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  1. You mean like copying/exporting the local database, like here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313528 Isn't that inconvenient? What about cases when I don't want to throw away all local changes, but I want to revert just one note and keep the changes in other notes? Can you selectively import notes? What if the version of the note in the backup is too old (eg I just worked on the note, synced, and just then it got randomly changed)? Why should I keep around gigabytes of data when (I assume) Evernote servers are already backed up properly? It's nice to have some workaround available, but same could be achieved with a simple function without all the hassle and edge cases.
  2. Sometimes, notes in Evernote get changed in a way that cannot be undone using the UNDO function. This even happens if note's text is changed, eg. copying text sometimes it cannot be undone. Other times a note gets marked as changed, updating its 'Updated' timestamp, without really changing anything (like happened to me just now ... again). Now I have a note with some change, but I have no way to find out what the change is and I have no way to throw away that change (whatever it is) and restore the original 'Updated' timestamp. Now the dirty note sits there in my client app, waiting to be synced to the server and I'm scratching my head wondering, why I cannot simply just cancel the edit, how come such a basic function is not available? Unless it is very well hidden. I would like to suggest two functions, that should have been part of Evernote client from the beginning: revert note's local changes -- just fetch the note from the server and replace the local version in EN database view note's changes (including meta data changes) in some diff fashion bonus: allow the user to select, which changes to keep and which to throw away (eg. keep text changes, remove changes to tags) I'm using Evernote for Windows but this functionality would be useful on every platform. Not to be confused with note history, all I want is to be able to not sync accidental edits.
  3. I have this problem with Windows client version 5.8.5. I have a note with 2 encrypted blocks that I've created a few days ago on Windows client (another computer) running version 5.8.5. When I double-click on the encryption block, it is simply deleted (without asking for password). Other (older) encrypted blocks seems fine. Btw if this happens, just hit Ctrl+Z to undo the change. Edit: it actually asks for decryption password, I must have had it remembered before. And so it deletes the block AFTER typing in the password. And I have just updated to version 5.8.6 and it still happens.
  4. ++ If they're not going to be scalable, at least 2-3 sizes to choose from would be great!
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