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  1. Thanks for you feedback, that sounds very nice. I'll will move to that one soon to, this is really insane how it seems we just get no feedback.
  2. I also have this some time, if you figured out how to reproduce the constantly I would create another topic.
  3. Thanks! By default the setting of Skitch (with a first install) "Save New Skitch Notes to Evernote" is equal to "Ask" if this is on this setting Skitch will ask you to discard the current screenshot, this is annoying, but if this is true the image will save properly, if not the issue persist. So I don't know if this is fixed by using the `brew cask install skitch` command or will work with every version, but this is better than quitting the app every time I take a new screenshot.
  4. Because it is difficult to explain I have made a screen cast of the thing that happens. But in short, you have to force quit skitch to place the correct image, when you keep it open it will always place the first screenshot you took (see youtube link) this only happened to me since High Sierra Mac OS 10.13
  5. When I click an image to annotate [see screenshot below] I get an error popup with the text "The folder “.jpg” doesn’t exist." how do I fix this?
  6. Oh man. I keep coming back to this functionality, every three months I start searching for this. I work in a team of developers and designers and we all gather information and inspiration in Evernote notes and all you get to know there are changes in the note is an little outlined icon at the top of Evernote for PC, not even a notification on your phone. This is what a project looks like and it would be lovely to share it when there are changes. Now all we can do is make it shared and have IFTTT post it to our Slack channel.
  7. Is it posible to create a new evernote note from a folder on you mac. I know you can just drag everything form a folder to a note but i like to do it smarter like with automator for mac you can create a 'right click on the folder' action Im not the best coder so i dont know where to start and was hoping the Evernote community has some tips and tricks on this! See attached file what a typical folder looks like for me
  8. Im looking for a way to format my projects notes. I like to work quick and therefore i work dirty. This means i randomly make screenshots, copy and paste text form everywhere and pull information from everywhere. This will lead to a monster of a notebook.There is small photo, and really big images, text has still the format it came in will i copied it. So now i want to go in and prettify the note up rearrange photo's, get articles in place, just make it a easy note to read through and present it to a client. Does someone has tips on this? A not is basic HTML right, so isnt there a way to automate it. I like context boosters way of organizing its generated notes. Articles are in columns on top, photos are in a separated box, links all have the same color.
  9. Im having the same problem as eyeojo So i planned to start a better workflow with EN, cleaned up my notebooks and was starting on all my random tags but i couldnt find the merge tag A with tag B (for example im dutch so Color is Kleur and want that careful so no i have the same tag with two driffent spellings) so i also treid to rename the tag to Color but it wont let me! Just let me rename my tag to whatever i want and prompt a merge message instate of "Tag names must be unique."
  10. Thanks i thought of this myself this morning i will try it out.
  11. I use Evernote to get feedback from clients/friends. What i usually do is create a note write and visualize everything i made and share that note with the client and all my friends and what i get back is a text based email referring to the note. so have have to constantly switch between feedback and my note. What i would like is a more open note that will allow peoples feedback on a skitch/web clipper like way that will allow every visitor to view the open shared url and will allow him or her to leave feedback right on the page/note Is there plans to implement this is there some trunk apps that will allow this. Let me know what you think or how you work i would love to hear that.
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