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  1. So glad I found this thread and that this isn’t just me. Yes this is driving me absolutely nuts. Evernote: please fix this ASAP. Seriously, my workflow is ruined. I’m currently looking for a better alternative to Skitch. If anyone has any suggestions i’m looking forward to hearing them! Thanks,
  2. There is a great applescript available that can achieve this. See here: http://veritrope.com/code/outlook-2011-to-evernote/
  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Canvas LTI Integration please! LTI API Docs here: https://canvas.instructure.com/doc/api/file.tools_intro.html
  4. Hello, I really welcome and appreciate the addition of the Photo Rotation feature, it's been very useful to me, but I've been having an issue- When I rotate a photo, In this example it was a photo of a business card ( I copied and pasted it into the note twice for this screenshot) The photo came in portrait, and I needed it to be landscape, so I rotated it counter clock-wise in the proper direction and as you can see it rotates the image but keeps the previous aspect ratio essentially squishing all the information and making it un-readable. I can't imagine it's supposed to do this! Anyways, I believe I found a bug, is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!
  5. Second the use of IFTTT, you can setup a reciepe to create a new note when you star an email in gmail. Create the recipe, then go back and star the emails you want and they will show up in Evernote. IFTTT is wonderful!
  6. Hi All and Evernote, I used to be able to change the "Note Modified" value to push older notes down in my notebook list view because sometimes I wanted to go back and add tags to notes or change something minor and not push it back up to the top. Now in 5.0.4 I noticed these fields are not able to be changed, It would be really amazing if this could be reverted back, it seems like a very simple and minor change and I'm sure i'm not the only one who uses it. Or I'd also be happy with a setting that would make it so adding tags to notes does not affect it's modified date Thanks!
  7. It works off geolocation of your ISP and your Wifi access point
  8. Yes, that's how I do it. You need a scanner/multifunction copier that either has a built-in "Send to Evernote" feature or that can scan directly to email (your EN email address) I do this all the time at the office where we have some of the fancier Xerox macines.
  9. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YES! Please bring this back!!
  10. I've been keeping a pad of stickeynotes by my phone at my desk with a pen jotting down notes while on phone calls for the past several years. Lately I've replaced the stickynotes with my iPad, Penultimate and a stylus. I love that I can jot down notes and of course send them right to Evernote to get at on my computer later, but there is SO much room for improvement First off- why do I have to re-send my designated notebook back to Evernote? Why can't I just sync my Penultimate notebook with my designated Evernote notebook? As it stands now when you send a notebook to Evernote if it already exists (which it does) it replaces the entire notebook (removes all of the older notes, and replaces them with all the notes again) Nothing is lost and it works, but it just seems VERY inefficient. This also puts every note back up into the top of my notes list when sorted by "Last updated" Why not just send the difference and add/update the changed/new note? I'm willing to live with the manual syncing, but it would be also handy of this sync'd automatically with EN too. It would make sense as Penultimate IS an Evernote product after all. Thanks!
  11. Is it too much to ask that people read the posts before posting? So much spam in here from people who didn't read the 3 posts before theirs. I can't wait for v5 to come out, the interface looks much more streamlined and less cluttered. While I'm not a fan of card view I'm sure there will be the usual list views and the shortcuts are going to be extremely helpful. Can't wait!
  12. I don't think Evernote was ever geared towards synchronous real time collaboration, if you want that then go to Google Docs, from there you can save stuff into Evernote using a PDF Printer driver or "Send to Evernote" printer plug-in
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