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  1. Don Dz

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    Possible bug: While importing a bunch of old notes from another program (FlashNote) using Ctrl-Alt-V, I observed that many of them were imported with font size 10, instead of 14 which I have as default. I said possible, because it doesn't always happen, but it seems to have gone away when I set the title font from 10 to 14 also. If I am correct, then maybe the title setting maybe affecting the regular note setting in some way. It could be an issue unique to Flashnote, but Flashnote has no formatting for notes. I wonder whether anyone else observed this behavior.
  2. Do you mean copy is automatic with that code?
  3. Using AutoHotkey, entering two short characters (either qq or qv) gives me the desired search (after first copying the search string) . This is is the code I use: :*:qq::intitle:^v :*:qv::intitle:"^v"
  4. Got it, though in that case there would be no editable content to view within Evernote. Which is what I usually use tables for.
  5. True, creating the table first doesn't remove the first extra space, but it can remove the second under some circumstances.
  6. Funny you mention Word, I have found pasting from Word can sometimes make my notes go quite crazy, get stuck, become uneditable, unexpected behaviors, etc. I only use it if I am confident I will not try to edit the result again, especially when cleaning up web data.
  7. Have you tried the solutions shared by RavBoy? I find they do indeed allow for the removal of the extra space to remain. Per my picture example, the result is not a snug fit (at least not in Windows), but the extra space is reduced by a full line, by half basically. The result looks even better in iOS and Android. I am satisfied with both the result, and how easy it is to implement it, even if no one else is. Evernote sometimes takes years (literally) to fix some problems, so I welcome any partial solutions now.
  8. Wow, thanks, this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for! The second workaround works well, the first sometimes fails, probably because of the bug that makes a brand new note not be able to accept a table. I also found that sometimes if text is removed before the last line before a table, it also fails. So the 2nd trick seems more reliable. Now I need to figure out other situations, like the space immediately between two tables, etc., maybe the dragging trick might work for that.
  9. I thought tables always insisted on adding an annoying extra space before the table, it is the case at least with new notes, but recently I created some expanded tables with multiple merged cells, links, and colors (in a couple of older notes), and found that in both of these cases, it is allowing me to remove the extra space without automatically adding it back. (I am using 6:17 GA, if it matters) Anyone notice noticed this? Until EN programmers remove the extra space behavior, I am hoping to discover how to exploit this "bug" that allows me to make it permanently go away. Since I cannot recreate this behavior from scratch, I copied and pasted the relevant part of one of the "buggy" notes into a new note, which retained the lack of extra space at the top, so I removed personal data from the table to share it here.
  10. Don Dz

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    Saw that exact bug across all my devices last weekend. This weekend I saw something I previously blamed on forgetfulness: yesterday I did several hotsyncs, today I did not see a single update show up in my other devices, till I hotsynced just one more time today (yes, the hotsync dot on Windows EN was clear). I suspect it maybe a server issue, not a beta issue.
  11. Don Dz

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    Minor possible bug: when I upgraded to the previous beta, the note list was showing the Reminder Time header (which I always keep hidden, not needed in a saved search), and sort was set to the same (default is Updated sort, reminder sort is very rare). Didn't think anything of it until it happened again when upgrading to beta 2. Since this only happened right after upgrading (twice), not sure about reproducing it, maybe someone else noticed the same behavior.
  12. Don Dz

    Left Panel will not UNcollapse

    If the other suggestions don't work, try uninstalling once again, then before reinstalling, delete the following directory if still present: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote. Then rename the following directory into something else: C:\Users\your_name\Evernote (it can serve as a backup in case some notes are missing, though an export would be better). These two steps should remove almost all traces of Evernote before you reinstall it. If they don't help, try using some uninstall utility that searches for all traces of programs to remove them, then try again.
  13. This is what mine looks like, maybe something to do with Windows settings:
  14. Currently I use a "Completed" note for items moved from my master note, and a Done tag for multi-item projects. You can filter them out of searches if you like, works for me. Moving done notes to a local notebook on a secondary computer would work well with EdH's suggestion. A free secondary account would give you separation if you don't have a second computer. A Premium main account gives you more flexibility with sharing accounts, but it works ok without it.
  15. Don Dz

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    I use both iOS and Android, for a little while this weekend I had a note count discrepancy as compared to the Windows version, but many syncs and some editing later, the discrepancy got resolved. This is disturbing, but apparently I got all my notes.