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If you're not making use of the 'special features' like stickers and layout,  it's possible to use any notebook in a similar way - just write as normal and take a picture of the page.  There may be other 'special' notebook options out there - I only know of one:  https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/scribzee/android


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1 hour ago, Hel10s said:

 Does anyone know if Moleskine has officially stopped making Evernote notebooks?  If so, are there plans for any alternatives? 

I have not seen them for a while now. I had purchased 2 couple of years ago and now I have the regular moleskine notebook. My understanding is that they are not making the leather bound ones. I've seen the other version that has a brown color however.

Honestly, I was not really using the stickers at all. I liked the logo on the cover and the premium code that came with it. That was it.

Were you getting value out of it? How was it helping your workflow? Curious.

Per @gazumped you can use any notebook in a similar way which is what I am doing currently.

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I actually really like handwriting notes, especially in meetings. While PenUltmate is nice, I fond the workflow between it and Evernote a bit clunky. I liked the notebooks from Moleskine as an elegant solution that crosses the physical and digital. 


I dont mind mind using another brand of notebook, as long as the functionality is the same and I can search handwritten notes. 

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11 minutes ago, Hel10s said:

I dont mind mind using another brand of notebook, as long as the functionality is the same and I can search handwritten notes. 

Yes the functionality is the same; minus the stickers.
Its just a picture of handwriting on paper.

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You can still get Evernote branded notebooks on the Moleskine website. However, not sure if they include the stickers. Equally unsure as to why that would matter. Moleskine products (of any type) are outstanding. Use them and scan them in as normal, i see almost no utility for the stickers (other than they look quite cool)


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I used the EN Moleskine notebooks for a while. On scanning with Scanable, I ran into problems. It seemed the function was only designed for notes that ran over a maximum of 1 page. When I had notes running over more than 1 page, it mixed up pages in the resulting note, the function to hold the lower part of the page private (=create a public upper part, and a full page view including the private notes in the lower part) did not properly work etc. To be restricted on one page only was not up to my note taking, so the smart functions for me were obsolete. Support could not sort things out, they did not seem to have real insight into the product.

Finally I skipped using Scanable on the EN moleskine edition, and scanned what I had to scan using ScannerPro on my iPhone. This created normal notes with normal pictures attached. To do this, I do not need to buy a "smart" edition notebook for apps. 30€ per piece. They are very nice, good paper, etc., but you can find similar ones for much less.

Currently I am still using up the points included in the Moleskine notebooks I had purchased to pay my Premium account, and that is it.

On the German website of Moleskine, the notebooks do still appear, when using the search function. On the US website, the search string "Evernote" draws a blank, on the global one as well. So probably the German entity (and maybe some others) are still selling them off. There are 2 versions, one with smart stickers, the other without. Who is interested may give it a try - I assume they ship globally, as long as they have anything left to ship.

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