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  1. I'm a Mac user so it pains me to say this but honestly if I was in a management position at EN and faced with this tough decision, I'd drop in this order: Mac desktop - small relative user base, iOS app is pretty good and users can hopefully use Web app until the Mac app was viable again. Windows desktop - I'm sure has many more users, esp. since EN came bundled with a lot of OEM laptops, but they too could be forced to use web/mobile as long as there was progress being made and a promise of an eventual release of a new native app. Android iOS - this would be my last choice. I understand this but the time to start that effort was 5 years ago WHILE they had a usable ecosystem of apps that people were reasonably happy with. There is simply no time left to start from a blank slate and ask a desperate user base to "hang on for another 3 years while we build up from scratch".
  2. Oh please. Boo hoo! This isn't some lone dev in his basement maintaining an open source codebase for free. EN charges a fair amount for their service and we should expect the service to work. If they aren't making enough money to support the platforms properly, then drop some platforms. Or charge more until the equation balances. Don't just ***** out an Electron app after years of stagnation and declare Mission Accomplished. This company gets zero sympathy from me, that ship sailed a long time ago. Everyone was waiting to see what EN's next move was going to be after development completely stopped last year. I think many of us were hoping that they would pull out some secret weapon that would make it all worth waiting for- all the bugs, broken things, data loss, sync glitches, app slowness... When they dumped that steaming Electron &#!% pile on us it was really a slap in the face.
  3. @RobinM and to the community: The more I think about this, the more I realize - "shame on us". The warning signs have been there for YEARS that EN was in big trouble. All the executives have jumped. The dev team has been gutted and replaced with a handful of outsourced Javascript kids at an undisclosed offshore location. Support team is made up of 3rd party volunteers. Prices were increased. Features were removed. Bugs keep piling up. The technical debt alone at this company must be staggering. So in the end what we should really be doing is thanking EN for finally giving us what we have all been asking for: A reason to finally hit that emergency eject button. There is no other option at this point. Which is clearly what they want us to do, based on their user-hostile behavior and antipatterns year after year. There is simply no other rational explanation.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that 😔 Scary stuff, I am seeing a bunch of these data loss type messages all over the 10.x forum. Corrupt PDFs, broken links, lost data, duplication. It's like they didn't test this at all.
  5. @Claudio79 Welcome to the wonderful world of Electron apps! Where the simplest of tasks takes 10x longer than it should, because EN is is just another bloated javascript web page now. Don't wait up for a native preferences pane - it's never coming back (not possible to implement in Electron).
  6. Electron is what teams choose when their boss comes running in shouting "guys, we also need a desktop app!". It saves them from having to hire native app developers, since the entire thing is just a shell wrapped around javascript which is the same core codebase that the web app runs on. No changes needed and Poof, out pops a "native" app for Web, Windows, Mac, Linux... The dark side of course is that the app runs 10-100x slower than real compiled code, and lots of native platform features are not available- AppleScript, native Notifications, Spotlight, etc. Not to mention the GOBS of memory it eats up. Slack is a great example of this- uses 1-2GB of RAM, takes ages to launch, and runs like molasses in winter.
  7. Oh my god is this really true? No more local search or storage?? So if EN goes belly up I guess there goes your entire note library, good luck searching or exporting anything. Poof.
  8. Really saddened to read these comments as well as others in the 10.0 section. It looks like I'll be holding on to 7.x for a while longer while the kinks get worked out of v10. Deal breakers for me are the internal links not working and sync issues. I'll stay tuned but this probably needs another couple of months to bake.
  9. Need this feature right away! Search is useless right now I have 10k notes. Randomly ordered results are driving me insane.
  10. @PinkElephant I had the duplicating notes issue on 10.0.2 (iphone) even after a full delete / reinstall of the app. Maybe it's better than before but I would say there's more work to be done
  11. hmm- that's ugly but, better than nothing. I see what happened now, I actually got hit with the duplicating notes bug while testing this so I was entering checklists on one note and looking at that note on my Mac not seeing the updates... until I realized that the iOS app was actually cranking out duplicates. Ugggh.
  12. Checklist data is not visible at all on the macOS client? So basically a black hole if we start using it...?
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