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  1. Was that typed in Evernote, or copied from the internet or another program? If copied, you would need to fix it in some editor like MsWord or something, I find such problems almost impossible to fix in EN if caused by copying. BTW, while Jefito is one of our most knowledgeable Evernote users, none of us are employees unless shown in the id.
  2. You mean working on a note in the Inbox while showing 'all notes', or being in a Inbox view? If the latter, that sounds similar to what I mentioned before (with an Inbox saved sort). Since I drastically reduced the number of notebooks, I don't spend as much time in notebook view anymore.
  3. Thanks for confirming I am not insane. I used to saved multiple sorts for saved searches, tags & notebooks, stopped doing it because of this problem, I managed to reduced it by keeping one sort on everything, but it was not eliminated. entirely. The method I mentioned above which I started using recently gives me a sense of sanity, even if imaginary. I may start using multiple sorts again to see if I can control it better now.
  4. Funny, I just got it to work in the context of a non saved search. Weird the way EN works sometimes.
  5. Maybe gremlins, I don't know anymore. What you mention actually worked just now, but I have literally spent the last year dealing with being stuck in tag sort or created sort, no matter how much File/Exit I did to preserve my Updated sort, until I tried what I mentioned above, literally this week. I had manually forced one view type on literally everything, even when I needed to save another, because of this issue, it would last for a little while, then revert again. I don't think version 6.21 beta 1 should make any difference. Maybe we need Windows support to explain why is the sort order lost so easily. Personally I suspect a data issue in some cases at least.
  6. Well, that ought to work, but in my experience doing it in "all notes" won't work. EN will only remember the last saved sort in current use (in tag, notebook or saved search) right before File/Exit. See also the following discussion:
  7. I received the offer via email, so I don't think it is only for new accounts. Haven't tried to see if it will reject me, but I have noticed I have not been able to submit support tickets for quite a while (I get instantly signed out). While I could really use a few Premium features (note history, switching between accounts), I am generally content with my Plus account.
  8. Just curious about this phrase I keep seeing, Evernote "notebook kingdom". Seems an odd way to refer to the notebook list. I did a forum search and a google search, it seems to be used exclusively during beta discussions (Windows & Mac specifically). Even the help pages don't seem to use it. Which means this might be the first topic outside the beta discussions using it.
  9. You shouldn't lose notes if you preserve the exb file, just copy it to a safe place. In any case, you don't need to delete your Evernote files, just rename the following folders, that way you should get a clean install: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote C:\Users\username\Evernote If that doesn't work, I would try Windows Safe Mode, though I am not entirely sure you can run an update (some programs don't work in Safe Mode), worth a try at least.
  10. I succeeded in dragging the encrypted text after a few attempts, and it did not become an image, was still accessible. Thanks!
  11. I cannot read that language, but the parts I can read seem to refer to Windows installation errors. You could try removing all traces of Evernote before reinstalling, including all files in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote C:\Users\username\Evernote By doing this you will lose all data not already backed up. This is what they call the nuclear option. It is also possible you might have a virus. Just some ideas with so little information to give advice.
  12. I just confirmed that EN 6.21 beta 1 has fixed the problem.
  13. I have confirmed this is fixed, thanks! I am surmising this was fixed by disabling drag and drop in encryption blocks, right? If this is correct, would it be possible to add an option to disable drag and drop inside of notes in general? Drag and drop is a source of accidental note errors and data corruption, through an unintended mouse action.
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