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  1. Thanks for confirming. LOL that this is a feature request now, when it is functionality that was removed, but such is life with EN at the moment.
  2. I find that every time I paste a screenshot it pastes exactly 3 copies of the screenshot on three subsequent lines. Doesn't seem to matter what the note content is, I have it happen in bullet lists, new notes, old notes. Was a problem in 10.1.x and now still in 10.2. I have submitted a support ticket for it.
  3. Using iOS, Evernote app version 10+, it seems the note title is no longer defaulted from the first line of content in the note. I wonder if this is a setting I haven't found, or it's functionality that's been removed? Regards, Roger.
  4. I am seeing the same. It's like they don't have automated testing implemented for their development cycles so are routinely breaking existing features with new releases.
  5. Oh wow! that's not obvious. Thank you for pointing it out. Regards, Roger.
  6. If I search within a notebook it seems to list results from within any/all notebooks: list notes for a specific notebok tap magnifying glass search icon search screen shown says "Search only in: {notebook name}" type in search keywords and press enter results are listed from all notebooks I like to search within specific notebooks only, and with the painfully slow performance of the new iOS app, particularly search, I'm looking to use this as a way to optimise performance. But it seems this functionailty is broken? Regards, Roger.
  7. Very interesting. Yesterday I had the same behaviour even after rebooting my iPad and uninstalling then re-installing the Evernote app. However today, it is not showing this behaviour at all. It has about 10 seconds of 100% (or near) CPU when it becomes active, then drops to about 15% CPU. This morning general UI use of the Evernote app is still laggy and slow (eg, switching from one note to another taking 7 seconds). I cannot explain the difference between days. This is on my iPad Pro 9.7". IOS 14.1. Regards, Roger.
  8. iOS Evernote app (v10+) is using 65% CPU on my iPad Pro when it is active (in the 'forground'). As soon as it is terminated, CPU returns to normal levels. Presumably this is part of the reason the app is very laggy and slow for me. When I type and actively edit content the CPU increase to near constant 100%. When I switch between notes in the Note List the CPU bursts to 100% for the several seconds that takes.
  9. Scenario: Create a new note Put content in the note Tap to a different note, to trigger sync. Wait for sync. Tap back to the new note Slide on the note list entry for the new note to delete the note, tap to delete Interface becomes broken: New note remains visible in the viewing pane on the right, the new note is removed from the list on the left Grayed "Deleted "Untitled Note"" info text remains stuck over Evernote's interface Note list can be scrolled up & down but tapping any note in the list does nothing, there is no way to navigate to any other note There is no way to use any other functionality in the interface (eg, tapping to Edit, or "New note", or share links, nothing works, no response) Kill ever-note app Re-load evernote app, note was deleted, app returns to "normal". Regards, Roger.
  10. I am finding performance of the new iOS app on my iPad Pro and iPhone 7 very slow. it takes about 7-10 seconds to load the app and then it seems to take a further 10-20s to consider it aught to sync. I then find once I have updated a note it takes some mysterious amount of time to sync that, often leading to duplicate and conflicted notes - Ifind I need to leave the app open on the screen for a minute or two, to be confident it might have sync'd my updates.
  11. Unfortunately it seems going back to the old version hasn't solved the problem. The situation is that with iOS versions updated and no way to revert those, when I edit files on the iOS Evernote apps they are often creating conflicted copies with PC edited notes. It seems like the iOS Evernote apps are not syncing accurately or quickly enough, leading to the conflicted copies. It's very frustrating not being able to trust that my updates notes are accurately saved to the cloud, leading to quite a few instances of conflicted and even lost note data (because if it doesn't sync, and iOS takes the app out of memory, I seem to loose unsynced changes sometimes). Roger.
  12. I am regularly now receiving conflict copies of my notes. I start making a change and then a conflict copy appears some minutes later. I've had it happen 7 times now in the last few days with v10 when it would only very rarely hapenned in the last 7 years using previous versions, and when it did happen previously it was for a sensible reason like a device being in airplane mode while changes were made to a note elsewhere. My enciclopedia of knowledge is in evernote but this version change has me concerned to the point of exporting my data and wondering what else to use. The list of problems impacting me many times every day is enormous: conflicting notes checkboxes not repeating delete key not working slow search slower to load/refresh notes list and display notes no sync button shortcuts bar along the top gone I don't get it. What was the point of the new version.
  13. It is somewhat bemusing that this problem persists after such a long time. The annotation feature of evernote became completely useless to me a long time ago largely due to this and lack of other improvements to keep pace with competition WRT annotating images/documents. In the time this has been a blocker issue for my use of evernote for annotation I've seen a few GUI redesigns which haven't provided any benefit that I have noticed, and no other useful new feature. Where is evernote's focus if it isn't on core issues like a functional image annotation tool?
  14. +1 absolute pain not being able to change the stamp size when annotating screen shots
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