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  1. hjma29

    Tag Rename

    continue this topic. I'm using latest 7.2.3 MAC version. I really want to rename a tag while I'm in the note instead of switch to another view and find the tag I want and then do the renaming. I only have the following three options. Do we have plan to add one option of "rename the tag" here?
  2. I worked with EN tech support and they verified as a bug. Don't know when it'll be fixed though.
  3. just repost the video through youtube. looks like original screencast link requires flash. anyone saw this problem before? it's pretty easy to reproduce.
  4. The following video demonstrates the problem of cut/past image will remove entire tag list of the note. I used "test1" tag as a test and it disappeared right after paste option.
  5. I changed my EN shortcuts a couple of days ago but today I noticed that the changes got reverted back. I have several IOS and Android devices also using EN but I don't change any shortcuts there. This has happened to me multiple times. Evernote MAC: 7.2, editor: 47.0.5287
  6. ok. thanks!
  7. one more question. I don't think EN has the concept of "master" image where the copies of the images all pointing to the original "master" image. So after I make any annotation changes to the "master" image, all copies of this image got updated also(internally they are just a link to the "master" image). I tested right click menu of "Copy" vs "Copy Image" but it looks like the same to me.
  8. thank you. I was looking into this but I don't think this mode is available for IOS/Android App. Usually, I create notes/images/annotate using MAC and then use IOS/Android to browse through all images. I need a way to browse all images in a notebook on mobile apps.
  9. thanks @DTLow and @CalS . sorry, what I meant is notebook. I use them to organize notes. Hopefully evernote can have more features in the future to organize images better for use cases above.
  10. Thank you @DTLow . Any way we can browse all images in a folder by using keyboard arrow key or swiping in IOS/Android? In that case, I can create multiple notes(one image per note) in a main folder and can still browse them easily when in gallery mode.
  11. Any way we can assign tags to images in a note(or at least insert a tag line on top of a image in that note)? I have lots of images in one note so I can browse through them easily by swiping left/right in IOS/Android Apps. But some images share the same characteristics so I want to assign a tag for these images. Right now I have to create separate folders to manually sort out all images in "Main folder", say folder 1, folder 2. I use main folder to insert all images and I use sorting folders to group images sharing the same characteristics. I have to manually copy each image in main folder to different sorting folders. That's very painful and causes multiple copies for one "master" image and if I want to annotate the "master" image, I have to copy the changed master image to the sorting folders again. Main folder(10 images) folder 1(5 images) folder 2(4 images)
  12. any way that we can paste clipboard contents into the image I'm annotating? Like what you can do in powerpoint where you have one slide with an image and you can grab other screen capture and paste into the current slide so it's kind of two images on one slide and you can move them around to the position you like.
  13. My understanding is that Android evernote image "Full Screen" is actually not full screen like IOS, you have top Android status bar plus this image name line. Is this correct? Do we have plan to give users true "full screen" mode for images?
  14. Thank you. I have some notes more like a technical tutorial where one note consists of dozens of screen capture and my notes around it. Sometimes my customers asked specific question which can be answered by one of image(I usually put some annotations inside one image). I would like to point the image to this customer instead of the whole note so he doesn't get confused by other images and notes. One possible work-around is that if I move mouse over the image and right click, there is a "share" link and one of the share option is evernote. It will create a seperate note with that image inside it but somehow image extension is "tiff" instead of "png". My chrome browser seems can't view "tiff" file by default. I think if the new note created with png file inside, that may solve my problem. Not sure if this is something controlled by evernote or MAC OS.
  15. I only want to share one single image inside a note(consists of other images and texts). I'd like to get a shareable link for that image. Is it possible?