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  1. Thanks @PinkElephant, much appreciated. I was hoping that Evernote might provide a method of doing that. comparison, but this certainly works.
  2. Has anyone encountered a note version conflict? That is to say, you're working on a note, and suddenly at the top of the screen, Evernote alerts you that it's found another version of the note you're working on? At a fundamental level, I get it - working on "cloud documents," if you've made an edit in a file from one device, and also edit it from another, and you've got two edits of the doc and neither is committed, then you have to figure out what version to keep. My question is: is there any way that Evernote can tell you what the differences are between the notes? For me, all I could figure out was to bring up both copies of notes side-by-side, and do a visual comparison. Unfortunately, this file happened to be a long running log of notes, so it was a lot of visual comparisons. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance.
  3. For Safari, you can have it running on multiple desktops/spaces. There are some similarities between Safari and the Evernote situation I'm describing, but there is a workaround. For Safari: if you have Safari open in Desktop 1, and then move to Desktop 2 and click the Safari icon in the dock, you will be taken back to Desktop 1. Workaround: Move to Desktop 2, alt-tab to select Safari, and then hit command-N, which will open a new browser window in desktop 2. That's the solution required for Evernote. The maddening thing about the new Evernote is that there is no option to "Create New Evernote Window." We are limited to having one Evernote window open at any given time, which is mind-bogglingly frustrating.
  4. Setup: macOS Big Sur (11.2.1) with multiple desktops (or Spaces, visible via Mission Control). Evernote 10.14.7 (but really any recent version of Evernote). Scenario: Evernote was open on Desktop 1. I close the Evernote window. I move over to Desktop 2. Using the Evernote icon in the menu bar, I click the icon with the arrow pointing to the top-right, "Open Evernote." What I expect: Evernote window should open in Desktop 2. Or, whatever desktop I am currently viewing at the moment I click "Open Evernote." What actually happens: MacOS switches over to Desktop 1, and opens Evernote. Is there a setting to have Evernote open a window in the Desktop/Space you're actually viewing, instead of opening Evernote in the last space where it remembers being used? For that matter, will it be possible to have more than one Evernote window open at a time, like in the old days? Thank you
  5. Command-J was probably my most often-used shortcut, and to have it missing for such a long period of time was rather excruciating. It is puzzling why this was prioritized for implementation so late in the game, given how powerful it is. I am glad it is back.
  6. Evernote Team, I just upgraded to Evernote 10.3.6 on Mac and as a paying customer, I find it extraordinarily disappointing. The app loads, the notes load, everything seems functional. However, this version seems more like a beta than a release version. The following features missing in 10.3.6 really impede my usage of the app: command-J for jumping cmd-ctrl-N to open a new Evernote window: I often keep Evernote closed until I need it, then I use this shortcut to open a window. If I do this in 10.3.6, it seems there is no way to open an Evernote window short of quitting and restarting the app. command-ctrl-F for search. Searching should be a core feature and should only require a two-letter shortcut command. I was at least able to find the following support article which shows the status of keyboard shortcuts: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313358 Please restore / correct these features, thanks for reading.
  7. +1 Not being able to change the size of the stamp is very frustrating.
  8. Hello, I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions here. I was using Chrome + Evernote Web Clipper on Yosemite, but recently switched over to Safari. I also encountered some of the ancillary issues mentioned here about the Safari clipper not working; not loading, whether CSP was the issue, etc. I wanted to briefly share my experience, in case someone else benefits from it. I sometimes clip emails from Gmail into Evernote. On my first attempt, I received the "spinning wheel of nothing." I reloaded the page, and tried again. Same thing. I reloaded the tab, enabled the Error Console via Safari's Developer menu, and tried again. I received a number of errors related to font files, as was mentioned in another message. Very bizarre. I have multiple Gmail accounts, so I tried clipping an email from another account. To my surprise, the email clipped. I went back to the first Gmail account, tried again. Spinning circle. Instead of reloading the tab with the troublesome Gmail account, I closed its tab and opened a new tab, to load the account. Success! Emails can now be clipped. Note: In between these debugging sessions, I started / restarted Safari numerous times to reload the existing tabs. It seems to me like the Gmail tab that was giving me difficulty had some sort of information it was reloading on ever browser restart.
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