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  1. Evernote Team, I just upgraded to Evernote 10.3.6 on Mac and as a paying customer, I find it extraordinarily disappointing. The app loads, the notes load, everything seems functional. However, this version seems more like a beta than a release version. The following features missing in 10.3.6 really impede my usage of the app: command-J for jumping cmd-ctrl-N to open a new Evernote window: I often keep Evernote closed until I need it, then I use this shortcut to open a window. If I do this in 10.3.6, it seems there is no way to open an Evernote window short of quitting and r
  2. +1 Not being able to change the size of the stamp is very frustrating.
  3. Hello, I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions here. I was using Chrome + Evernote Web Clipper on Yosemite, but recently switched over to Safari. I also encountered some of the ancillary issues mentioned here about the Safari clipper not working; not loading, whether CSP was the issue, etc. I wanted to briefly share my experience, in case someone else benefits from it. I sometimes clip emails from Gmail into Evernote. On my first attempt, I received the "spinning wheel of nothing." I reloaded the page, and tried again. Same thing. I reloaded the tab, enabled
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