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  1. @froboy - We are aware of the bug and working on a fix. The simple work around is to enable "Show advanced options after a screen snap" and when you do a timed shot on a second screen the tools will show and you can click on the clock to start the timed shot. Right now on the second monitor Skitch is treating that as a region capture instead of a timed.
  2. @Southdowns Addressing your questions in order: I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. We have data from pre and post acquisition. We have Keith on the team as well. We have talked with plenty of users from pre and post acquisition as well. We have plenty of data to give us good insight into making decisions. As I've said before sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't. In this particular case (Fill) we know there is a group of users who would like this feature, but even when talking with that group and asked to prioritize Fill isn't as important to some as say "Image dro
  3. @Southdowns - We know because of two reasons: 1) Lots of user interviews and usability studies - We talk to users constantly (not just in the forums) and gather feedback on existing and new features all the time. There are over a million Skitch user users world-wide and try and cover a lot of ground getting in depth conversations with many of them to understand what they do with Skitch. 2) We gather tons of analytics on how Skitch is used - We are constantly reviewing usage data and at a glance I can see what are our top 3 tools, colors, etc. We combine both the qualitative (1) and the quan
  4. Southdowns - Can you send me the PDF in a private message. Do you know if this is an encrypted PDF? The behavior you're describing can rear its head if this is a read only or encrypted PDF.
  5. Any chance you can send me the PDF in a private message? It might be something specific to this PDF.
  6. am using Skitch Version 2.7 (263181) Yes, i am talking about pdfs attached (added) in the note itself for eg: i have a note containing 9 pdfs Yes, am talking about clicking the mark-up icon Yes, am talking about the mark-up icon only (not the quick view) like i said before - clicking on mark-up icon randomly opens the pdf in Preview Mac App, and sometimes opens it correctly in the mark-up feature RANDOM :-) No, it never opens in the mac Skitch app by randomly i mean - either Preview app or the Mark-up feature actually, i never use the mac skitch app separately since the mark-up feature i
  7. @evenoteuser - It was removed in 2.X because it was not a heavily used feature and when Skitch was rewritten for 2.x it presented some technical challenges. Fill is on our long term roadmap to bring back. We've been investigating and user testing some different concepts that would provide the same function across all of Skitch's platforms.
  8. @coachmac - Skitch syncs asynchronous when it can which means even though the spinner may stop there could be some final sync issues resolving in the background. Likewise when you quit we do a quick check to make sure there isn't any unsaved data and if so we try and sync that before the app fully quits. In both cases we do this to make the app speedier and try and ensure all data is saved.
  9. Addressing a few issues here: For those having issues with Evernote as the source for PDF markup can all (any) of you confirm the following: Are you all using Evernote 5.4.1 and Skitch 2.7? (MKP it looks like you have the right version of Evernote, but what version of Skitch are you running?)Are you marking up any PDF found in any Note, or just a PDF that says "Made in Skitch"?When you open the PDF are you just clicking on the Markup icon (Arrow, Text, and Stamp icon) or are you right clicking and selecting Skitch?@MKP - When you say you click on the icon in the PDF you mean the "Arrow, Text
  10. @rbianchi - I've let our Customer Service team know so they can reach out to you.
  11. @soundsgoodtome - On the Mac you can hold SHIFT while using the highlighter (or pen) and draw a straight line. Additionally while holding SHIFT you can rotate the shape in 45* increments.
  12. @DaveMo I've posted similar response as the this one in other threads, but I hope you'll bare with me if I'm repeating myself. We give a great deal of thought to what features are in and what features are out, or how we change features. Keith, one of the founders of Skitch, is still here and works side by side with me on Skitch as the design lead. We debate every change and every update to the app and are constantly focused on how we can work to improve the app as its audience grew (and continues to grow) from thousands to millions. The reason drop-shadows were removed was due to the techn
  13. Thanks Michael! We worked really hard on delivering what we feel is a true touch interface. Pro tip: You don't have to tap to use our tools and color/size menus. You can place a finger, or thumb (which is awesome for 1-handed use on an iPhone) and drag your finger to the tool/color/size and release to select. Try it with an object selected and you can slide your finger through color and size changes without closing and re-opening.
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