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  1. @JMichaelTX can you please share any detail of how you got Spotlight playing nice with EN on Catalina? I've tried "everything". All I can get it to display is a bunch of "snippet.txt" and "content.enml" results...
  2. As a "Premium" user sucker I've opened many tickets for this- #2677016 - closed marked "solved" - 10/4/18 #2815722 - closed marked "solved" - 4/7/19 #2823619 - closed marked "solved" - 4/18/19 #2834216 - closed marked "solved" - 5/6/19 #2942201 - closed marked "solved" - 10/16/19 They all got closed within hours or days by level 1 "monkeys-for-hire" -- these are not even official EN staff, they are just some 3rd party subcontractors or volunteers, not even sure what to call them. I gave up on support tickets a long time ago -- totally useless. Evernote is on life support, I've been looking for a good alternative, sadly there just isn't one yet that ticks all my boxes.
  3. I've opened many support tickets with Evernote. They go back and forth asking for activity logs, uninstall reinstall, etc— generic useless fixes and canned responses, and then close the ticket. Here's a list of them #2677016 - closed marked "solved" - 10/4/18 #2815722 - closed marked "solved" - 4/7/19 #2823619 - closed marked "solved" - 4/18/19 #2834216 - closed marked "solved" - 5/6/19 #2942201 ← opened 10/13/19 (today) This is not an Apple bug -- lots of other apps work fine with Spotlight, and we've had 5 or 6 bugfix releases to Mojave as well as a whole new OS release (10.15) in that timespan. Plenty of time for EN to work with Apple if the bug indeed lies with them (it doesn't).
  4. This old bug is still not fixed in EN 7.13 (458080) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119474-evernote-for-mac-710-beta-1/?tab=comments#comment-534640 I am posted a fresh thread here so we can have a discussion about it. Can anyone from EN comment on what the problem is and when this is going to be fixed? It's a big slowdown to not be able to search for content using Spotlight - this used to work but it's been broken for about 1 year now. Please help!
  5. How are you guys doing on fixing Spotlight in Evernote? It's been about 8 months now... We're still stuck without a working Spotlight search...
  6. I have uninstalled / reinstalled several times. To be clear, it does not fix the problem. If anything, all it does is temporarily reset some timer or cache but inevitably the bug returns.
  7. Ok well that sure was a waste of a few hours. I did this on my 2 Macs (both running 7.12 Final) and it didn't do anything to fix these EvernoteSpotlight crashes. @Nick L. Please is this being looked into? Who can I send logs to or how to figure out what's going on here?
  8. Actually that's not true. Spotlight does NOT work. Only note titles are searched- content search from Spotlight is not returning results.
  9. Mine happens at around 10:30pm (+/- 5 min) every day. I don't have any scheduled tasks that run around that time, and I never shut down my Mac. It's a really weird bug. To me it feels like there's some process from the "cloud" that is triggering a script to run locally and that is crashing Spotlight. I know that EN has some scripts that can be remotely updated and executed -- almost like a remote control from their side. So I suspect this is what is going on.
  10. @Lynnied That's a problem I run into with other apps too. I think it's a general MAS bug or somehow Apple delaying/staging updates. The quick fix is to drag the Evernote.app to the Trash, empty the trash, and then go back to the App Store and download again. It will give you the latest version.
  11. Seems like 7.11 final was released without much fanfare
  12. My EvernoteSpotlight is crashing (silently) too since 7.11 - if these are useful @Nick L. I can submit the crash dumps.
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