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Skitch High Sierra bug draggin the image will post the first screenshot you took


Because it is difficult to explain I have made a screen cast of the thing that happens. 

But in short, you have to force quit skitch to place the correct image, when you keep it open it will always place the first screenshot you took (see youtube link) this only happened to me since High Sierra Mac OS 10.13

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Based on an earlier post, I have replaced with TechSmith's SNAGGIT.  Does everything skitch does and much more/better (including scrolling capture, video, etc) as well as having many more editing and markup options and effects.  

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Crickets from Evernote.   How extremely disappointing.   Skitch is one of my favorite Mac apps.   Please release an update.  I don't need full-blown evernote.

If there isn't something soon, I will go look at Snagit, which many people say does everything Skitch did (when it worked).

Well, SnagIt costs $49 which seems like highway robbery.  To to screen recordings I just use quicktime player, so I really only need quick, simple, efficient screenshots and marking up of them.   There must be something else out there. 

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