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  1. There is another post (maybe more than one) about this issue. There were some (annoying to remember to do) workarounds & it took Evernote way too long to address it. However, it does appear to be fixed in Version 2.8.1 (264719)
  2. Although I too found this bug to be super annoying, and it took Evernote way way too long to fix it, it does appear to be fixed in Version 2.8.1 (264719).
  3. Yes, same issue here (not dropping the most recent image). I use skitch every day, many times per day. Telling me that the same features are available in Evernote (for which I am paying) is not helpful. My usage of Skitch in my workflow is outside of my usage for Evernote. I need both, but not necessarily together. Please fix this bug!
  4. Thanks Joe I haven't seen an update yet resolving this bug. It's been a couple of months now since you said 'shortly'. Any word on an eta?
  5. Yes!!! I also bought Penultimate ages ago and thought it was a beautiful app. I've used Evernote since 2011, have a premium account, and love it. But I have never used Penultimate because of the landscape thing. I opened it today after more than a year thinking that this issue must have been resolved by now. I ALWAYS use my iPad in landscape mode, propped on a Smart Cover. I never use it portrait. I spent quite a while looking in all the settings today to see how I could tell it to switch to landscape, and make the lines of the lined paper be correctly oriented, but couldn't see anything about it. I finally discovered a paper collection that includes landscape line paper, but the fact that it is not included by default makes it pretty apparent that Evernote does not value that mode at all. I just don't get it. I have seen many threads and requests for a proper landscape mode in Penultimate and I am annoyed that after all this time, that such a simple request still hasn't been fulfilled. Seriously, add an option on the page or notebook level that let's us say which orientation we want to use. It just can't be that hard. Sadly, once again I will be shutting down the app unused. I won't delete it from the iPad yet, as I remain ever hopeful that it may yet come to pass, and the app may be worthy of the Evernote brand.
  6. I have been using Skitch for a long time, since long before Evernote took it over. I capture portions of my screen and frequently drag them to a folder as either png or pdf. Recently, and I am not sure exactly when, the pdf option disappeared from the file types menu. What's happening?
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