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  1. Vincent Noel's post in [Fixed] Card preview content jumping around while scrolling in Card view was marked as the answer   
    I think this has been fixed in iOS 10.4
  2. Vincent Noel's post in Allow importing of more file types, including .key (keynote files) was marked as the answer   
    Today I drag-n-dropped a keynote file into an Evernote note, as I've already done many times in the previous < 10.0 Mac version of Evernote.
    Evernote v.10.3.7 told me I can't import this file type, please try zipping it before importing (see first screenshot, in French but you get the idea).

    Zipping my file would prevent me from opening the file directly from Evernote, which is what I usually do.
    I *know* it is possible to import keynote files within Evernote as I have plenty of notes with this type of file (see the other screenshot). I can open such .key files just fine from the notes where they exist, but apparently I can't create new ones. 

    Please fix this by allowing us to import any type of file in Evernote.
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