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mac Change the size of Stamps?


RyanMT3    2

The "Tool Size" feature seems to have no effect on the size of stamps. I am trying to markup screenshots of charts and graphs, and since the stamps are set to an obnoxiously large size, it makes it virtually impossible to use them in this way. They would be an awesome tool for what I'm trying to do (e.g., making flashcards with the "?" stamp) but until I can make them a lot smaller it's just not going to happen =/


Is there a way to change the size of stamps?


(If not, there definitely ought to be!)



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arcoulson    0

+1 - just started annotating after years of Evernote Premium; starting to double-down on what I expect it to do for me and - wh oops! 1 minute in: Stamps are way too big to use - much much larger than the features in my diagram I'd like to stamp.


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