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  1. Not that this is a solution but, if you install 7.9 beta 2 it PARTIALLY fixes this bug, but you still get the extra RETURN/newline added to everything copied from EN. To work around that portion, I created an Alfred workflow that I bind to "CMD+SHIFT+C" which automatically trims off the extra linefeed. Major kludge but until they can fix the editor component it's better than accidentally pasting rm -rf / into a Terminal....
  2. Anyone heard anything about a fix coming for the copy & paste nonsense? it's all crickets and tumbleweeds around here
  3. Ok, but- why release it then? It's almost like you want us to be disappointed.
  4. Can I ask quite simply- why were the copy/paste bugs not fixed before releasing again? I don't understand how you can say "please continue sending us your feedback" when it is patently ignored?? what exactly are the "small improvements" anyway? anything actually user-facing? This is disappointing after the CEO's post last month, I thought we were going to start seeing positive changes.
  5. Are you kidding me?? Not a SINGLE one of the code block copy/paste bugs have been fixed. What the actual F---
  6. I nailed it! Funny but really so sad at the same time. 7.8 "release" came and went without so much as a SINGLE bug fix release. Now EN 7.9 beta 1 is out... the cycle continues...
  7. So... any more betas coming in the 7.8 track? a bunch of bugs have been reported, some pretty critical... and it's been totally quiet in here from the EN side of the house...
  8. Wow what is your secret sauce to make Spotlight work in Mojave? I have done everything .... completely delete Evernote, reinstall the entire OS, delete database and re-download everything, blow away Spotlight indexes, even bought a whole new computer ... it just doesn't work....
  9. Maybe a tweet @evernotehelps ... not much else you can do
  10. Guys if you have Premium accounts, PLEASE open support tickets for this. I almost never see official EN staff commenting here. I assume at this point they are not visiting the forums, except to toss new betas over the wall for us to test.
  11. Fine, but If search isn't considered a core function in a note-taking app then I give up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Spotlight search definitely should have been fixed before 7.8 was marked "release". This has been broken for me since 7.5.2. So we've had 3 full release cycles pass (7.6, 7.7, 7.8...) now without a fix for this core function.
  13. Warning to anyone who uses code blocks, this version has significant new bugs surrounding them. See https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118424-en-78-final-dangerous-bug-with-code-blocks/
  14. Guess I missed the memo about the new CEO. Sounds like a glimmer of hope, but to be honest it's been so many years of decline I am not sure the boat can be turned around. For me it's "guilty until proven innocent" at this point. I do wish EN the best however, and hopefully we will start seeing a change in quality this year.
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