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  1. Of course it is. I could even print out stamps of my choosing off the internet! Cut them out! And stick em to the page using glue! Frame it! Then scan that document! Haha I’m just trying to report a bug, not really asking for advice. Thanks though. Why is an Evernote employee not responding...?? They have 139 computer engineers working at Evernote.. what the heck are they doing is now my real question?
  2. Annotating images for engineering communication reasons. Details of what exactly are unfortunately IP so I can not go into further detail.
  3. For some reason you can't size the stamps and sometimes they pop up Really big or really small. This makes using the stamps even more than useless, it makes them a waist of time a an abundance of frustration. And I really can not figure out why it does one or the other. It would be cool if the blue thin circle, that appears around the stamp when pasting it, could be dragged from the center point; therefore, increasing or describing the stamps diameter.
  4. Hello, I'm having an incredibly frustrating issue with Evernote. I have hundreds of notes with long PDF slide decks, in combination with longform typed notes. I type these notes in Evernote while viewing/annotating the PDF in a different app. I have these PDFs "view as attachment" because otherwise I would have 70 pages of slides to scroll through before I reach my actual notes. My problem is that these PDFs pop open to "view inline" ALL THE TIME!!! It happens whenever the note refreshes, whenever I hit Ctrl-Z, whenever the attachment "updates", and at seemingly many other random tim
  5. The stamps should just be removed as a feature if this problem can't be solved. Literally, this is aids. How can it be that hard to have the stamps be adjustable by sizing the diameter of the blue ring that appears around stamps when editing...like is the problem that when you size the photos out of annotating mode? The stamps should stay in there center-point place and increase or decrease in size just like any other annotation in the picture would. Can't believe this has been a problem for six years now! It takes six years to design a satellite! Like what in the world are you guys doing? The
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