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  1. Yeah, I have to rename the capture and then force a 'sync' to get it to not give me the initial capture. It still freezes way to much.
  2. I must be dense, because I can't figure out how to open a ticket. I go through the drop down wizards - Technical issue - other - User interface issue - and it tells me: Please submit a ticket and provide as much information as possible so we can diagnose the problem. For example: Steps to reproduce Screen recording or screenshots Device & operating system Activity log But there's no place to actually 'submit a ticket' I'm a +1 on this over aggressive autocorrect and undo combo. I have a fish name: knez that I want to write about. I paste in the word 'knez' and hit space and it automatically changes it to 'knew' I 'undo' the auto correct and it does an undo on both the autocorrect and the space. What I've done personally is uncheck the correct spelling automatically which isn't ideal but it works. The typos still get highlighted but I don't have to fight with words the dictionary doesn't recognize and tries to fix for me. Having to go back and manually fixe all the 'teh' and 'THe' mistakes is toil I'd rather not do, so if we could improve this, I'd be grateful.
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