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  1. When I still had access to the other computer, I found all the changes synced fine, but I found that whenever I deleted a note from my end, it would reappear on the other end and end up synced back to my computer anyway. Initially I was apparently able to change the notebook, but eventually it became frozen from my end (running "fix selected notes" on the shared notebook did not help). It apparently happened after I created a duplicate backup of the shared notebook on my computer to preserve the data in case it got deleted from the other computer.
  2. Normally if the view is set to a specific notebook, newly created notes would be placed there instead on in the default one. This did not happen too often before the bug, but often enough that I think my suggestion to give the user the option to disable it has merit. The bug described in detail on the link above exacerbates the problem exponentially, and even though the problem is still not huge, it becomes huge when the "wrong" notebook is a shared one, since it cannot be altered from my end for some reason. I created the original shared notebook myself while visiting relatives, but I no longer have access to that computer to fix the problem from that end, and the owner of that computer is is not familiar with Evernote and not terribly computer savvy. The black tags at the top of this topic mention some of what you are asking.
  3. Hi, this must have been discussed already, but I could not find it by searching: We have the option to uncheck "Assign selected tags to new notes". I am requesting the similar checkbox option "Assign selected notebook to new notes" (so the feature can be disabled by the user). The original motivation for this request was the bug below, but when/if the bug is fixed, it would still be nice to not have new notes created away from the default notebook without noticing, especially if the notebook accidentally selected is shared, which cannot be modified even with editing privileges, for some reason.
  4. This previously reported problem, which is still present, was causing a minor annoyance when I created a new note in the wrong notebook since I did not notice the view had changed. But now that I am working with shared notebooks, it is causing a major problem: if I accidentally create a note in a shared notebook, I cannot change the notebook back (it is locked), nor can I delete the note, even though I have full editing privileges. Please fix the bug below, it is too problematic.
  5. Hitting All Notes or F6 doesn't take you back to the last note you were working on, which it's not hidden, just moved away from unnecessarily in the note list, that would be the bug I think.
  6. Is it possible your view changes from all notes to a notebook view without your realizing it? See the following unresolved bug report to understand what I mean:
  7. Thanks, I hadn't noticed before that it was there. I wonder if there are other little known MsWord shortcuts/hotkeys that work in Evernote, aside from standard wordprocessing keys we all use.
  8. Thanks for the great tip. Just a question: what does the F4 key do by itself? I was unable to locate an explanation in the Help page for Keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows, or in the program menu choices.
  9. Have you tried emoji arrows? Most of the ones from this link work: https://gist.github.com/rxaviers/7360908
  10. It seems you are concerned about keyboard navigation. Here is a brief list of how certain keys behave in Evernote, for navigation purposes, which I have collected from the forums: F2 changes the focus to the title, from the body, tags, Note List, or Search Notes, and also from anywhere in the left panel if pressed twice. F3 changes the focus to the tags, from title, body, Note list, Search Notes, or left panel. Tab will move the focus forwards from the Left Panel to Search Notes, Note List, Title, ending at the Body. Shift tab will cycle back between Title, Note List, Search Notes, Left Panel, and back to the Title, in a loop. I hope this is of some help.
  11. I never heard of mentioning a lingering bug on different versions being cross posting. I created the linked topic precisely so it could be pointed to without repeating the whole discussion on the topic. This is what I have observed others doing in reporting bugs for years. Sorry that I never noticed your objecting this practice till now. I think I will simply wait until staff offers a better explanation on how to apply that rule, before deciding that a practice which seems well established is against the rules.
  12. I know you guys already know, but just to remind, since it is a very recent issue:
  13. As far as a I can tell, the note link follow issue when the tag/reminder search doesn't match appears fixed, thanks. The somewhat similar issue below is still present.
  14. Support has acknowledged my report, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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