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  1. Something I do often: I finish working on something with evernote and close all the evernote windows, leaving evernote running with no visible window. I start working on something else, and (of course) realize I need some info that is stored in evernote. So I cmd-tab back to evernote and hit cmd-J to open a particular note. However, when no evernote window is opened, hitting cmd-J will just trigger a 'bump' sound, and will not open the 'quick note search' interface. It would be great if that interface would show up even when no evernote window is visible.
  2. When send a PDF displayed in Safari to Evernote using the web clipper, I end up with a note containing a single file called "getDocumentGetXByData". I have tried to uninstall the web clipper and reinstall, same thing.
  3. iOS 11 Drag Drop ?

    For reference I also raised that issue here
  4. Issues with drag-n-drop on iPad iOS 11

    Somehow I think it’s even worse — it looks like it’s working, but it’s not... I’m looking forward to its support. I was not very smart :-) I went through all the files I wanted to send one by one in Evernote, tapped on “Export/Save to Files”, and saved each file in the same folder in iCloud. Once this was done I opened Mail and Files side by side, created a new mail in Mail, opened the iCloud folder and drag-n-dropped all the files in the email.
  5. It would be great if Evernote iOS would gain keyboard shortcuts (when using an external keyboard) to move notes around between notebooks. Right now on Evernote mac once I’ve written a new note I can move it in a specific notebook very fast, by typing Ctrl-Cmd-M and select (with the keyboard) the notebook I want to send the note to. On iPad I cannot find a keyboard shortcut to open the list of notebooks, instead I need to click on the notebook label at the top left of the note. It would be useful (and consistent with the Mac experience) if Ctrl-Cmd-M would open that list. In addition, when that list is opened on screen, it would be nice if up/down arrows would let the use select a notebook cmd-F would let the user find a notebook within the list return would let the user select the notebook so the current note is moved inside All this would let the user move the current note in another notebook extremely fast without moving her hands off the keyboard.
  6. A promising feature on iPad is the new possibility to drag-n-drop items between applications. For example drag-n-drop should make easier something that is otherwise difficult : create an email and attach files which are stored in various evernote notes. I attempted to do this earlier : in Mail I opened a new mail full screen, and opened evernote on the side. From evernote I dragged a PDF file over to the Mail writing area. When I let go the pdf, I ended up with a thumbnail being inserted in the email, instead of the PDF I wanted to include: Needless to say, this is not what I was hoping would happen. It appears that evernote advertises the files it contains as images, and not files. I’ve tried to find other ways to drag the actual PDF from Evernote (e.g. from the print dialog or by opening the PDF first) but was not successful. This is disappointing as the feature promised to make possible something that is otherwise very cumbersome. Eventually I had to save all the items I wanted to include in Files, then drop them in Mail from Files. Another issue : I tried to drag-n-drop the other way — dropping inside Evernote — but Evernote does not seem to accept drops (either text or images).
  7. better workflow for annotating PDFs with pencil

    My feelings exactly.
  8. Evernote for Mac 6.13 Beta 3 Released

    Maybe you guys already know, but in beta 3 when I'm in "All Notes" I get this "subscribe to reminders" alert on top of my reminders list. I try to dismiss the dialog by clicking "Yes" but nothing happens, the dialog remains in place. I still can hide the list of reminders all right. I do not see this dialog in the reminders list of specific notebooks. I also see this dialog when I'm in search results that contain reminders.
  9. Bug in sketch with iPad Pro + pencil

    I can't reproduce this anymore, so I guess it's been fixed! Hooray
  10. Something I often need to do: annotate a PDF on my iPad with my pencil so I can send it back to someone, for instance a form I need to fill. Being a good evernote user, I naturally want to do this through evernote. However, when I attempt to do it right now, this is what happens: I select the note with the PDF within I tap on the PDF, it opens and fills the screen I reach for the pen and attempt to write on the PDF -- the PDF moves instead. Evernote thinks I'm just using the pencil instead of my finger to move around the PDF. Not good. I tap the "annotate" button up right. The PDF re-opens in a somewhat different layout (why ?) Using the pen, I attempt to write on the PDF -- the PDF moves instead. Not good. I select the "pen" tool: I first tap the "arrows" icon at bottom-right, then I tap the "pen" icon. I finally can annotate the PDF. In total, once the PDF is opened on screen I need to tap three things (annotate->arrows->pen) before I'm able to annotate the PDF. Instead, as soon I put the pen on the screen Evernote could assume that I'm trying to write on the PDF. I imagine that it's the main reason why people would use their pencil on screen. That change would save me three taps and two confusing user experiences when I end up moving around the PDF with my pen (twice in very short succession). In addition: the pencil annotation engine is weak, it has trouble following you when you write too fast (PDF expert has no problem) so your writing often ends up hard to understand. It is just not an enjoyable experience overall so I generally try to avoid it (even though I want to use Evernote) when you are in annotation mode and writing with the pencil, you can't just flip pages using your finger -- Evernote thinks you want to annotate the PDF with your finger as well. I know you can use both fingers but at the point when you remember it you often have already drawn lines over the PDF with your finger (that you need to undo). It seems pretty safe to me to assume that if you are annotating a PDF with your pencil and suddenly you use your finger it means you're trying to change the page. Again PDF expert does this right. If you close the PDF and open another one in annotation mode, the tool selection goes back to "move" instead on staying on the last-used "pen". Confusion again. My suggestions would be: at least when the user enters annotate mode switch back to the last used tool. in annotate mode, if the user is using a pencil to annotate, finger taps should move the PDF around if the user taps an opened PDF with the pencil, switch to annotate mode with the pen tool selected.
  11. Evernote for Mac 6.13 Beta 1 Released

    great change. Looks good. in the new sidebar it is a bit hard to distinguish the "shortcuts" and "recent notes" at a glance -- the headers do not pop out much, and everything kinda blends together.
  12. "Upgrade Your Team" in sidebar has reverted

    I have the same problem, "Upgrade your Team" shows up in my sidebar, it is dimmed in view options and cannot be deselected. Version 6.12.3 Beta 1. It is annoying once you notice it. Edit on October 16, 2017: "Upgrade your Team" does not show anymore for me in the beta sidebar. Thanks!
  13. Evernote for Mac 6.12 Beta 1 Released

    I'd like to report that the evernote menubar clipper shows the keyboard shortcut for "Find in Evernote" to be ctrl-cmd-space, but if you hit that combination of keys in the clipper nothing happens. Usually that combination of keys is used by the "Emoji and Symbols" window, so maybe it's a bug in the display of the keyboard shortcut? The system-wide shortcut for "Find in Evernote" is ctrl-cmd-E on my mac. (also, converting the preference window into a drop-down sheet is a weird idea)
  14. Bug in sketch with iPad Pro + pencil

    Hello, There is a bug in the most recent Evernote iOS : when you sketch and draw small circles, what you've just drawn disappears and the pencil stops drawing. You have to lift the pencil up and start drawing again. This makes it harder to draw small circles, but also to write properly (writing the letter 'e' often disappears). I have made a video showing the bug here :
  15. ios feature request: change created date on iPad

    I too would like the ability to modify the creation date on iPad, as it is possible to do today on the Mac.