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  1. Evernote for iOS 8.5 Released

    Hi everyone, So, how is the new version? (Besides the couple of bugs reported already). I'm still on v.8.4 and am really afraid of moving to this new update. Unfortunately, I cannot come myself to believe the updates right after its release anymore. Again, a new feature was introduced, right? This whole "Notebook" change is what it's holding me back from updating, actually. Is it worth the trouble?
  2. Evernote for Mac 6.13 Beta 3 Released

    I'm also waiting for this fix. Is there an estimated time to release this? Still on EN.6.11.b1.
  3. Color tags in note list

    Hi @DTLow I'm interested in the emoji thing. Is a simple search supposed to work for emojis on both Desktop (Mac) and iOS? How does it work currently? So far, I've never managed to get it right. For instance, I have marked some of my notes with emojis to make them easier to spot, but whenever I search for that emoji all I get is a list of all of my notes sorted by emojis in what I suppose it's by its internal number/code. Any idea?
  4. Settings Graphical Bug

    I found the same problem. Not only that but also problems when cropping images. Have you reported this to the support team?
  5. Different color for broken links

    Oh, that's true! I missed it completely. (the validation, I mean) orz
  6. Hi.I've seen there is a lot of requests for improving links and such but I guess it's not been easy to come up with a good way to implement them.My suggestion/request will come as something I expect is at least a bit quicker of doing.What about changing the color of broken links (internal) so we can recognize them at first glance? (without hovering or double clicking, etc) Maybe making it RED, which is a color well-known as "get people's attention because something's not right". It may not sound as smart as some people would expect, but at least I think it would be helpful to know that the appointed link has a problem, and hopefully faster to release? I see that EN already uses two different shades of green for links created on EN desktop and another for EN iOS (or was this distinction made for public vs private links?), also blue for external links. So, what do you all think of this solution?
  7. Evernote for Mac 6.12 GA

    Yes, I can confirm this as well. In at least 30 minutes of working on some notes I was presented with at least 2 conflicting files during my writing which is strange given I have my EN set to "Manual Sync". I tried to change it to "Sync 5 min." and back to "Manual" to see if it somehow made it work but no. As @DTLow reported, the Activity Log is showing a syncing state, even though the Sync Icon is inactive.
  8. Evernote for iOS 8.3 Released

    Hi, there. Just sharing my experience with the new version so far. As someone else @Basem mentioned, I had problems with content replacement as well. I came across it on my iPhone then I tried checking on my desktop just to confirm it. However, what I forgot was that the desktop version of EN automatically syncs upon start which caused it to replace completely on all my devices (ouch!). It's all fine because I was able to recover the previous content from the history version. And like @DTLow, it only happened for single notes.
  9. Evernote for iOS 8.2.1 Released

    Hi, @Johnathan Hebert Thank you for listening to our frustrations. I see you need more .ENEX files to check the root cause. I suppose I can try and help you at least with one more example. Here are 2 screenshots: one with 3 images in a 2x2 table (where you can see a compressed right column), and another with 2 images (table became smaller for some reason). They are both from the same .enex file. example.enex
  10. Evernote for Mac 6.11 GA

    Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem as @Will Foreman reported in his thread (that's also how I came to know there were more people sharing the same problem). So, I thought of sharing my ticket number and updating you all regarding its fix. Ticket: #2083786
  11. evernote Removing old Shared Tags (Mac)

    Good to know that the same method to get rid of the old shared tags is being used, but I didn't expect it to be so old. This entry is from 2015, and @Peter F's question was answered on Dec-2015 but so far there's been no fix (and it's 2017 already) since I've been given the same method to remove my tags. Is there any news on when this problem is going to be fixed?