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  1. Don Dz's post in Remember Navigation Pane view was marked as the answer   
    Set it up the way you want to see it, then close the program via the menu File/Exit.  It should be fixed when you run EN again.
  2. Don Dz's post in The longer my note is, the slower the performance gets was marked as the answer   
    Hmm, not sure about number of words, but I notice little to no slowdown in notes from 3 to 28 megabytes, with graphics &, tables, even PDF notes get only somewhat slower.
    But I have a number of notes copied from the internet, 1 megabyte or less in size, but they are copies of heavily formatted pages, one of them is from a Facebook page.  Those notes are very slow to display.
    In general, I find information I copy from the web with formatting preserved, may go from slightly slower to very slow, so I usually strip things up when I can, unless the formatting is important. 
    It may also happen if the note has errors, in such cases I rebuild the note, just in case.
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