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  1. +1 ... in the meantime you can double click on it to open in preview, then annotate, add text box, insert symbol, search for tick, then scale using font size, copy and paste the tick everywhere you need it. Save (as copy since evernote doesn't permit direct anymore) and then finally replace the PDF/image with the one you edited in preview.
  2. Agree that search is less intuitive and "harder to do" than it used to be. Search is probably the most important feature of evernote second to creating a note maybe. A whole top bar should be devoted to searching for notes and the search text automatically highlighted in the notes that match (as it currently does) so I can quickly flick through results and then access/edit the one I want. Perhaps a big green + on left of the search in case you want to create a new note. I'd remove the whole lefthand black tab or make it optional. I'd rather just see the notes sidebar filtered by the search term (on the fly not after pressing return and it should autocomplete terms based on previous searches) or just all notes if no search term provided. Also for the last few months I've also had to restart evernote if I've left it open for a long while, otherwise I have blank notes (but the title works for whatever reason).
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