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  1. The new Web client v6.6.0 isnt showing any of my notes but when i switch to the old version all of my notes are safely there just as they are on my iOS devices and on my Mac. Any ideas or anyone else experiencing this? I've raised a ticket.
  2. Hi, If you go to Notebook view on the new web client and select the three dots there is an add to stack option including the option to create a new one.
  3. You can press this button to collapse the sidebar in the current web beta.
  4. There is a 'Share Note' feature in the new web client (I'm on v6.6.0) which allows you to make a shareable link orinvite others via email where the recipient can be configured to "Can edit and invite", "Can edit" and "Can view".
  5. I'm running Chrome v80 as well so that seems to perhaps be why we're on the later Evernote web beta. I've signed up for the iOS beta program as well and hope that I can start working with that too.
  6. The nested tags I'm running on web v6.4.1 are brilliant. The display of content is brilliant too and you can filter for reminders now. If the iOS clients work like this I'll be a happy customer.
  7. You should be really proud of this app as it's a game changer for journalling and integrating with Evernote. The ease of use is brilliant and making something easy and simple to use is so much harder for the developer.
  8. Can I just confirm that journal entries aren’t stored on a server other than Evernote? I downloaded the app today and it’s brilliant!
  9. Could you update the version of Evernote available to Amazon Fire tablet users? I know that Fire OS is a forked version of Android but it is at its core Android Nougat so the app will work on Fire tablets. The only issue will likely be around IAP (In App Purchasing) of Evernote subscriptions. Either change that script to make it work or remove it on Fire tablets and then it'll be golden! Please!
  10. Here is the Applet I found earlier. Once you create a recurring reminder for one task, open it to configure is and at the bottom you'll see the option to 'start' creating your own version. This allows you to start making another recurring reminder. Rinse and repeat as required. https://ifttt.com/applets/131277p-create-recurring-reminders-in-evernote
  11. I've started using an IFTTT applet that allows you to create recurring items. It means you have to create an applet for each task in IFTTT but at least you do it once and can then forget about it.
  12. Recurring reminders are such a basic yet vital requirement in organisational software. Google Keep, Outlook Tasks, iOS Reminders etc all have these functions. For me the whole point of moving to Evernote is to simplify my life and organisational software. There are some tasks that i need to recur and sadly, for now, Evernote isn't able to fulfill this need. Over the years, I've seen this feature request come up dozens of times and I can't believe that Evernote staff themselves haven't wanted it for themselves.
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