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  1. No. Well I can't imagine how bad it was when it launched, but today it is terrible - well, at least it is terrible at doing the one thing that I use it for every day - saving website links, eg. news articles, into a special folder for later reading. I call this folder "Reading List". It is not the folder I want to save regular notes to, that one is called "Main Notebook". But it seems that in the new version, you cannot define a web clip folder anymore. What used to take me 5 steps now takes 15 steps! Obviously - please let me know if there is any way to speed up this workflow that I'm unaware of... Web clipper in version 8 Tap browser's Share button Select EN as the share EN opens note with plain text link in the correct notebook (Reading List). Add a space to convert it to a clickable link Add any extra text to note at the same time (eg. "article about invertebrates, good photos") Tap the confirmation tick/arrow twice in EN to save and automatically return to browser. Web clipper in version 10 Tap browser's Share button Select EN as the share Because a notebook for shares cannot be preset, tap the default notebook's name in the popup Scroll all the way down down the list to find Reading List Tap on Reading List Tap the green arrow next to Select Notebook Tap Save Now it annoyingly returns to the browser automatically, so I need to manually open EN to delete the completely unwanted/unwelcome web clip and add any extra text to the note! Once back in EN, tap to open the new note Tap Edit To remove the web clip, tap and hold 'Web Clip' Tap backspace on keyboard to delete web clip Add my extra text to note Tap the green tick in EN to save Tap twice on the phone's Apps button in the navigation bar to return to the browser After all this time and effort, I need a cuppa after saving every web share! 🍵😬 EDIT: Another issue - At first I thought it neat how the shared URL now occupies its own space in the new version, rather than in the body text... but it seems URL cannot be edited! It can be done on the PC, but not in Android. That's annoying because when a shared URL contains a lot of unnecessary guff at the end (Facebook references and the like) I like to get rid of those before saving the note.
  2. Thank you 👌 I hadn't thought to look at the Passcode page. Just deselecting 'Unlock with biometrics' actually forced the use of the passcode. So I had to deselect 'Require Passcode' too. Now it unlocks without either, which is fine for my purposes (though the added functionality of the old app whereby a fingerprint timeout period could be specified, would be nice). Interestingly, even though one can keep 'Unlock with biometrics' enabled while 'Require passcode' is disabled, it doesn't ask for the fingerprint under those conditions.
  3. OK so since my hand has been forced, I've yesterday taken the plunge and updated to the latest PC and Android versions. And while the sky hasn't completely fallen, the user experience in the Android app certainly leaves a lot to be desired. But hopefully it could just be because the UI is so bad that I simply haven't been able to figure out how to configure it... Gone is the clean look, and how it quickly opened directly to my notes list... instead it opens to a cluttered page where I need to click "NOTES" to see my notes. Okay, so one extra tap, not a biggie. My major beef is that I can't figure out how to disable fingerprint. Every time, even if I switch to another window and then back again immediately, I need to unlock with fingerprint again! I actually raised a support issue about this to ask how to set the timeout (the old app had selectable timeout, which I'd set to 15 minutes) - they said it can't be done!! Surely there must be some way to disable it entirely though? I need a fingerprint to unlock my device, so for an app to enforce biometrics against my wishes once I've already unlocked my phone is just plain ridiculous. If there is a way to disable this, I haven't been able to find it? I also can't figure out how to disable web clipping when sharing a URL from a browser - all I want in the note is the URL, not the entire web page! Or how to set a default notebook when sharing a URL from a browser eg. I want my links to go into my Links folder - in the old app I was able to set the default notebook to Links and it would remember it, in the new version it seems to always want to put them into the main notebook and I can't work out how to change it? And where has the persistent notification gone - I was previously able to make quick notes directly from the Android pulldown notification shade - now it seems one needs to unlock the phone, tap the app or widget, then the annoying fingerprint, and finally get typing! Please tell me there's a quicker way to do this!? And what happened to being able to long-press a note to be able to delete it? Now you need to open the note and choose to delete it from the menu. Okay, this next is a little off-topic, as I opened this discussion to pertain only to the Android app. But there is pertinence as both had to be updated. Anyway thankfully so far my experience with the PC version is better than with the Android app. In fact I only have one beef (so far, haha). All of the note text is dark grey! Apart from note titles, which are black. I tried changing text from Auto to black, but it made no difference - apparently in this new version, "grey is the new black"... If it can display note titles in black, then why not the body text? I find the lack of contrast a huge distraction. I HATE grey text, which seems to have become fashionable on websites lately. Grrrr.
  4. After a few months of not seeing the banner, either in the Android app or on the PC, the legacy versions are now popping up a new banner, this time giving a definite cutoff date: "We're removing this version of Evernote on March 20, 2024. You must install the latest version to keep using the app." So the writing is definitely on the wall now, loud and clear.
  5. They said they are using the free version, so that is the implication, since it's limited to 50 notes, 1 notebook on one device only. Off topic, but Evernote website is currently showing a popup when not logged in, 50% off, ends in a few hours. Once logged in, you don't see the offer anymore. Really pees me off when faithful long term customers like us effectively get taxed/penalised like this.
  6. Hi, I know this will jinx it but... just thought I'd pop back on to comment that I haven't seen the banner for ages in either the Android app (I'm still using v8.13.3) or the Legacy Windows client (v6.25.2.9198). I wonder if they have relented and are not going to discontinue them as soon as they originally intended? Off topic, but I was less happy about hearing from them a few days ago advising that my Personal Plan price of AU$89.99 will be increasing to AU$159.99 on renewal next month - that's almost a 78% increase! Is this consistent with the price rise elsewhere in the world? I ask because when Google increased their Google Workspace pricing a few years back, U.S. users only got a 20% increase, but us poor Aussies got slugged with a 68% increase! Google conveniently blamed the exchange rate.
  7. Oh, I feel for them 🙄 Sorry but I can't add any more than I said above. I'll upgrade when forced, but I reject the suggestion that my choice to do this is in any way making "all users suffer".
  8. How is my choice to use EN Legacy making all other users suffer? Sorry but I feel you surely must be overstating this by several orders of magnitude. I can understand how outdated software might be more prone to security issues, but making all other users suffer? I don't get that.
  9. Just FYI, today I am now receiving the same notice as a banner at the top of EN Legacy on my PC. I expect it won't be long before they both stop functioning.
  10. I'm curious to know how you managed to update EN on an Android 9 device. I thought we'd established that Android 6-9 cannot update EN past version 8.13.3?
  11. Yes and as @Dave-in-Decatur said, the post is drifting. Thank you everyone for your comments, we haven't reached a solution as such but I'm satisfied that there isn't really one. I'd rather stick with the version 8 app that I know and am familiar with but I accept that one day I might just have to upgrade... I installed Obsidian on suggestion above of @The IT Solutionist - haven't yet been able to make head nor tail of it, so I think the learning curve might be a bit steep.
  12. @Dave-in-Decatur I do remember the Incomprehensible Note Locks thread well - in fact it was me who found the solution (clear app's cache and storage). Fun times! Thankfully I've not had that issue in over three years now 🤞
  13. Thanks for this, @Alxa, that's good to know - I guess I'll play it safe then, I won't try out v10 until actually forced to at point of [Evernote]death! Interestingly on my Android 9 device EN complains that it can't sync just one note - a very small one from years ago. No probs on the Android 13 device. Maybe such anomalies will start to happen more often - but then again, it could just be that the poor overloaded old phone needs a factory reset, as it's really struggling in general!
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