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  1. Adding my name to this list. Please add cell merge for tables
  2. +11 Please let me change size of the stamp
  3. the highlighter is not translucent enough either. You should be able to control the level of transparency of the highlight. The default settings cover up the original image too much instead of highlighting it.
  4. I have created a WRT app for Evernote for 5th Edition devices http://spanishgringo.blogspot.com/2009/09/symbiannote-evernote-for-symbian-my.html The WRT is fairly limited in its API to allow much more functionality. I could not follow the Evernote API too well, but it seemed that I would need to pub Java classes on the Symbian side and I only have access to JS, DOM, CSS, HTML using WRT. At least it is something... Please let me know how it works on 3rd edition devices. My guess is that it will not work because I am using Platform Services 2.0 Beta. Nevertheless, add a comment to my blog post for the app.
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