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  1. I find that I have to use the desktop app every so often. For one, it's faster at changing text formatting thanks to the mouse. The iOS app lacks the ability to merge multiple notes and you also can't select multiple notes. The recent move to v10 is supposed to be something which allows Evernote to unify all the platforms and their functions. Fingers crossed.
  2. I’m in the beta program on another iOS device but the latest version available there is 10.7….so I can’t check if a 10.9.1 or a 10.10 fixes it. At least home picture banner changes “stick” now.
  3. Drat, support said that they’d fixed this in the next version when I flagged it.
  4. Works fine on a MacBook Pro mid 2012 👍🏻
  5. If I delete a note it briefly disappears and then reappears in the 'All Notes' section but the notebook has changed from whichever one it was in to 'trash'. Is there a way to stop 'All Notes' showing what is in the trash?
  6. I'm running 10.8.2 and any change of the home screen background image doesn't 'stick'. Also, scrolling produces horrible "redraws" on all pictures or note titles. Both issues flagged to the support team but if others have the same please let them know.
  7. I emailed the team with my receipt email when this happened to me. They contacted me in 3hrs confirming they'd fixed it and upped my upload limit to 20GB for one month to say sorry. Brilliant help!
  8. I've raised a ticket with them on Twitter and have sent them a screen recording of it. I do get a bit frustrated that we are paying to beta test some functionality. Don't even start me on the fact that I've paid for 6 months of Premium and haven't had the long promised "Coming Back Soon - Apple Watch support".
  9. Yes, it goes through the motions but doesn’t stick the landing
  10. As far as exporting to an Apple ecosystem, Bear is a good option with the apple CloudKit behind it and good export options.
  11. The support team have confirmed that this is a known issue which is to be fixed in an update. Hopefully an x.x.1 update rather than an x.1 which always take longer.
  12. That is one area where Apple haven't caught up. Their export function is getting a user to laboriously copy and paste really. I use Apple devices mostly but I've got an Evernote account as it was the service back in the day. There are others which have caught up, like Apple Notes, in terms of regular use but Evernote is still in front with search, result highlighting, OCR and web functionality. After a couple of stagnant years, it feels as if EN is finally innovating again.
  13. Is this in the iOS iCloud settings? Mine is automatically switched on but looking at my iCloud storage there is nothing being stored there. I am guessing it is so you can add documents from your iCloud drive?
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