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  1. @Lynnied That's a problem I run into with other apps too. I think it's a general MAS bug or somehow Apple delaying/staging updates. The quick fix is to drag the Evernote.app to the Trash, empty the trash, and then go back to the App Store and download again. It will give you the latest version.
  2. Seems like 7.11 final was released without much fanfare
  3. My EvernoteSpotlight is crashing (silently) too since 7.11 - if these are useful @Nick L. I can submit the crash dumps.
  4. Keychain prompt is gone for me too but 7.11 has crashed a few times for me while editing notes (pasting images) with an endless spinning beachball. Haven't had that happen for a while so will need to keep an eye on it.
  5. @Nick L. Sadly I woke up this morning and the keychain prompt was there, even after the reinstall.
  6. I just completely reinstalled 7.10 - will see if it makes any difference & report back @Nick L.
  7. I've run the codesign command on 2 machines but so far it hasn't changed anything- the prompt still reappears after some time. Ia there any better debug info we can send to EN to help track this down? @Nick L.
  8. On both of my Macs, the codesign command spit out a bunch of stuff but it all said "validated" and at the end I did have the "valid on disk" and "satisfies its Designated Requirement" lines so it seems mine was "good" even though I continue to have the Keychain popup several times a day.
  9. What can we as users do to help speed up the debugging process here? I have already sent logs.
  10. A few days ago this popup started popping up randomly throughout the day. I enter my password and click "Always Allow" but the popup comes back some minutes/hours later. This seems to be almost the same issue as the #3 item from my old post here EN 7.10 (457750 Direct)
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