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  1. Yes, I'm on Mojave. Thank you. Mojave 10.14 - (18A336e)
  2. i have an odd observation. on two occassions now I have opened a note to make modifications and my cursor is NOT visible. I can select a location 'blindly' and make modifications, but the cursor doesn't come into focus. I opened another app, then went back to the note to see if that fixed it, and sure enough, my cursor is visible again ;-). I do NOT know how to recreate this "Secure cursor" feature... but I have observed it on two occassions in as many days. 2nd - my side list note (card?) view is still very darkly highlighted, with black text making it nigh near impossible to read the text...I believe this is already noted in a previous report, but thought I would mention it is still there in the 7.3 B3 release. Thanks for all the focus on quality!
  3. I love EVERNOTE. I use it for my everything. I upgraded to Mojave and then Evernote quit working - I thought I was going to have to back out...unhappy hour. Then I found the Beta. Saved!! So Thank you so very much for having the Mojave fix in. That literally made my week.... Now, I've got a display issue on my preferred way of showing my notes. The sidelists view (and top list view for that matter) has a new (?) format with alternating dark/light in the list (like that old printer sheet that alternates column colors)...the alternating dark/light is cool, though not necessary...however the note being used gets highlighted in near black, but keeps the font text color dark, which means I cannot read the note name without hovering on it....and the highlight line is not stable on just the note, it can be 'stretched' and sometimes sticks over more than the highlighted note. 2 thoughts. 1. Side list formats should be configurable, at least in the greater format. So, option one, clean single color and opaque, high contrast highlight color. I may actually prefer the original formatting, so unless I'm missing where I can configure this, I'm not truly excited about this change... 2. Side list format option 2 should be the alternating list colors, and also retain a highlight that is opaque and if there is a light/dark color contrast, the highlight should include a change in the underlying font color so that the note name can be read. ie, light line, dark text, opaque light highlight. Dark line, White text, dark highlight) Not being prescriptive. The key is that the underlying text should ALWAYS be clearly visible. Is this already a request?
  4. While it may not be possible as a user, it certainly is something that could be developed within the app. providing mechanisms for searching on common tags, meta content, etc, should be something that Evernote has in its sights, as this is a clear strength...I would love to see this functionality within evernote as well. To Gazumped's point: I just learned to search with the following: todo:false this provides a search for all notes that have at least one to-do item that is unchecked across your notebooks.todo:true this provides a search for all notes that have at least one to-do item that is checked across your notebooks. Handy and quite good enough for me! this keeps your to-do's in context with your note content. at this time I know of nothing that provides a single note with a 'dynamic-master' list of all tasks. Though I bet the developers could accomplish that if they were so inclined...
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