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  1. There are drawbacks with web browser, like if you start opening weblinks, the new tab potentially will be added next to Evernote note tab. Thus you can't directly navigate to it with ease (there's some more context about how i switch between windows...) However, this is a good solution to my problem!
  2. I see My issue is that I'm actually opening multiple notes at once, and using *.bat files to do it. In other words, I open a "run my morning apps.bat" and it opens up all browser tabs, all applications, and multiple Evernote notes. Thus, me clicking or even using shortcut keys within Evernote wouldn't solve my issue. Thank you for your answer confirming my suspicious that there's no way. Have a nice day
  3. Hi! First of all, sorry if it's in the wrong section. I was not allowed to select any reasonable option where the topic will be created. All of them were greyed out. How do I make the shortcut to open in the new window when using the new Evernote? Details: Please see attached file for the shortcut. The url example: evernote:///view/237001/s3/82bdf070-dd5d-431b-bc99-68851fbb6a98/82bdf070-dd5d-431b-bc99-68851fbb6a98/ Evernote Legacy is able to do it. Maybe there's an option in settings or something, but it works. I can't find anything like that in the new Evernote.
  4. Hi, I have issue, I cannot clip any messages from chats with people, or private channels. It says "Clipping", but it never finishes, and doesn't provide a link to the note unlike when you do it in a public channel. Is there something I can do to make clipping messages from private conversations to function in Slack? --------- I tried to find a place where the permissions is set, but cannot. Also this link says that it will require permissions for private messages, but somehow it doesn't have it: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013768488-Evernote-for-Slack-App-Permissions
  5. Yes, clicking any shortcuts on home screens started to take to correct notes. However, it broke again yesterday Even a week hasn't passed since I reinstalled it. I can't be reinstalling the app so often - unless it would remember the settings... Is this a problem with my phone? Any ideas why this is happening? I'm using Samsung A8 (Android 9, And security patch 1 August 2019, and there are no updates available).
  6. I didn't notice any email about here being a reply... Finally came to forum to post about it again, to just find this. There was even a new version released during this time, but update didn't solve my issue. It's reassuring that it's working for you. 1 will not help, as my phone is being restarted automatically every week. Also by manual sync you mean simply clicking "sync" button? Tried that one. But the shortcut notes are old, should have nothing to do with not being synced. I just went to option 2, and removed Evernote. Which is annoying, as just to create all those shortcuts takes time. Restarted the phone to make sure it's uninstalled. And it solved the problem Thanks!
  7. After this update i cannot open anymore any of home screen shortcuts. Evernote opens up, but it stays on whatever note/location it was before. Step by step: Create a shortcut on your home screen to your note. Navigate back to evernote and open any other note. Go back to home screen, open the schortcut. Evernote opens up, but it's on the other note. The same issue exists for the previously created schortucts, and the ones newly created after the update. The workaround is to close Evernote before opening the schortcut. Now Evernote will open the correct note, but it's time consuming to find Evernote between all the apps and close it. This is a huge thing for me, because I have 12 schortucts on my home screen and I use them multiple times a day P.S. Evernote asks for passcode in my case, and after that it doesn't ask for 1 hour. However, it always works incorrectly even if passcode was entered already in that hour. Thought, it's worth to mention since that's one of the changes in the release.
  8. Feeling a bit silly now for not finding it myself Thank you! :) That solved my problem.
  9. Hi, thank you for checking it out. I open Evernote, click on any tag (tags list of the left panel), go back to Chrome, select URL in address bar, click a hotkey for Copy Selection, click the notification of newly created note. It has the tag which was selected before I left Evernote. If you selected Notebook before leaving Evernote it won't add a tag, the tag must be selected before leaving Evernote. My problem is that I have tags like "!Today", so it's a problem if notes appear by themselves with the tag.
  10. Thank you! That solved my Notebook problem ? Is there a way to also avoid adding the selected tag?
  11. Hi, I've recently noticed that I can't find my notes anymore. Took some time until I realised that Evernote creates them, but hides from me. When I use Copy Selection hotkey they started not coming into my default notebook named "Inbox". More over, it goes to any notebook which is currently selected! Finally, if I select any tag, then the new note has the same tag and lands in "Inbox". Is this a bug? How do I get back to original behaviour? All my notes by default must go to "Inbox" and have no tags. Evernote version (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770)
  12. Dude, but you cannot go to support. Email is not available for Plus users, and chat is offline. The only support you can get is Community. So, THIS PROBLEM IS SUPER ANNOYING! It's so annoying that instead of working, I'm googling how to solve it. There was a giff about reshuffling buttons in the toolbar, sadly doesn't help for the latest Windows Evernote version. They could at least make that button be normal colour instead of all blue. If this one is not getting resolved, I'm never going to pay again neither for plus nor premium. I know it's a great app, but this is an insult. It needs to be written in the comparison between plans that until you buy premium Evernote keeps the right to annoy you with Upgrade button. That's not what a good company would do.
  13. English is definitely not my native language, so maybe I look more unhappy or angry than I actually are. I'm thankful, jefito, that you are trying to be helpful. But in my eyes you are not helpful and making the discussion to fall to the "wrong" side. It has nothing to do with the link types. And I have already explained that I'm opening NOT in-App link, but the https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/nl/237001/59a500c4-48f9-471c-a64e-5b8d4a7cb2b6. I gave a link example twice. In original post and in reply to your suggestion to read about link types. I am not copying or pasting any links at all. I'm just pressing on them. Also, as promised, I double checked letter after letter that the links are identical in both machines, and they sure are. Maybe the picture will explain it better what I'm doing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pv74q6z7o1s8qg6/Screenshot%202015-03-10%2019.49.19.png?dl=0 In the picture you can see the same link in the bottom. Chrome displays the link on which my mouse is hovering. And the result after clicking it is different on two machines. If the link is the same, it means 99% probability that link type has no influence here. The only probability that settings can be different for the same type of link on two different machines.
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