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  1. I’d be fine with that. Handwriting on the iPad is perhaps one of the most wonderful features available and Evernote would benefit greatly from allowing full handwritten notes. Nebo has a great engine, including its conversion from handwriting to text with markup (markup? Markdown? I never get those right). or if specifically added for iPad, uses Apple’s engine. Either way, the end result of having full handwritten notes would be phenomenal.
  2. I actually really like handwriting notes, especially in meetings. While PenUltmate is nice, I fond the workflow between it and Evernote a bit clunky. I liked the notebooks from Moleskine as an elegant solution that crosses the physical and digital. I dont mind mind using another brand of notebook, as long as the functionality is the same and I can search handwritten notes.
  3. Does anyone know if Moleskine has officially stopped making Evernote notebooks? If so, are there plans for any alternatives?
  4. You are right, I can, but I can’t create full handwritten notes in the Sketches panel. Because it is designed for drawing, it actually attempts to correct some lines and messes up handwriting. Really, what I’m looking for is functionality similar to Notes in iOS, but I think Evernote can do even better by implementing PenUltimate’s functionality (handwriting, templates, etc.) directly into Evernote.
  5. I really like the new interface. I only have two suggestions: To migrate PenUltimate functionality into Evernote. Evernote is the only notes application that I must switch to a seperate application to handwrite notes (Bear, Neebo, OneNote, even the built-in iOS Notes app supports this). It is so close with the ability to enter in sketches, but it is still not conducive to handwriting. Reminders for individual Tasks. I know I can set a reminder on a note, but not for the tasks in that note. I think this is particularly useful when using some of the project templates posted on your site. Being able to set Tasks with individual reminders means I can have one list for a project, with multiple Tasks, each with different dates. Having an “All Tasks” view would be the icing on the cake, giving me visibility into every task I have across all of my notebooks. I often forget what note has a particular task item, especially if I didn’t set a reminder. I love using Evernote, but these two issues (the first one in particular) has kept me from fully committing to the Evernote system. Other than those two, however, I do love Evernote!! P.S. One hidden gem you all have on iOS is the integration with Workflow... what a great set of automated tasks!
  6. Have you checked to see if it is in Evernote, and not PenUltimate? And check the trash to see if it is in there...
  7. That is a good solution, and I am familiar with AppleScript. Part of the idea was for people who aren't so familiar. Also, what to do on iOS? Though, maybe Workflow can do it...
  8. I love the integration now between Google and Evernote. I would love to see similar integration with iCloud and/or the macOS Apps Calendar and Reminders. The idea is simple enough (though I know execution is far more difficult ): If I create a checklist in a note, it can sync to the Reminders app, a due date would appear in Calendar, and a meeting in Calendar would allow for a meeting note to be made in Evernote.
  9. That is true, and the sketch Padi area is nice to have. The thing is, we may type something and then want to annotate it, or draw around it. Or the reverse... writing something and then typing next to it. And, having a separate app just for handwriting is cumbersome. The pages are imported as read only, and there isn't much crossover. In some ways, I'd enjoy using a moleskin over penultimate (which Evernote has and they are quite nice). for me, I'd just love to have one app wherein my business notes, my web captures, my journal, my sketches, are all in one place... a living, breathing, body of work, captured, editable, always changing and evolving.
  10. I agree. Handwriting in Everntoe does not need to packed full of features. The major advantage of having the ability is two-fold: handwritten notes in like with text, and basic mark-up. While things like diagramming would be a plus, the primary focus is the writing capability. I use Evernote for my job (I work in IT) and having the ability to quickly jot down a thought or comment, while I'm walking around, or be able to mark up something I typed in a meeting are the biggest things. Right now, the best combination I have for all of these is Paper (for diagramming), with OneNote, where I have type notes as well as sketch all in line, and which Paper now exports to. The thing is, ideally, I don't want to be beholden to Microsoft, and Evernote is a provocative alternative. Above all, we all would want the best handwriting experience possible, with support for the top styli, and basic highlighting, all integrated with our typed notes. We don't need fancy calligraphy, or different types of writing utensils. Get the simple core right and you'll have us at hello.
  11. I am noticing a bug in the cut and paste tool. When I select and move writing, dots and lines are randomly left behind. I am running the latest version of Penultimate on an iPad Air 2. I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate what I am talking about. The spots you see there were left when I selected an area of writing and moved it.
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