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  1. Vincent Noel

    Changes in Evernote iOS 8.13?

    Thanks guys! I guess these changes are limited to non-SE iphones. Or maybe they are enabled for a subset of users.
  2. Vincent Noel

    Changes in Evernote iOS 8.13?

    Does anyone know what these release notes mean? I've updated evernote on my iphone SE and my ipad pro and can't see any difference with previous versions. I don't see any of the described changes to reminders, icons for tags, etc.
  3. Vincent Noel

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    Two comments: I like the Mac UI, so I like this new web UI that mirrors the Mac UI almost perfectly. It's an obvious upgrade from the previous version. I am concerned this new web UI only includes the "Snippet View" for the notes list. I mostly use Evernote for its "Expanded Card View" that I find much easier to parse visually than the usual lists that almost all notes app include. I hope its absence from the web UI does not mean Evernote plans to remove it from the Mac app...
  4. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 GA

    A little suggestion: when you've fixed a bug that led to lost data, please refrain from making jokes about it in the release notes. People affected by that bug having lost data might not appreciate the humor. Something else I've found: when I go to preferences, select "Software Update" and click on "Go to Mac Forum..." at the bottom, I get an error page.
  5. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for iOS 8.12 Released

    In Evernote iOS, from within a note, tap the silhouette top right, then tap "More sharing options" at the bottom. A menu will show up, the first option is "Copy internal link". Apparently no public link is created until you tap "Shareable link off" to turn it on.
  6. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for iOS 8.12 Released

    Those are real improvements, thanks! This release fixed the bullet problem I reported here
  7. Vincent Noel

    Bullet items could be better rendered in note previews

    AFAICS this has been fixed on Evernote iOS 8.12.
  8. Well spotted, thanks!
  9. Well I don't know what to tell you cmd-backspace.mov Note that I'm not hitting cmd-delete but cmd-backspace, I don't know if that makes any difference. Also note that with a note opened, the "Delete Note" menu item consistently shows the cmd-backspace key shortcut.
  10. In every Mac app I know of, typing cmd-backspace clears the line of text you've just typed. In Evernote I often wish to rename a note. Maybe a name has been autogenerated for the note and I'd like to change it to something better. In any case, I always open the note, type cmd-L to go to the note title (a great shortcut, consistent with e.g. Safari) and hit cmd-backspace to clear out the note title and start fresh. But hitting that last shortcut, instead of clearing the title, sends the note to the Trash. This behavior is very unfriendly to users trained to use the generic user shortcuts. (things get worse from there, as the trashed note becomes un-editable, I need to click the "Restore Note" button to un-trash it, and evernote takes a while to notice the note has become editable again and let me actually modify its title, ending up in quite a bit of lost time) Proof that this shortcut is ill-chosen: It only works when the cursor is in the note title. When the cursor is in a note, cmd-Backspace clears the line of text, as it should. As far as I know, when the cursor is in the note no keyboard shortcut can send the note to the Trash -- I see no reason why such a shortcut would be more useful when the cursor is in the note title. Please change the "delete note" shortcut to something else, like cmd-option-backspace, and make it work for any cursor location.
  11. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 1

    I have no info about offline notebooks, sorry 😕
  12. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 1

    when this kind of message appears, I've seen people recommend that you trash your evenote App, your evernote library files (in ~/Library/Application Support/), and reinstall. The evernote application should re-download all your notes from the server (which might take a while). Before doing that, I'd suggest checking on the evernote web site whether all your notes are there 🙂
  13. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 1

    I guess you can try downloading the latest 7.2 beta http://bit.ly/EN7-2b1
  14. Vincent Noel

    Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 1

    is there more info about this somewhere?
  15. Vincent Noel

    Make Evernote work on big screens

    maybe make your window smaller?