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  1. Welcome, @Osensnolf. You didn't mention whether you too are using StickyPassword? As this issue seems to be due to a conflict between EN and other program(s), it would be helpful if you could go through the following procedure to find out which of your programs is conflicting with EN. If you manage to pin one down, please post back here as it may help others who are having this issue! The procedure is a process of elimination: First, disable everything from Task Manager's Start-up tab, then check to see if the issue is resolved. Assuming that resolves the issue, add back half of the disabled items, then re-check EN. (But if disabling everything doesn't resolve the issue, then I'm out of ideas) Eventually you'll be able to narrow it down to the program that's conflicting with EN by adding/removing programs till you find which one is the culprit
  2. You're very welcome @Farne! @PinkElephant, for the record, here is the list of all the things I tried that didn't work for me, although some of these have worked for others in other threads who have had similar issues: Turned off automatic Sync Set Automatically save edited note to 300 seconds, no Context Tried using EN offline Downgraded PC's BIOS (as I had upgraded it about the time this started happening) Upgraded EN to latest version Upgraded Win 10 from Home to Pro Optimized Database under the Help menu (press Help while holding the Ctrl-key) - if anything, this made it worse! Removed the EN Web Clipper extension from Chrome Deleted the shortcut to Evernote Clipper from C:\Users\Ralph\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Tried deleting C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\EvernoteClipper.exe but it was re-created next time EN started up Disabled "Show Clipping Notifications" Disabled Hardware Acceleration Disabled Windows Defender 'Control Flow Guard' (CFG) per advice in https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110116-en-extremely-slow-after-win-10-fall-creators-update-solved/ And finally... Logged in to Windows from a Test account instead of my main account - this fixed it, proving that the issue must be a program or background process that's only running in the main account Back in the main account, disabled everything in Task manager's Start-up tab - this fixed it, so then a process of elimination was required to isolate the program causing it (Sticky Password)
  3. It was indeed. I'd really be intrigued to find out what other programs also make EN freeze too... but for me, it was just Sticky Password. I also have another program that has started to freeze from time to time, but mainly on start-up (Act! version 6) so my hopes were high that excluding it from SP would fix that too, but alas, 'twas not to be. Who knows, but I reckon these things could possibly be caused by miscellaneous Windows updates, in which case they may only affect users with certain configurations, 3rd party programs and/or Windows sub-versions - making the cause almost impossible to trace. Just a theory though.
  4. Thanks @PinkElephant and hi @Farne, yes the fix is very easy. There is a tweak in SP settings that allows for the exclusion of any executables you want, so I excluded all of the .exe files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote With Sticky Password unlocked, right-click the tray icon and click Open Sticky Password. From the drop-down menu in the top right corner, click Settings. On the left hand side, click Ignored Apps. Click "+ Add" and browse to your Sticky Password folder, which is probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote There you will be able to select the eight executable files, but you need to do one at a time as it won't let you select multiple files at once. Click Save, and you're done! Finally, kindly report back here to confirm that this worked for you?
  5. Ha, no probs at all! Just a quick update - it's now been 24 days since I excluded the Sticky Password executables from EN, and I've had no freezing at all. In my case at least, I'd say the issue is fixed.
  6. And by "Portable", I assume this meant it could be easily transported, as long as you had access to a mule train... 🤣 It's been 7 days since I excluded Sticky Password's executable files from being accessible by EN, and in that time I have not experienced any more freezing. I would love to hear some theories from the more experienced techies here - looking at all you Level 5s 😉 - as to what part of another program could affect EN in this way? Obviously not everyone who has this issue is a Sticky Password user, but I'm willing to lay $ on the table that there is some common aspect in this freezing issue, and that it probably lies in the way other programs are accidentally interacting with a part of EN's code.
  7. I'd venture that the reason for this is because it was decided at that time to host it on Google+ instead, and all further Android beta discussion has been there - up until a few weeks ago, when the owner and mods just seemed to disappear without a trace... So it seems to me the time has come to move it back here, where it all started!
  8. Thanks for trying this. Just to clarify: with regard to this "shut-down", I take it you are referring to a freeze affecting only EN, correct? (Rather than an EN crash, as has been discussed briefly further up ^ there; or a complete PC freeze.) If it's the type of freeze I'm getting, I have never had one last a few minutes, in fact never longer than about 20 seconds, and any typing into EN I do during the freeze appears when it unfreezes, so it's not a complete application freeze in the usual sense, but some sort of a freeze of the video if that makes sense.
  9. @jefito Sounds like a good idea to move it then, but I'll leave it to the OP @John in Michigan USA to decide...
  10. I'm giving this topic a nudge again because, although @charboyd's answer was spot on back in November 2015, now that Google is closing down Google+ (and also bearing in mind the fact that the Google+ Android Beta Community has been abandoned by EN for several months now - the only recent posts there have been from loyal beta community members) I'd like to know what the 'new guard' at EN have in mind for rebooting the Android Beta testers group? Eg. will it be hosted here on the general EN discussion forum, or perhaps on one of the many other discussion platforms available instead? Personally, I'd like to see it here, as in my opinion this platform works well.
  11. I can't see a way to Like/Vote this topic up, but anyway, I'd like to second that. The G+ Android Beta community has had a lot of loyal and dedicated users over the last few years! I dare say though, that even though it's possible for G+ Community Owners to download and save their content, getting it back up online in a readable format would no doubt be an onerous task. Bearing that in mind I'd like to ask EN what plans you have for rebooting Android Beta testing, which has been neglected over the last few months - however I will post this here... ... which although the topic has been dormant since November 2015 (when the answer was "it's in our Google+ Community") now requires a more up to date answer!
  12. No probs at all @gazumped - I understand how 'life can get in the way' sometimes!
  13. Sticky Password support have no knowledge of any issues affecting EN, but they did point me to a tweak in SP settings that allows for the exclusion of any executables you want, so I've excluded all 7 .exe files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote and so far... (early days yet)... EN seems to be running fine. I'll keep using as normal and monitor over the next week or so. Working on the assumption that the freeze issue is caused by a background process, it seems that whatever this background process is, the same process is used by different programs (in my case, presumably Sticky Password). I'm not technical, but perhaps it would a reasonable assumption that this process could be something reasonably common to many programs, eg. maybe the .NET framework, or whatever? @gazumped whenever you have time, it would be great if you could use the same process of elimination - firstly disabling everything from Task Manager's Start-up tab to see if it resolves the issue? And assuming it does, to add back half of them, re-test, etc etc.
  14. OK, I've been able to confirm that when running Sticky Password in the background, EN freezes from time to time - even in my Test account in Windows. This is significant because until trying this, nothing would make EN freeze in the Test account. I'm therefore reasonably certain that this is the cause, at least in my case. The first I noticed EN freezing was around 30/31 December, which was at least 10 days after the Sticky Password update to Build - quite a long time not to have noticed any freeze, but then again I'm only a light EN user so I simply may not have encountered one. I've opened a support ticket with Sticky Password to as if they know about any issue, and asking how to downgrade to an earlier version. @gazumped I don't suppose you use Sticky Password? Or have a Realtek sound card?
  15. As far as I can tell, the main culprit appears to be my password manager, Sticky Password. So far (and I emphasize so far) as long as I don't have it open in the background, I don't get freezing in EN. After I start Sticky Password, eventually I'll get a freeze of at least 10 seconds. To a lesser extent, there's a possibility my Realtek Semiconductor audio may be causing minor issues lasting only a few seconds. The laptop comes with "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and "HD Audio Background Process" enabled in Start-up by default. This one is trickier to reproduce though, and so far I have not been able to reproduce a freeze at all in the Test account even with Realtek running. I have not yet tried running Sticky Password in the Test account. That will be a test for tomorrow...
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