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  1. I do not believe; pasting , deleting rows, columns, selecting, resizing ... everything is a nightmare especially if you use more than platform ...
  2. Ok, that's it. 7.9.5: another untold big new feature? The location can be automatically added on note creation. But it cannot be changed or created when editing a note. Now I try to get some support (EN Premium)
  3. Funny enough Version 7.9.5: no more "MAPS feature here again (?)" The feature has been removed
  4. Update about this topic for newer versions
  5. (sorry for my English) After my 2013's post I believe map feature is (almost) back; how? Add your search query to the shortcuts list: when selecting the "3 dots menu" (I don't know its real name) the (map | location) item mysteriously appears. Not very handy, but at least a step forward. p.s. - I have EN for Android ver. 7.9.4: anybody with older versions could have a check about it?
  6. Hi, I use teXPand, native for Android. Cheers. G.
  7. In Italy we could call Evernote software evolution as an OSAC (Office for Simple Affairs Complication)
  8. Sorry Gazumped, but "temporarily" is a euphemism. 2013, June: For Amartel: I've splitted my working area in zones, saved rectangular coordinates of every zone in a EN note (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php latitude: and longitude: search attributes) and when searching somehing I copy/paste those coordinates into the query. Yes, I know, very fast Cheers. G Edited 2016-08-01: another link of Evernote Grammar for advanced search, albeit with fewer attributes https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax
  9. (sorry for my English) Wordless. +1 In some future version of Evernote, the UI will be a blank page and they won't have to worry how make different platforms work in same manner. Changelog? What's a changelog? (please, don't call so those "release notes"). I keep using EN, but I know what I'm seeing today could disappear tomorrow ... without notification ( in Windows I can revert back to previous version; not so on mobile versions ) Cheers. G.
  10. Red much improved; blue very good results. Thanks EN (and all the people behind it) G.
  11. IMHO I believe Black ink has the biggest contrast on a white paper, so it's the easiest to detect and they don't have to say "you can only use elettric blue, dark red, brown, ..." ... best results with less words). Special effects: I knew blue is the farthest color from our skin tone. BTW something changed with "EN Post-It Camera" (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/46050-3m-post-it-notes-and-evernote-for-android/?p=255935): light yellow post-it maybe are not detected as Post-It, but at least the text isn't turned white anymore.. Cheers. G
  12. Xperia M2, EN No problem when writing with black ink (only a bit faded) More problems when writing with red ink. Big problems when writing with blue ink, the page is very (very) faded. It's only a problem of mine? Anybody else? Cheers. G
  13. Just installed 5.8.3: problems seem solved. Cheers. G
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