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  1. @Chaosspeeder , do you intend to come out with an app for the Mac desktop? I would love that!
  2. I loved the new “Shared with Me” view. That is going to be very useful. Thanks.
  3. This is a pretty cool tool. Nice find!
  4. I would vote for this, too. My team and I are heavy users of Workflowy. We have often commented that this would make an amazing addition to Evernote.
  5. Thanks, Phil. I want to keep thinking about this. Frankly, it adds a layer of complexity to my workflow that I was hoping to avoid.
  6. Well done. I’m not sure when this started happening, but overall the clipper seems faster. That's a good thing!
  7. Thanks for your reply, Phil. I mainly started an Evernote business account so I could more easily collaborate with my colleagues. We share information with one another that (a) we need to collectively reference or (b) create. We tried Work Chat with individual accounts, but that was simply not robust enough for our use. Hope that helps.
  8. A few months ago, I started using Evernote for Business. However, I still have a legacy personal account with about 10,000 notes in it. Should I move all those notes over to my business account? If so ... 1. How do I do the migration in the most efficient manner possible? 2. How should I organize my business accounts so they personal notes are available just to me? 3. Is there any reason to keep my personal account> Thanks in advance for your advice. (I'm definitely NOT a guru when it comes to Evernote for Business!)
  9. This behavior has happened a couple of times this morning ... When I click on a note, I don't immediately see the note. Instead, I see the spinning gear icon. It has been spinning now on one note for over 60 seconds. (The sync icon is not spinning, so I don't know if this is related to synching or not.) I can still get to preferences, so the program is not locked up. If I attempt to quit, EN becomes non-responsive. I have to force quit it. If I restart the program, then I can see my notes.
  10. I am having a problem with tables. I have a note that has several tables, one after another. In Evernote 6.11.1 (non-beta), I could “stack” these without a blank paragraph between them. In the new beta 6.12 Beta 3, I can't do this. Evernote inserts a blank paragraph between tables. I have attached an image that shows how they look on each version. While this may seem merely cosmetic, it really does negatively impact the design of a commercial project I am working on. Can you please fix this? Thanks.
  11. Thanks. I wish there was a little more control over the shadow itself, but this is a start. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, Taylon. You said it well. Do you know where I can download the old version with the drop shadow capability? This is the one thing holding me back too.
  13. Thanks, Joe. I appreciate the update. By the way, I have loved the recent updates to iOS7 versions of Evernote. The UI is joy to work with. Thanks again.
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