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Nick L.

Evernote for Android 8.12

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Hi folks, 

We are now slowly rolling out Evernote for Android 8.12 to our users. If you haven't seen the update in the Google Play Store yet, you will see it coming in the next few days. 


  • The Create Notebook dialog and keyboard no longer disappear when you rotate your device while using dark theme. 
  • When you try to change settings from the 4x2 widget, the passcode lock screen no longer appears twice.

Enjoy and please let us know if you have feedback. 

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Thanks, @Nick L.. I don't often gripe about what updates cover, but.... Maybe those were just the low-hanging fruit, but they don't sound like problems affecting lots of users in lots of situations. I could well be wrong about that, of course. But I sure hope this one gets fixed in 8.13:

And this one:


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Could you update the version of Evernote available to Amazon Fire tablet users? I know that Fire OS is a forked version of Android but it is at its core Android Nougat so the app will work on Fire tablets. The only issue will likely be around IAP (In App Purchasing) of Evernote subscriptions. Either change that script to make it work or remove it on Fire tablets and then it'll be golden! Please!

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After this update i cannot open anymore any of home screen shortcuts. Evernote opens up, but it stays on whatever note/location it was before.

Step by step:

  1. Create a shortcut on your home screen to your note.
  2. Navigate back to evernote and open any other note.
  3. Go back to home screen, open the schortcut.
  4. Evernote opens up, but it's on the other note.

The same issue exists for the previously created schortucts, and the ones newly created after the update.

The workaround is to close Evernote before opening the schortcut. Now Evernote will open the correct note, but it's time consuming to find Evernote between all the apps and close it.


This is a huge thing for me, because I have 12 schortucts on my home screen and I use them multiple times a day :(

P.S. Evernote asks for passcode in my case, and after that it doesn't ask for 1 hour. However, it always works incorrectly even if passcode was entered already in that hour. Thought, it's worth to mention since that's one of the changes in the release.

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I'm also on the latest version of the Android app, and I have shortcuts on my home screen. I've tested, and I'm not having the problem. The easiest solutions for most mobile Evernote issues are: FIRST DO A MANUAL SYNC!; then (1) turn off the phone and restart it; (2) if that doesn't fix the problem, temporarily change any offline notebooks to regular synced notebooks, do another sync, then uninstall Evernote, reinstall it, and wait for it to download the information it needs. If that doesn't work, then since you've got a Premium subscription you might want to contact Evernote support: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

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I encountered a rather unusual situation when doing a search: when taping on a particular search result, I found a note with the title of one note and the body of a completely unrelated note!  I thought I had lost both notes through corruption or something, but I noticed that the Windows version had the correct note.  After trying many things (clearly the cache, making notebooks online only again, etc), I was only able to fix the problem by completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

This is rather disturbing because sometimes opening a note sets it in a edited state, whether I want it or not, thus risking making a change permanent if I move around too quickly.

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