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  1. Options-Shortcut keys-Restore Defaults.
  2. If your needs are more modest, the Boox Nova Pro is cheaper and smaller, with similar configuration (no built in speakers though). And it has a front light. But if you prefer the size of the Note, the Note Pro has a front light and twice the storage, if those features matters to you. They matter to me, but I already have the original Note.
  3. If you can afford it, I would recommend one of the DASUNG e-ink monitors over the e-ink ereaders, because Evernote for desktop OS is superior in every way to the mobile versions, which have many shortcomings compared to the desktop versions. Another reason is that the DASUNG monitors have hardware contrast adjustments, which can be automated per program with their software. On the Android devices I have seen, if there is any adjustment at all, it is software based, and often doesn't work with some apps.
  4. The Boox Note is definitely worth it for its own sake (there are now several versions of the Note, some with a backlight! and some physically smaller as well), but there are issues with Evernote, as discussed on the topic link below. You could try to investigate whether one of the following recent e-ink Android tablets has the problem or not: the new DASUNG ”Not-eReader”, the Likebook Mars e-ink Android tablet, and the E-Pad; all seem to have the same Android 6 version though. I am quite disappointed with EN Android support's dismissive attitude regarding this issue. Quite a contrast with EN Windows support, which are very professional and helpful as a rule.
  5. Well, aside from whether I related what took place in the most accurate way, I am guessing that since you did not address my comment about the reminder view specifically, it must not have been present, whatever I thought I saw in the note list at the time.
  6. I could be mistaken, but I am fairly certain I saw that view in the recent beta 2 on the side list (I believe it went away after they had to do some major surgery for the current beta 3, see the discussion), maybe they will bring it back eventually. Unless I was just seeing things . . .
  7. Has anyone encountered a situation where an encrypted note became an image that cannot be converted, while editing? So far this has happened to me only once, in the most current beta 3. (I posted this on the beta discussion, I just figured most people do not read the beta forum, and it is possible this bug might not be caused by the beta).
  8. Has anyone encountered a situation where an encrypted note became an image that cannot be converted, while editing? So far this has happened to me only once, in the most current beta 3.
  9. I understand. I said it seems buggy because I used the same Tahoma font in the Windows client when I got different results for the very same emoji. Tahoma was the previous default so I got used to it, I don't know if the current default is considered more stable.
  10. Oops, sorry, you are correct about no color in titles and lists. However, your example appears to show no color in the note body for the green check mark (:heavy_check_mark:), that I do see in color. Also, I got it to display in title by itself (in blue, system maybe?), but as soon as I added something else, it became a box. Rather than not implemented, it seems buggy.
  11. They are in color in Win10 already, but not in Win7, I suspect this is not likely to change now that Microsoft is dropping Win7 support soon.
  12. I would recommend the free utility Shutup10, seems well supported: https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 It can silence Cortana and many other Win10 features, easy to use & highly configurable.
  13. The problems I previously mentioned are apparently no longer present, except the Reminder link on the Note list is again not visible, not sure if this is a beta feature, I did check options just to be sure.
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