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  1. @froboy - We are aware of the bug and working on a fix. The simple work around is to enable "Show advanced options after a screen snap" and when you do a timed shot on a second screen the tools will show and you can click on the clock to start the timed shot. Right now on the second monitor Skitch is treating that as a region capture instead of a timed.
  2. @Southdowns Addressing your questions in order: I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. We have data from pre and post acquisition. We have Keith on the team as well. We have talked with plenty of users from pre and post acquisition as well. We have plenty of data to give us good insight into making decisions. As I've said before sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't. In this particular case (Fill) we know there is a group of users who would like this feature, but even when talking with that group and asked to prioritize Fill isn't as important to some as say "Image drop shadow" or "speed of use." As I've said it's important to us, and is in our backlog to address. Sure we define "Sketching" as the act of drawing on a raw canvas, and Apple's dictionary defines it as "a rough or unfinished drawing or painting, often made to assist in making a more finished picture", which is more or less the same. I agree 100% we are about annotating on top of something (even on a blank canvas), but we are not is a full fledge drawing tool ala Illustrator. We aren't a replacement even for tools like Paint on Windows. Those tools are meant for actual drawing, and while Skitch could be used that way, it'd be the same as saying I can write a book in Keynote. I could, but Keynote isn't the best tool for that purpose. It might sound like semantics, but it is a pretty important definition. Saying we're a "Sketching" tool could lead us down the path of building an app that is purely for "Sketching". Sometimes saying what we're not is as important as saying what we are. By the way Skitch does not equal "Sketch". The name actually has nothing to do with "Sketching", and as Keith has often said to me, it's been on of the biggest sources of confusion. As for you PM, I'll get back to you, the forum tool didn't update that I had a new message. I'll look for it.
  3. @Southdowns - We know because of two reasons: 1) Lots of user interviews and usability studies - We talk to users constantly (not just in the forums) and gather feedback on existing and new features all the time. There are over a million Skitch user users world-wide and try and cover a lot of ground getting in depth conversations with many of them to understand what they do with Skitch. 2) We gather tons of analytics on how Skitch is used - We are constantly reviewing usage data and at a glance I can see what are our top 3 tools, colors, etc. We combine both the qualitative (1) and the quantitative (2) data to make decisions on what we work on next, what needs to change, and (if needed) what needs to be removed from Skitch. Our goal is to make the best Skitch app that we can. This might involve change and sometimes we'll get it right and sometimes we won't. When we do, awesome; when we don't we'll look and see what we can change. Trust me when we say we aren't trying to dumb down the product, we're trying to build a great Skitch app that is very focused on being a part of people's workflow so we can help them deliver an impactful message. That might mean we streamline some aspects of our app, or enhancing others. We take a lot of risks as well, just look at Skitch iOS 3.0. Lots of major changes there that many other companies might not have been willing to make. Removing the fill tool as I said was both a decision based on gathered data (1 & 2) and also a decision that we're not a sketching tool, we're making Skitch. We want to bring the tool back, but we can't do it in a way that makes Skitch incompatible on platform. We have to figure out how to develop functionality to work on multiple platforms (Mac, iOS, Android, Win, and Web (via Clipper)), across all form factors, OSes, and constraints in order to work in 22 countries across a multitude of language constraints. So it might sound easy to "bring back a fill tool" but it isn't an easy as it sounds when you need it to just work.
  4. @evenoteuser - It was removed in 2.X because it was not a heavily used feature and when Skitch was rewritten for 2.x it presented some technical challenges. Fill is on our long term roadmap to bring back. We've been investigating and user testing some different concepts that would provide the same function across all of Skitch's platforms.
  5. @DaveMo I've posted similar response as the this one in other threads, but I hope you'll bare with me if I'm repeating myself. We give a great deal of thought to what features are in and what features are out, or how we change features. Keith, one of the founders of Skitch, is still here and works side by side with me on Skitch as the design lead. We debate every change and every update to the app and are constantly focused on how we can work to improve the app as its audience grew (and continues to grow) from thousands to millions. The reason drop-shadows were removed was due to the technical re-write and the usage of the feature. The decision as the time was spend time getting other functionality in then this feature. It is on our design board to bring back and one that all of feel is important. This feature isn't lost on us, and we aim to bring it back along with enhancing the app and adding new ones. There is no disregard for Skitch here, in fact everyone at Evernote holds it in high regard. And Keith is still here working to continue to enhance the product and move it forward. We just have a limited set of resources and want to make sure we're focusing on the right issues at the right time.
  6. Thanks Michael! We worked really hard on delivering what we feel is a true touch interface. Pro tip: You don't have to tap to use our tools and color/size menus. You can place a finger, or thumb (which is awesome for 1-handed use on an iPhone) and drag your finger to the tool/color/size and release to select. Try it with an object selected and you can slide your finger through color and size changes without closing and re-opening.
  7. @Miachel - It's still in our list, but I can't give you an ETA on when we'll have something. We've got a lot of other things in front of this feature (ex: Mavericks release) and have yet to come up with a design we are truly happy with that will deliver on what we want.
  8. @fbrose In response to arrow shapes, we appreciate your feedback, but at this time the distinctive arrow design is a core part of our Skitch brand. We may create future arrow shapes that would differ, but our core design is the curved arrow. It's part of our Skitch brand and been around since Skitch 1.0. In response to text sized to an arrow, this is something we have a plan for solving. We don't have an ETA for that feature, but we would like to make it easier to have text sized relative to other objects. If you are interested in having your shapes be a specific size relative to the background then you can set your size using the size picker and then have all shapes & text start at that size. In response to the forum image using a retina image that's actually a little more complicated. When you screen cap a Retina image Skitch captures it at full Retina resolution, which is quite larger than it appears on a Retina screen. When you save it to Evernote and then link to it you're linking to the original image source (the Retina image). Since this is by definition a large image, the forum is most likely going to display it at the original size (which is ~double what you see on a Retina screen). If your forum code allows for setting of size (usually S, M, L, Actual) then you can control the image size that way. Currently this is the only way to control the size of the image without using the Resize function in Skitch to scale down the actual image.
  9. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a way to change the key commands for Windows and Windows doesn't have a similar remapping feature like OS X. This is a known issue, but we don't have an ETA on when we'll have custom key mapping in Skitch for Windows.
  10. Just let you know this feature is still in our backlog to address.
  11. @TropicalFool - You can move any annotation by simply clicking on it to cause it to become highlighted and then dragging to a new position. Is this not working?
  12. @cellmaker - I'm not sure, but I will forward your question on to the Evernote Product Manager (I handle Skitch). That said I think you save yourself a step and simply capture the image using Evernote's built in camera. You can open a note, touch the camera icon and take 1 (or more pics) to snap into a Evernote note. This should capture your GPS data along with the note. You would then be able to attach the voice note to the same Evernote Note and have your pics and voice recorded with the same Note.
  13. Quick update: We've traced the issue back to the Skitch Helper app. It appears that while the main app will respect your defined custom key mapping helper apps like Skitch Helper are not updated by OS X. We will have to investigate an alternative way to solve this problem.
  14. We're looking into this. Might be a bug, though Skitch should respect the system-wide change.
  15. @RyanMT3 - There are some technical and design reasons why we do not allow for stamp resizing at this time. As we continue to evolve the stamp tool, we'll look into variable sizes.
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