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  1. Thanks for you feedback, that sounds very nice. I'll will move to that one soon to, this is really insane how it seems we just get no feedback.
  2. I also have this some time, if you figured out how to reproduce the constantly I would create another topic.
  3. Thanks! By default the setting of Skitch (with a first install) "Save New Skitch Notes to Evernote" is equal to "Ask" if this is on this setting Skitch will ask you to discard the current screenshot, this is annoying, but if this is true the image will save properly, if not the issue persist. So I don't know if this is fixed by using the `brew cask install skitch` command or will work with every version, but this is better than quitting the app every time I take a new screenshot.
  4. Because it is difficult to explain I have made a screen cast of the thing that happens. But in short, you have to force quit skitch to place the correct image, when you keep it open it will always place the first screenshot you took (see youtube link) this only happened to me since High Sierra Mac OS 10.13
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