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  1. Hi. My phone is a Huawei P8 Lite and the problem with shortcuts persists. I have the 8.12.1 version installed.
  2. I reinstalled and, a few days after, the problem persists. No shortcut (widget, manual, ...) works. It is necessary to close all Evernote for the link to work
  3. My Android version is a 8.0.0. It maybe relevant. The answer from Evernote's team about incompatibility with public links in Android will refer to newer versions. I expect they solve this in future. Thanks for all, gazumped.
  4. Hi gazumped. Here it is one public link in the same format: https://www.evernote.com/l/AEwWppVJlu9BWY7_Hc7P41-VcLiCTbcA4hE/ Is the same format that you. Entering in the 'Share note' button, this is my 'Share with Evernote' window (see attachment). The internal links work fine. The public links have one problem in my Android app. Wich Android version do you have?
  5. Thank you for your patience, gazumped ?. I get the public link from Evernote Desktop using the 'Compartir\Copiar enlace para compartir' menu option (look at the attached image). In english the menu option may be 'Share \ Copy link to share'. Then I paste the link into another note in the same database. This hyperlink doesn't works in my Android. I want the note opens in Android app, although it would be enough that the note opens in a web browser. Nothing happens except the error message "please make sure your account is synchronized and that the note has not been deleted. If you are the owner of the note, you must have logged in to the account associated with this note" One mistery.
  6. Well, the only difference is that I use the public links inside a note in Evernote. The public links in mail work in my Adroid too. Can you test open a public link inserted in a Evernote note?
  7. For your information: after open a ticket via @EvernoteHelps, this is the answer received from Evernote: I understand that you are unable to open public links from the Evernote app on Android. Evernote Web and public links do not work on mobile devices due to the Web browser being incompatible with public links. You can only open public links from a web browser on a desktop. gazumped, are you capable of open public links in your beta Evernote app on Android? Thank you.
  8. Hi. Yes, the links in then main note work on Desktop App and on Web app. Only in Android App appears this error message. Thanks for your interest.
  9. When I create and copy a shared link on Evernote Desktop (Windows) this link doesn't works. I use the link as text hyperlink on a Evernote note, but the hyperlink fails when click it in Android app. The error message (in spanish) is: "por favor, asegúrate de que tu cuenta está sincronizada y que está nota no se ha eliminado. Si eres el propietario de la nota, debes haber iniciado sesión en la cuenta asociada a esta nota". I started sesión in the owner account's note but. Any help?
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