -- and I know many others do as well.  You may even convince me to update from Evernote 6.11.1  when 7.3 GA is released.

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10 hours ago, Chantal Leonard said:

Shared with me let's you quickly access content that's been shared with you

Also this. This is very useful. I like the look. It's very similar to the new web UI and the recent iOS design updates.

I guess this look will propagate through the Mac app eventually, which is fine with me

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10 hours ago, luckman212 said:

7.3 seems to be shaping up to be a really solid release. Thank you.

Any chance this window sizing bug will make the cut?


Hey @luckman212,

I followed up on this one and it won't make it into 7.3 General release. 

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i have an odd observation.

on two occassions now I have opened a note to make modifications and my cursor is NOT visible.  I can select a location 'blindly' and make modifications, but the cursor doesn't come into focus.  I opened another app, then went back to the note to see if that fixed it, and sure enough, my cursor is visible again ;-).

I do NOT know how to recreate this "Secure cursor" feature...  but I have observed it on two occassions in as many days.

2nd - my side list note (card?) view is still very darkly highlighted, with black text making it nigh near impossible to read the text...I believe this is already noted in a previous report, but thought I would mention it is still there in the 7.3 B3 release.

Thanks for all the focus on quality!

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33 minutes ago, CamBee said:

i have an odd observation.


Are you on macOS Mojave? If so, the second issue you reported has been filed with engineering. I can try reproducing the first one. 

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19 hours ago, Bzerkzzz said:

Any idea if Markdown Support or Heading Styles are on the cards soon? Have been waiting a long time for this. Would it be a major release?

No eta on either. Another forum user here made a great third party integration that helps with both though, https://evertool.app/

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14 hours ago, luckman212 said:

That's pretty cool and everything but honestly it's a bit embarrassing that EN still doesn't have its own built in style editor.

It's not embarrassing, just not a priority at this time given usage data. We have other features coming to the text editor that are requested more frequently and therefore prioritized over this. 

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