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  1. Thanks to you also for your help. (What do you mean by enforcing a naming standard with scripts?)
  2. Hello. I am new to EN and still wondering what to do for the best. I have made separate notebooks for the children and everything goes in there - one book for each child. I am a primary school teacher so they get most of their lessons from me. I don't feel i need to have a different notebook for science and english lessons with them. I am not much of a tagger either. Maybe I ned to be, we'll see. My EN use started by needing somewhere to put all the ed-related research I did for lessons and teaching strategies, then the digital marking got developed and now I have this wonderful log of th
  3. In this example, (MARKING 3.PDF - CHECK IT OUT...) , I have used pre-programmed assessment sentences, including emojis, that have been saved in my Google keyboard app on my phone, a personalised comment, (which I could have dictated but typed using predictive text where possible), and a large white blank annotation surrounded by a yellow box. This is the area where they can re-do a part of their work to show they have understood my comments. There is also an assessment grade of 'developing'. They really like the colourful marking that I have introduced. These children are 10. I accept that
  4. Yes, apart from returning marked work, I now have a searchable backlog of their work for assessment purposes. At the point of scanning it, it has a laminated name tag resting in the top corner by the written objective title. (They leave this in their books for me. If I ask them to write it, many would forget.) The work is now tagged in the scan. I bought my high spec, large memory android phone for the purpose of getting Evernote going. It's more portable than an ipad and that means i can mark work by pulling my phone out of my pocket. The android features were better than the iphone ones for
  5. Hello. I'm a premium user / primary school teacher. I do something more clunky - I scan their written work on my android phone into evernote then annotate it (using the inbuilt skitch features of evernote on android), then print off my marking and they stick it in. Hardly paperless - more paper wasting. However, I do get to pre-program a load of marking comments on my phone to save time. I can highlight areas easily and include emojis within my pre-programmed comments that I call up from within my google keyboard app on the phone. A three letter code produces a couple of sentences of advice fo
  6. I have just gone premium solely for this feature -which is currently unusable. Why ? *** I am a teacher developing 'digital marking' in which I wish to use ever note to scan the kid's exercise books - let's say their literacy books - and annotate over the top using text from keyboard shortcuts that I program in, or speech to text. The stamps are the depth of 4 lines of writing when my android snaps an A4 page of their work. *** This would be huge for the tens of thousands of ever note teachers or would be ever note teachers. If the stamps were smaller!?
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