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  1. I use the Moleskine notebook, with document camera. You'd think this would be a GREAT way to mark-up the "pages" that you capture. However, it is not. The "sticker" takes up about 1/4 of the entire page (when I edit on my tablet). Just making this small change would make Evernote many times more usable for me (as I'm sure it would for MANY other users).
  2. I appreciate that you brought up using reminders in action items. In other posts, everyone is focused on using multiple reminders for checklists (i.e. somehow linking reminders to check boxes) and making a true task manager out of it. While I concede that would be a great use for multiple reminders but HIGHLY difficult from a programming and interface view, my point is that if Evernote wants to expand into the workplace, adding multiple reminders per note (not connected to check boxes) is a necessity. Here's why: I just finished a meeting with my boss. In that meeting I took copious notes
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