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  1. I have followed this thread long enough, hoping that Evernote would grant us some love on the issue. I took BruskiZA's suggestion and tried out Monosnap and it is awesome. I have been trying it out for the past couple of weeks and today just uninstalled Skitch (RIP). I have also cancelled my membership with Evernote and moved over to OneNote since it is free. I think I still like Evernote more than moving to Microsoft, but not enough to make me stay at this point. Good luck everyone! Try out monosnap...it is a great replacement.
  2. Check out this thread: Doesn't provide much hope, but it will give you some alternatives which have been valid enough for me to switch and move on.
  3. Same issue for me as well...I have been using CMD+C to copy the image and paste it manually...works for me in most scenarios, but there are some where I have to have the drag and drop. I have no workaround for the constant crashing though :/. I live by Skitch...hoping there is a fix here soon.
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