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  1. You mean like copying/exporting the local database, like here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313528 Isn't that inconvenient? What about cases when I don't want to throw away all local changes, but I want to revert just one note and keep the changes in other notes? Can you selectively import notes? What if the version of the note in the backup is too old (eg I just worked on the note, synced, and just then it got randomly changed)? Why should I keep around gigabytes of data when (I assume) Evernote servers are already backed up properly? It's nice to have some workaround available, but same could be achieved with a simple function without all the hassle and edge cases.
  2. Sometimes, notes in Evernote get changed in a way that cannot be undone using the UNDO function. This even happens if note's text is changed, eg. copying text sometimes it cannot be undone. Other times a note gets marked as changed, updating its 'Updated' timestamp, without really changing anything (like happened to me just now ... again). Now I have a note with some change, but I have no way to find out what the change is and I have no way to throw away that change (whatever it is) and restore the original 'Updated' timestamp. Now the dirty note sits there in my client app, waiting to be synced to the server and I'm scratching my head wondering, why I cannot simply just cancel the edit, how come such a basic function is not available? Unless it is very well hidden. I would like to suggest two functions, that should have been part of Evernote client from the beginning: revert note's local changes -- just fetch the note from the server and replace the local version in EN database view note's changes (including meta data changes) in some diff fashion bonus: allow the user to select, which changes to keep and which to throw away (eg. keep text changes, remove changes to tags) I'm using Evernote for Windows but this functionality would be useful on every platform. Not to be confused with note history, all I want is to be able to not sync accidental edits.
  3. I have this problem with Windows client version 5.8.5. I have a note with 2 encrypted blocks that I've created a few days ago on Windows client (another computer) running version 5.8.5. When I double-click on the encryption block, it is simply deleted (without asking for password). Other (older) encrypted blocks seems fine. Btw if this happens, just hit Ctrl+Z to undo the change. Edit: it actually asks for decryption password, I must have had it remembered before. And so it deletes the block AFTER typing in the password. And I have just updated to version 5.8.6 and it still happens.
  4. ++ iPhone 6+ can really replace tablet, having Penultimate on iPhone 6+ would be great!
  5. Hello, if I take a photo with Evernote for iPhone (new camera note), either Photo or Document template, the resulting image has a very nice quality/size ratio. If I now go ahead and crop it, its size increases. Right now I took a photo of a receipt, the first photo size was 160 kB, then I cropped it (removing mostly white background - the table on which I took the photo) and now its size increased to 583 kB. I believe the same happens if I edit such iPhone created image in Evernote for Windows using the 'Annotate' feature. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Secret settings somewhere etc? ;-) Thanks for any input.
  6. ++ If they're not going to be scalable, at least 2-3 sizes to choose from would be great!
  7. Thank you all for clarification. Well I guess I will have to type those prefixes, then... Just for the record, auto-complete boxes are often tricky for some reason. One would think how hard can it be?, but we had a good deal of "fun" with our auto-complete search on our project.
  8. Thank you. I was looking for the best way how to report a bug but didn't think submitting a ticket was appropriate.
  9. I have several tags with the same prefix, eg TRC_Issue, TRC_Document, etc. If I try to add tag (Click to add tag) and type the tagname without the prefix, eg 'Issue', surely enough the tag is offered by the quick search: (tag "Issue" does not exist in my Evernote) When I hit ENTER at this moment, a new tag 'Issue' is created and the note is tagged by tag 'Issue' and not 'TRC_Issue'. The same happens if I CLICK on the offered TRC_Issue tag. Now I removed the tag Issue from the note (but didn't delete it) and I'll try again but type the word 'Issue' only partially: 'Issu' Pressing ENTER or Clicking on the offered tag Issue tags the note correctly with tag Issue. However clicking on TRC_Issue will create a new tag 'Issu' and tag the note with it. (now I've deleted the tag 'Issu') And I'll try to type 'Issu' into search box again, this time will use arrow keys to select either Issue tag or TRC_Issue tag. This works for Issue tag; the rest of the tag's name will appear in the search box in selected manner and hitting ENTER adds the tag Issue to the note. However doing the same for TRC_Issue, pressing arrow-down key to select it in the suggestions list and then pressing ENTER (or clicking) will again create and add 'Issu' tag to the note. I don't know if this is bug or working-as-intended (or if it was reported), but certainly clicking or selecting an existing tag in the search bar should add this tag and not create a new one.
  10. FINALLY! Evernote has become useful again. It's been doing that for awhile. I think that what's been at issue is that previously when you did that, after it added tag you chose to the current filter, it left the partial tag name that you'd typed in the search control, which was disconcerting to some folks. This is incorrect. Before the fix, after clicking on the tag-suggestion in search dropdown only the typed text was added as a full-text filter but it didn't add the actual tag as a filter nor did it perform search for the entire tag name (let alone search for documents tagged with that tag). It only searched for the typed partial tag name as string, which includes all notes tagged with the [clicked/selected] tag, but also many other notes that contain only the typed text. Refer to my post on the first page, please, and take a look at the screenshots: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42921-tag-search-not-working-on-windows-desktop-version/?p=232982 There is no tag filter after selecting tag from the search dropdown, only "word filter" with the partially typed tag name. Notes not tagged by "Internet" tag were also returned by the search (I tested this), which was the bug. I see that you repeatedly wrote that you were unable to reproduce this bug on your machine(s). This I cannot explain but it definitely wasn't working for me and for other people, too. Maybe you misunderstood what the bug was about. I wasn't using prerelease version back then, but I am for couple of weeks now and this bug was still reproducible not so long ago on prerelease version.
  11. Just installed version (271188) Prerelease and this bug appears to be fixed. After clicking or selecting tag from the search dropdown, the corresponding tag is being correctly added as tag filter.
  12. Rename your tags so that the fixed part is in the beginning, like this: 'tag:keyword*'.
  13. Doesn't work for me either. When I'm searching for tag "Internet", and let's say I type only the first portion of the word "inter" into the search bar, this is what I see: When I select the "Internet" tag (or click it), this is the result: As you can see, instead of searching for documents tagged with the tag:Internet, or at least searching with the tag's full name "Internet", the search was performed with only what I typed into the search bar "inter", possibly matching documents containing words like "international", "interstellar", "interface", even "interesting". To me, this is clearly a bug. Temporary workaround for users that want to search by tags, either type "tag:Internet" - full textual representation, which frankly is annoying, or by pressing Shift+Alt+T to initiate tag search, which works.
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