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  1. We can embed YouTube videos and watch them within EN...is there a way to do the same with personal videos you add to a note? I often attach videos from family days out to my EN journal, and having them play inline would be so much better!
  2. I think v10 has been really good. Yes, there are functions that still haven't made it across the void from Legacy to v10 (Apple Watch support....I'm looking at you!) However, having a much more consistent UI on all platforms makes a big difference. It's also great to have much more regular app updates once again after nearly 2 years of darkness. The time in limbo made me wonder if I should jump ship (I tried every other alternative and none came close to EN) but I am glad I stayed.
  3. Tasks does work, but the single Tasks overview panel from the left hand column is for Personal and Professional tiers only. I wound up contacting support and getting them to move me from my Premium tier across to Personal. My account hadn't been migrated to the newer billing system which meant the upgrade options were broken.
  4. I have tried to get this IFTTT recipe to work a few times since I started using Day One - never managed it. I run into the same issue. Everything is wired up and connected properly, but something prevents the data passing across. This has happened under Day One v3+ (they're now on v6.6) and on Evernote legacy too. If you do manage to get it working, please let me know what you did!
  5. The upgrade process seems a bit broken. I raised a similar issue with the chat support team. They took a look and could see that something wasn't right, but needed a higher level of support team to rectify it. In the end the head of the billing team worked their magic and fixed it. It seems my account hadn't been ported to the new billing system that the new packages use. Your issue may be the same. Drop them an email and see.
  6. Watch the flood gates on this one now where Evernote start seeing devices eligible to run the latest v10 suddenly start using the legacy version. 😄
  7. Do we think there will there be an option on the web, android or iOS clients to merge notes? Currently this seems to only be possible on Windows/Mac clients. In this supposed post-PC era, I'd have hoped that this function would be part of the other platforms by now. Use case for me is that apart from my work laptop, our house runs on mobile devices - our MacBook Pro is 'not long for this world' after many years of faithful service, and the iPhones and iPads have all but replaced it anyway.
  8. I raised a ticket with support and they've emailed me to confirm that they have replicated it in their tests too. They are actively working on a fix for it, but don't have an ETA for its release.
  9. Interesting that as a former 'Plus' subscriber I can still select that in my iOS subscriptions section for £23. The price there for Premium has changed from £44.99 up to £54.99 If I log on to my account on the Evernote website I can extend my Premium subscription for £44.99 Looks like you can 'shop around' in the app and sites and potentially get the same level for a lower price.
  10. Same issue here on both iOS and iPadOS running all new versions of the apps.
  11. Experiencing this bug as well. Force quiting the app and relaunching on iOS seems to sort it. Wonder if the note protection feature is being 'too keen' and needs a stern talking to?
  12. So my reading of it is - it's not going to cost me more than I'm already paying, I'll be receiving more functionality and some of the previous features will likely return but work better than they ever did on legacy......what's not to like?
  13. I find that I have to use the desktop app every so often. For one, it's faster at changing text formatting thanks to the mouse. The iOS app lacks the ability to merge multiple notes and you also can't select multiple notes. The recent move to v10 is supposed to be something which allows Evernote to unify all the platforms and their functions. Fingers crossed.
  14. I’m in the beta program on another iOS device but the latest version available there is 10.7….so I can’t check if a 10.9.1 or a 10.10 fixes it. At least home picture banner changes “stick” now.
  15. Drat, support said that they’d fixed this in the next version when I flagged it.
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